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Subtribe Mycalesina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Satyrinae tribe Elymniini → subtribe Mycalesina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Bicyclus Kirby, 1871 [genus]

Bicyclus abnormis, Bicyclus albocincta, Bicyclus alboplaga, Bicyclus amieti, Bicyclus analis, Bicyclus angulosa, Bicyclus anisops, Bicyclus anynana, Bicyclus auricruda, Bicyclus aurivillii, Bicyclus buea, Bicyclus campina, Bicyclus campus, Bicyclus condamini, Bicyclus condamini, Bicyclus cooksoni, Bicyclus cottrelli, Bicyclus cottrelli, Bicyclus danckelmani, Bicyclus dekeyseri, Bicyclus dentata, Bicyclus dorothea, Bicyclus dubia, Bicyclus ena, Bicyclus ephorus, Bicyclus evadne, Bicyclus ewondo, Bicyclus feae, Bicyclus funebris, Bicyclus golo, Bicyclus graueri, Bicyclus hewitsonii, Bicyclus howarthi, Bicyclus hyperanthus, Bicyclus iccius, Bicyclus ignobilis, Bicyclus istaris, Bicyclus italus, Bicyclus jefferyi, Bicyclus kenia, Bicyclus kiellandi, Bicyclus lamani, Bicyclus madetes, Bicyclus maesseni, Bicyclus mahale, Bicyclus mandanes, Bicyclus martius, Bicyclus matuta, Bicyclus medontias, Bicyclus mesogena, Bicyclus milyas, Bicyclus mollitia, Bicyclus moyses, Bicyclus nachtetis, Bicyclus neustetteri, Bicyclus nobilis, Bicyclus pavonis, Bicyclus persimilis, Bicyclus procora, Bicyclus rhacotis, Bicyclus rileyi, Bicyclus safitza, Bicyclus sambulos, Bicyclus sandace, Bicyclus sangmelinae, Bicyclus saussurei, Bicyclus sciathis, Bicyclus sebetus, Bicyclus similis, Bicyclus simulacris, Bicyclus smithi, Bicyclus sophrosyne, Bicyclus suffusa, Bicyclus sweadneri, Bicyclus sylvicolus, Bicyclus taenias, Bicyclus tanzanicus, Bicyclus technatis, Bicyclus trilophus, Bicyclus uniformis, Bicyclus uzungwensis, Bicyclus vansoni, Bicyclus vulgaris, Bicyclus xeneas, Bicyclus xeneoides, Bicyclus zinebi

Lohora Moore, 1880 [genus]

Lohora, Physcon, Pseudomycalesis

Mycalesis Hübner, 1818 [genus]

Mycalesis adamsoni, Mycalesis aethiops, Mycalesis amoena, Mycalesis anapita, Mycalesis anaxias, Mycalesis anaxioides, Mycalesis annamitica, Mycalesis arabella, Mycalesis aramis, Mycalesis asochia, Mycalesis asophis, Mycalesis atrata, Mycalesis barbara, Mycalesis bazochii, Mycalesis benina, Mycalesis benitonis, Mycalesis bibundensis, Mycalesis biformis, Mycalesis bilineata, Mycalesis bisaya, Mycalesis bizonata, Mycalesis buea, Mycalesis cacodaemon, Mycalesis campides, Mycalesis chapini, Mycalesis comes, Mycalesis completa, Mycalesis deficiens, Mycalesis dentata, Mycalesis desolata, Mycalesis discobolus, Mycalesis dohertyi, Mycalesis drusillodes, Mycalesis duponcheli, Mycalesis durga, Mycalesis eleutheria, Mycalesis elia, Mycalesis erysichton, Mycalesis evansii, Mycalesis evara, Mycalesis feae, Mycalesis felderi, Mycalesis fernandina, Mycalesis francisca, Mycalesis fulvianetta, Mycalesis fuscum, Mycalesis giamana, Mycalesis gotama, Mycalesis heri, Mycalesis hewitsonii, Mycalesis hintzi, Mycalesis horsfieldi, Mycalesis horsfieldii, Mycalesis igilia, Mycalesis igoleta, Mycalesis inayoshii, Mycalesis inopia, Mycalesis intermedia, Mycalesis ita, Mycalesis itys, Mycalesis janardana, Mycalesis lamani, Mycalesis lepcha, Mycalesis maianeas, Mycalesis malsara, Mycalesis malsarida, Mycalesis mamerta, Mycalesis manii, Mycalesis marginata, Mycalesis maura, Mycalesis meeki, Mycalesis mehadeva, Mycalesis mercea, Mycalesis mesogenina, Mycalesis messene, Mycalesis mestra, Mycalesis mildbraedi, Mycalesis milyas, Mycalesis mineus, Mycalesis misenus, Mycalesis missionarii, Mycalesis mnasicles, Mycalesis moorei, Mycalesis mucia, Mycalesis mulleri, Mycalesis mynois, Mycalesis mystes, Mycalesis nala, Mycalesis nerida, Mycalesis newayana, Mycalesis nicotia, Mycalesis noblemairei, Mycalesis oculus, Mycalesis olivia, Mycalesis oroatis, Mycalesis orseis, Mycalesis owassae, Mycalesis panthaka, Mycalesis patiana, Mycalesis patnia, Mycalesis pavonis, Mycalesis periscelis, Mycalesis perseoides, Mycalesis perseus, Mycalesis persimilis, Mycalesis phidon, Mycalesis philippina, Mycalesis pitana, Mycalesis radza, Mycalesis rama, Mycalesis ribbei, Mycalesis sangaica, Mycalesis shiva, Mycalesis siamica, Mycalesis sirius, Mycalesis splendens, Mycalesis suaveolens, Mycalesis subignobilis, Mycalesis subpersa, Mycalesis subspersa, Mycalesis sudra, Mycalesis tagala, Mycalesis teba, Mycalesis terminus, Mycalesis thailandica, Mycalesis thyateira, Mycalesis transfasciata, Mycalesis treadawayi, Mycalesis unica, Mycalesis valeria, Mycalesis valeriana, Mycalesis vicaria, Mycalesis visala, Mycalesis wayewa, Mycalesis zinebi

Nirvanopsis Vane-Wright in Vane-Wright & de Jong, 2003 [genus]

Nirvanopsis hypnus

Orsotriaena Wallengren, 1858 [genus]

Orsotriaena jopas, Orsotriaena medus

Mycalesina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Mycalesina sp. (large size).

Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp. Mycalesina sp.


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