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Subfamily Evergestinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → subfamily Evergestinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (1 illustrated). Species.

Agastya Moore, 1881 [genus]

Agastya hyblaeoides

Evergestella Munroe, 1974 [genus]

Evergestella evincalis

Evergestis (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Evergestis aegyptiacalis, Evergestis aenealis, Evergestis affinis, Evergestis africalis, Evergestis alborivulalis, Evergestis anartalis, Evergestis angustalis, Evergestis anticlina, Evergestis antofagastalis, Evergestis arcuatalis, Evergestis aridalis, Evergestis bamianalis, Evergestis bifascialis, Evergestis borregalis, Evergestis boursini, Evergestis brunnea, Evergestis buckwelli, Evergestis caesialis, Evergestis comstocki, Evergestis consimilis, Evergestis desertalis, Evergestis dilutalis, Evergestis dimorphalis, Evergestis dognini, Evergestis dumerlei, Evergestis dusmeti, Evergestis elbursalis, Evergestis eurekalis, Evergestis exoticalis, Evergestis extimalis, Evergestis ferrealis, Evergestis flavifuscalis, Evergestis forficalis, Evergestis frumentalis, Evergestis fulgura, Evergestis funalis, Evergestis griseostrialis, Evergestis grummi, Evergestis hazara, Evergestis heliacalis, Evergestis hoenei, Evergestis holophaealis, Evergestis hordealis, Evergestis hyrcanalis, Evergestis implicitalis, Evergestis infirmalis, Evergestis inglorialis, Evergestis isatidalis, Evergestis junctalis, Evergestis koepckei, Evergestis kopetdagensis, Evergestis lambessalis, Evergestis laristanalis, Evergestis lemniscalis, Evergestis lichenalis, Evergestis limbata, Evergestis lunulalis, Evergestis lupalis, Evergestis manglisalis, Evergestis marionalis, Evergestis marocana, Evergestis merceti, Evergestis mimounalis, Evergestis mundalis, Evergestis nolentis, Evergestis nomadalis, Evergestis obliqualis, Evergestis obscuralis, Evergestis obsoletalis, Evergestis orientalis, Evergestis ostrogovichi, Evergestis paghmanalis, Evergestis pallidata, Evergestis pechi, Evergestis permundalis, Evergestis perobliqualis, Evergestis petasalis, Evergestis plumbofascialis, Evergestis politalis, Evergestis renatalis, Evergestis rimosalis, Evergestis rubidalbalis, Evergestis russulatalis, Evergestis scopicalis, Evergestis segetalis, Evergestis serratalis, Evergestis setratalis, Evergestis sexmaculosus, Evergestis shirazalis, Evergestis simulatilis, Evergestis sophialis, Evergestis sorhageni, Evergestis spiniferalis, Evergestis subcitrinalis, Evergestis subfuscalis, Evergestis subterminalis, Evergestis tenuiscriptalis, Evergestis triangulalis, Evergestis triangularis, Evergestis umbrosalis, Evergestis unimacula, Evergestis vagabundalis, Evergestis vinctalis, Evergestis zernyi


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