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Subfamily Meessiinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tineoidea family Tineidae → subfamily Meessiinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 23 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (0 illustrated). Species.

Archimeessia Zagulajev, 1970 [genus]

Archimeessia irinae

Augolychna Meyrick, 1922 [genus]

Augolychna septemstrigella

Bathroxena Meyrick, 1919 [genus]

Bathroxena heteropalpella

Diachorisia Clemens, 1860 [genus]

Diachorisia velatella

Doleromorpha Braun, 1930 [genus]

Doleromorpha porphyria

Infurcitinea (Spuler, 1910) [genus]

Infurcitinea albanica, Infurcitinea albicomella, Infurcitinea albulella, Infurcitinea amseli, Infurcitinea anatolica, Infurcitinea arenbergeri, Infurcitinea argentimaculella, Infurcitinea atrifasciella, Infurcitinea banatica, Infurcitinea belviella, Infurcitinea brunneopterella, Infurcitinea captans, Infurcitinea cyprica, Infurcitinea fasciella, Infurcitinea finalis, Infurcitinea frustigerella, Infurcitinea gaedikei, Infurcitinea gaedikella, Infurcitinea graeca, Infurcitinea grisea, Infurcitinea hellenica, Infurcitinea ignicomella, Infurcitinea incertula, Infurcitinea iranensis, Infurcitinea italica, Infurcitinea karadaghica, Infurcitinea karmeliella, Infurcitinea karsholti, Infurcitinea kasyi, Infurcitinea klimeschi, Infurcitinea lakoniae, Infurcitinea lambessella, Infurcitinea litochorella, Infurcitinea liturosa, Infurcitinea longipennis, Infurcitinea luteella, Infurcitinea marcunella, Infurcitinea maroccana, Infurcitinea maura, Infurcitinea media, Infurcitinea megalopterella, Infurcitinea minuscula, Infurcitinea monteiroi, Infurcitinea nedae, Infurcitinea nigropluviella, Infurcitinea nuristanica, Infurcitinea obscura, Infurcitinea obscuroides, Infurcitinea ochridella, Infurcitinea olympica, Infurcitinea orchidella, Infurcitinea palpella, Infurcitinea parentii, Infurcitinea parnassiella, Infurcitinea peterseni, Infurcitinea quettaella, Infurcitinea raddei, Infurcitinea rebeliella, Infurcitinea reisseri, Infurcitinea roesslerella, Infurcitinea rumelicella, Infurcitinea safedella, Infurcitinea sardica, Infurcitinea sardiniella, Infurcitinea senecae, Infurcitinea siciliana, Infurcitinea tauridella, Infurcitinea taurus, Infurcitinea teheranensis, Infurcitinea teriolella, Infurcitinea toechophila, Infurcitinea tribertii, Infurcitinea turcica, Infurcitinea vanderwolfi, Infurcitinea vartianae, Infurcitinea walsinghami, Infurcitinea yildizae

Karsholtia (Gaedike, 1986) [genus]

Karsholtia marianii

Leucomele Dietz, 1905 [genus]

Leucomele miriamella

Matratinea (Sziraki, 1990) [genus]

Matratinea rufulicaput


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