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Genus Clossiana

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Heliconiinae tribe Argynnini → genus Clossiana Reuss, 1920


Daughter taxa

Clossiana albequina Holland 1928 [species]

C. a. baxteri

Clossiana alberta (Edwards, 1890) [species]

C. a. alberta, C. a. banffensis, C. a. kurentzovi, C. a. kurenzovi

Clossiana amphilochus Ménétriès, 1859 [species]

C. a. elatus

Clossiana astarte (Doubleday, [1848]) [species]

C. a. astarte, C. a. tschukotkensis

Clossiana bellona (Fabricius, 1775) [species]

C. b. bellona, C. b. jenistae, C. b. jenistai, C. b. toddi, C. b. toddi

Clossiana boisduvalii Duponchel 1832 [species]

Clossiana distincta (Gibson, 1920) [species]

C. d. distincta, C. d. dubatolovi, C. d. ershovi, C. d. machati, C. d. tschukotkensis

Clossiana elatus (Staudinger, 1892) [species]

Clossiana epithore (Edwards, 1864) [species]

C. e. chermocki, C. e. epithore, C. e. kriemhild, C. e. sierra, C. e. sierra, C. e. sigridae, C. e. uslui

Clossiana erda (Christoph, 1893) [species]

C. e. dulkeiti, C. e. erda, C. e. kitoica, C. e. puella

Clossiana erubescens (Staudinger, 1901) [species]

C. e. chotana, C. e. haberhaueri, C. e. houri, C. e. tianschanica

Clossiana eva Grum-Grshimailo, 1891 [species]

C. e. charis

Clossiana gong (Oberthür, 1884) [species]

C. g. pallida, C. g. pernimia, C. g. splendens, C. g. xizangensis

Clossiana hakutozana (Matsumura, 1927) [species]

Clossiana helena Edwards 1871 [species]

C. h. ingens

Clossiana iphigenia (Graeser, 1888) [species]

C. i. alpharatoria, C. i. iphigenia

Clossiana jerdoni (Lang, 1868) [species]

C. j. chitralensis

Clossiana kriemhild (Strecker, 1879) [species]

Clossiana matveevi Gorbunov & Korshunov, 1995 [species]

Clossiana montinus Scudder 1862 [species]

Clossiana myrina Cramer 1779 [species]

C. m. nivea, C. m. terraenovae, C. m. tollandensis

Clossiana natazhati (Gibson, 1920) [species]

C. n. bankslandia, C. n. nabokovi

Clossiana perryi (Butler, 1882) [species]

Clossiana speranda Grosser 1979 [species]

Clossiana toddi Holland 1928 [species]

C. t. ammiralis, C. t. jenistai

Clossiana youngi Holland 1900 [species]


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