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Family Brachyceridae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea → family Brachyceridae Billberg, 1820


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 5 (2 illustrated). Tribes: 6 (1 illustrated). Genera: 105 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Brachycerinae Billberg, 1820 [subfamily]


Cryptolarynginae Schalkwyk, 1966 [subfamily]

Cryptolarynx, Perieges

Ocladiinae [subfamily]


Raymondionyminae Reitter, 1913 [subfamily]

Coiffaitiella, Ferreria

Desmidophorus [genus]

Desmidophorus aeneobarbus, Desmidophorus aequalis, Desmidophorus alboniger, Desmidophorus anxius, Desmidophorus apicatus, Desmidophorus areolatus, Desmidophorus aterrimus, Desmidophorus aureolus, Desmidophorus bickhardti, Desmidophorus brachmanum, Desmidophorus breviusculus, Desmidophorus brunneopilosus, Desmidophorus caelatus, Desmidophorus centralis, Desmidophorus cineritius, Desmidophorus communicans, Desmidophorus confucii, Desmidophorus crassus, Desmidophorus cumingi, Desmidophorus cumingii, Desmidophorus descarpentriesi, Desmidophorus diffusus, Desmidophorus discriminans, Desmidophorus dohrni, Desmidophorus dorsatus, Desmidophorus duodecimfasciculatus, Desmidophorus elongatus, Desmidophorus encaustus, Desmidophorus excellens, Desmidophorus fasciatus, Desmidophorus fasciculaticollis, Desmidophorus fasciculicollis, Desmidophorus fausti, Desmidophorus floccosus, Desmidophorus fulvidus, Desmidophorus fulvopilosus, Desmidophorus funebris, Desmidophorus galericulus, Desmidophorus granulipennis, Desmidophorus griseipes, Desmidophorus grisescens, Desmidophorus hartmannianus, Desmidophorus hebes, Desmidophorus helleri, Desmidophorus hovanus, Desmidophorus hubenthali, Desmidophorus imhoffi, Desmidophorus imhoffii, Desmidophorus inexpertus, Desmidophorus infernalis, Desmidophorus kolbei, Desmidophorus lacordairei, Desmidophorus lanosus, Desmidophorus luteipes, Desmidophorus luteovestis, Desmidophorus maculatus, Desmidophorus maculicollis, Desmidophorus morphosus, Desmidophorus nobilis, Desmidophorus obliquefasciatus, Desmidophorus obtusatus, Desmidophorus omissus, Desmidophorus penicillatus, Desmidophorus pictipennis, Desmidophorus planidorsum, Desmidophorus praetor, Desmidophorus praeustus, Desmidophorus probus, Desmidophorus propinquus, Desmidophorus pustulosus, Desmidophorus rousiographus, Desmidophorus rufovellus, Desmidophorus saravacanus, Desmidophorus satanas, Desmidophorus schenklingi, Desmidophorus senex, Desmidophorus similis, Desmidophorus strenuus, Desmidophorus suavis, Desmidophorus szetschuanus, Desmidophorus transversalis, Desmidophorus ursus, Desmidophorus viduus, Desmidophorus vinosus

Ocladius [genus]

Ocladius abyssinicus, Ocladius aegyptiacus, Ocladius alluaudi, Ocladius armipes, Ocladius asserculaticollis, Ocladius baccicollis, Ocladius barani, Ocladius basalis, Ocladius bifasciatus, Ocladius bimaculatus, Ocladius bufo, Ocladius camelus, Ocladius caroli, Ocladius castaneipennis, Ocladius coccosus, Ocladius coquereli, Ocladius costicollis, Ocladius costiger, Ocladius costulipennis, Ocladius cyanipennis, Ocladius deyrollei, Ocladius dichrous, Ocladius diversepunctatus, Ocladius diversesculptus, Ocladius diversesulcatus, Ocladius engelhardi, Ocladius fasciculatus, Ocladius foveatus, Ocladius frontalis, Ocladius glomeris, Ocladius goudoti, Ocladius grandii, Ocladius granosus, Ocladius hirtipennis, Ocladius holomelas, Ocladius impressus, Ocladius inaequalicollis, Ocladius interstitialis, Ocladius lacunatus, Ocladius laevipennis, Ocladius lobicollis, Ocladius lomii, Ocladius longepilosus, Ocladius luctuosus, Ocladius maculipes, Ocladius maculosa, Ocladius maculosus, Ocladius madecassus, Ocladius nitidus, Ocladius obliquesetosus, Ocladius perrieri, Ocladius pertusus, Ocladius plicicollis, Ocladius pusillus, Ocladius quadriseriatus, Ocladius rhodesianus, Ocladius rubriventris, Ocladius ruficornis, Ocladius rufipes, Ocladius rufithorax, Ocladius rugosipennis, Ocladius rupicolus, Ocladius salicorniae, Ocladius sapeti, Ocladius senex, Ocladius senilis, Ocladius seriatus, Ocladius seriefoveatus, Ocladius serripes, Ocladius setipes, Ocladius sharpi, Ocladius speculiferus, Ocladius subcarinatus, Ocladius subelongatus, Ocladius subfasciatus, Ocladius subtuberculatus, Ocladius subundulatus, Ocladius sulcicollis, Ocladius sulcipes, Ocladius textilis, Ocladius tricarinatus, Ocladius trinotatus, Ocladius tuberculatus, Ocladius variabilis, Ocladius vau, Ocladius walkeri, Ocladius ziczac, Ocladius zonatus

Brachyceridae photos with superspecies identification

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Brachyceridae sp. Brachyceridae sp.


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22.02.2016 7:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Brachyceridae → Brachyceridae Billberg, 1820.

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