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Genus Anisodes

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Sterrhinae → genus Anisodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1857


Daughter taxa

Anisodes absconditaria Walker, [1863] [species]

A. a. assamica, A. a. conjectata

Anisodes acampes Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes acomposthena Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes acritophyrta West 1930 [species]

Anisodes aedes Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes aequalipunctata Dognin 1901 [species]

A. a. latifasciata

Anisodes aguzata Dognin 1893 [species]

Anisodes albidiscata Warren 1857 [species]

A. a. fulgurata

Anisodes alienaria Walker 1862 [species]

Anisodes ampligutta (Warren, 1896) [species]

Anisodes anablemma Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes annularis C. Felder 1875 [species]

Anisodes antennaria E.D. Jones 1921 [species]

Anisodes apogona Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes aquila Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes arenosaria Moore 1887 [species]

Anisodes argenticristata Warren 1901 [species]

Anisodes argentosa Prout, 1920 [species]

A. a. scioessa

Anisodes argyromma (Warren, 1896) [species]

A. a. celebensis

Anisodes argyromyces Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes aspera Warren 1901 [species]

Anisodes atrimacula Dognin 1911 [species]

Anisodes aurantiata Warren 1904 [species]

A. a. purgata

Anisodes auricosta Prout 1916 [species]

Anisodes aurora Warren 1903 [species]

Anisodes binocellaria Herrich-Schäffer 1855 [species]

Anisodes bipartita Warren 1900 [species]

A. b. montana

Anisodes bipunctata Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes bisecta Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes bitactata (Walker, 1862) [species]

Anisodes bizaria D. Jones 1921 [species]

Anisodes brevipalpis Dognin 1913 [species]

Anisodes caducaria Möschler 1886 [species]

Anisodes calama Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes castraria Schaus 1901 [species]

Anisodes circummaculata Holloway 1976 [species]

Anisodes clandestina Prout 1918 [species]

Anisodes coenosata Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes colysirrhachia Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes comosa (Warren, 1903) [species]

Anisodes compacta (Warren, 1898) [species]

Anisodes concinnipicta Prout 1918 [species]

Anisodes conferta Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes confiniscripta Warren 1896 [species]

Anisodes connexa Prout 1907 [species]

Anisodes contrariata Walker 1861 [species]

Anisodes cora Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes costinotata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes coxaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes cristata Warren 1899 [species]

Anisodes curtisi Prout, 1920 [species]

Anisodes dalmatensis Holloway 1979 [species]

Anisodes decretaria Walker 1862 [species]

A. d. javensis

Anisodes decussata Scheller & Sepp, 1855 [species]

A. d. curvisignata

Anisodes denticulata Hampson 1895 [species]

Anisodes dewitzi Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes dicycla Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes difficilis Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes dilogia Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes dimerites Prout 1932 [species]

A. d. goliathi

Anisodes diplosticta Prout 1918 [species]

Anisodes discofera Swinhoe 1894 [species]

Anisodes dispergaria Möschler 1881 [species]

Anisodes dispilota Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes dithyma Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes dognini Prout 1934 [species]

Anisodes dotilla Swinhoe 1894 [species]

Anisodes dulcicola Dognin 1911 [species]

Anisodes effeminata Prout 1914 [species]

Anisodes endospila Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes eos Prout 1916 [species]

Anisodes epicoccastria Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes evocata Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes exaucta Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes fantomaria Schaus 1900 [species]

Anisodes fasciata Dognin 1912 [species]

Anisodes fastidiosa Dognin 1900 [species]

Anisodes faustina Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes ferruginata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes festiva Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes flavicornis Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes flavidiscata Warren, 1904 [species]

Anisodes flavipuncta Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes flavirubra (Warren, 1896) [species]

A. f. hyperpheres

Anisodes flavispila (Warren, 1896) [species]

Anisodes flavissima Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes flavistigma Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes frenaria Guenée, 1857 [species]

A. f. pulverulenta

Anisodes furcata Warren 1896 [species]

Anisodes geranium Prout 1917 [species]

Anisodes germaini Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes gigantula Warren 1904 [species]

A. g. cratoscia

Anisodes globaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes glomerata Warren 1903 [species]

A. g. collusa

Anisodes gloria Robinson 1975 [species]

Anisodes gracililinea Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes granillosa Dognin 1893 [species]

Anisodes griseata (Warren, 1896) [species]

A. g. belgaumensis

Anisodes griseomixta Warren 1907 [species]

A. g. immixta

Anisodes harrietae Robinson 1975 [species]

Anisodes heterostigma Dognin 1912 [species]

Anisodes heydena Swinhoe 1894 [species]

A. h. victrix

Anisodes hieroglyphica Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes hirtifemur Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes hirtipalpis Prout, 1932 [species]

Anisodes hypocris Prout 1928 [species]

Anisodes hypomion Prout 1933 [species]

Anisodes ignea Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes illepidaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes illinaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes imparistigma Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes imperialis Berio 1937 [species]

Anisodes inaequalis Warren 1902 [species]

Anisodes incumbens Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes indecisa Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes iners Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes inhibita Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes inquinata Dognin 1906 [species]

Anisodes insigniata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes insitiva Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes intermixtaria Swinhoe 1892 [species]

A. i. collustrata

Anisodes interpulsata Walker 1861 [species]

Anisodes intortaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes irregularis (Warren, 1896) [species]

Anisodes japaria Jones 1921 [species]

Anisodes jocosa (Warren, 1896) [species]

A. j. glycidora, A. j. thysanopoda

Anisodes jonaria Schaus 1901 [species]

Anisodes khakiata Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes kohensis Holloway 1979 [species]

Anisodes lancearia Felder, 1875 [species]

Anisodes landanata Mabille 1897 [species]

Anisodes lateritiaria Herrich-Schäffer 1855 [species]

Anisodes lateritica Holloway 1979 [species]

Anisodes lautokensis Prout 1929 [species]

Anisodes lechriostropha Turner, 1941 [species]

Anisodes leonaria Walker 1861 [species]

Anisodes leptopasta Turner, 1908 [species]

Anisodes leucaniata Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes lichenea Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes liosceles Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes longidiscata (Warren, 1904) [species]

Anisodes lutearia Dewitz 1881 [species]

Anisodes lutosicosta Prout 1938 [species]

A. l. gnophostephana

Anisodes lyciscaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes maculidiscata Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes major Dognin 1911 [species]

Anisodes marginepunctata Dognin 1902 [species]

Anisodes maroniensis Dognin 1906 [species]

Anisodes matthias Prout 1925 [species]

Anisodes maximaria Guenée, 1857 [species]

Anisodes mediolineata Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes megista Druce 1892 [species]

A. m. catharinae

Anisodes melantroches Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes melitia Druce 1892 [species]

Anisodes mesocupha Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes mesotoma Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes metamorpha Prout 1925 [species]

Anisodes mezclata Dognin, 1893 [species]

Anisodes microsticta Turner 1918 [species]

Anisodes minorata (Warren, 1897) [species]

A. m. dubiosa

Anisodes mionectes Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes misella Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes monera Schaus 1901 [species]

Anisodes monetaria Guenée, 1857 [species]

A. m. ceramis, A. m. homostola, A. m. inornata

Anisodes morbosa Dognin 1910 [species]

Anisodes nebuligera Butler 1881 [species]

Anisodes nebulosata Walker 1862 [species]

Anisodes nepheloscia Prout 1933 [species]

A. n. plotosphera

Anisodes nephelospila Meyrick 1889 [species]

Anisodes nesidica Prout 1931 [species]

Anisodes nigricosta Warren 1896 [species]

Anisodes nigropustulata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes niveopuncta (Warren, 1897) [species]

Anisodes nivestrota Dognin 1914 [species]

Anisodes nodigera Butler, 1881 [species]

Anisodes nudaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes obliviaria Walker, 1861 [species]

Anisodes obrinaria Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes obstataria (Walker, 1861) [species]

Anisodes obviata Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes ochraria Swinhoe, 1902 [species]

Anisodes ochricomata Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes ockendeni Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes ocularis Warren 1900 [species]

A. o. suffusaria

Anisodes oothesia Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes orboculata Prout 1922 [species]

Anisodes ordinata Walker 1862 [species]

A. o. rubrior

Anisodes palingenes Prout 1923 [species]

Anisodes palirrhoea Prout, 1920 [species]

Anisodes pantophyrta Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes paragloria Holloway 1979 [species]

Anisodes parallela (Warren, 1897) [species]

Anisodes paratropha Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes parciscripta Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes parcisquamata Prout 1910 [species]

Anisodes parvidens Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes patruelis Moore 1887 [species]

Anisodes paucinotata Warren 1901 [species]

Anisodes pauper Butler 1887 [species]

A. p. egens, A. p. syntona

Anisodes penumbrata (Warren, 1895) [species]

A. p. microtera

Anisodes pepira Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes perpunctulata Prout, 1938 [species]

Anisodes perscripta Warren 1896 [species]

A. p. cedens

Anisodes pictimaculis Prout 1929 [species]

Anisodes pilibrachia Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes pintada Dognin 1893 [species]

Anisodes plenistigma Warren 1901 [species]

Anisodes plethophora Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes poeciloptera Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes poliotaria Dyar 1913 [species]

Anisodes polysticta Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes pomidiscata Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes porphyropis (Meyrick, 1888) [species]

Anisodes portenta Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes posticamplum (Swinhoe, 1892) [species]

Anisodes posticipuncta Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes praetermissa (Bastelberger, 1908) [species]

A. p. australis

Anisodes prionodes (Meyrick, 1886) [species]

Anisodes privata Walker 1861 [species]

Anisodes proconcava Prout 1932 [species]

Anisodes prunelliaria Herrich-Schäffer 1855 [species]

Anisodes psilomera Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes ptochopoea Prout 1936 [species]

A. p. gaudebunda

Anisodes pulvinaris (Warren, 1902) [species]

Anisodes punctata (Warren, 1897) [species]

A. p. interpolis

Anisodes punctulosa Warren 1904 [species]

A. p. subcolorata

Anisodes pyrrhocrica Prout 1926 [species]

Anisodes radiata Warren 1897 [species]

Anisodes raspata Dognin 1900 [species]

Anisodes recreta Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes recumbens Warren 1902 [species]

Anisodes renifera Prout 1922 [species]

Anisodes renistigma Prout 1910 [species]

Anisodes resignata Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes rhodobapta Turner, 1941 [species]

Anisodes rhodostigma Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes roseofusa Warren 1896 [species]

Anisodes rotundata (Warren, 1897) [species]

Anisodes rubrannulata Prout 1910 [species]

Anisodes rudis Prout 1920 [species]

A. r. impavida

Anisodes ruficeps Warren, 1907 [species]

Anisodes ruficosta Warren 1905 [species]

Anisodes rufifrons Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes rufiplaga Warren 1903 [species]

Anisodes rufistigma Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes rufulata Warren 1904 [species]

A. r. griseifascia

Anisodes sabulosa (Warren, 1895) [species]

Anisodes samoana Warren, 1897 [species]

A. s. parallela

Anisodes sarawackaria Guenée 1858 [species]

A. s. lichenaria

Anisodes scintillans Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes sciota Turner, 1908 [species]

Anisodes scriptata Walker 1861 [species]

Anisodes semicompleta Walker, 1861 [species]

Anisodes seposita Prout 1922 [species]

Anisodes silas Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes sopater Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes sordida Dognin 1910 [species]

Anisodes sordidata (Warren, 1896) [species]

Anisodes spadix Prout 1922 [species]

Anisodes spatara Dognin 1900 [species]

Anisodes spectabilis Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes spiculifer Warren 1907 [species]

Anisodes spissata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes sticta (Turner, 1941) [species]

Anisodes stigmatilinea Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes stramineata Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes stricticata Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes striginota Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes subaenescens Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes subalbescens Warren 1903 [species]

Anisodes subcarnearia Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes subdolaria Swinhoe 1885 [species]

Anisodes suberea Dognin 1900 [species]

Anisodes sublanuginosa Warren 1903 [species]

Anisodes sublunata (Swinhoe, 1904) [species]

Anisodes subpallida Warren 1900 [species]

Anisodes subrosea Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes subroseata (Walker, [1863]) [species]

Anisodes subrubrata Warren 1905 [species]

Anisodes subsimilis Warren 1897 [species]

Anisodes subviolescens Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes superflua Warren 1897 [species]

Anisodes suspiciens Prout 1922 [species]

Anisodes sypharia Guenée 1858 [species]

Anisodes sypharioides Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes taiwana Wileman 1911 [species]

Anisodes temperata Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes tenuilinea Warren 1902 [species]

Anisodes terrens Warren 1906 [species]

Anisodes tharossa Druce 1899 [species]

Anisodes thermosaria Walker 1862 [species]

A. t. multipunctata

Anisodes timotheus Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes tolinta Schaus 1901 [species]

Anisodes torsivena Warren 1904 [species]

Anisodes transecta Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes tricrista Prout 1925 [species]

Anisodes turneri Prout, 1920 [species]

A. t. dampieri, A. t. thesauri

Anisodes tychicus Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes urcearia Guenée, 1857 [species]

Anisodes variospila Warren, 1901 [species]

Anisodes viator Prout 1920 [species]

Anisodes vineotincta Schaus 1912 [species]

Anisodes violens Prout 1936 [species]

Anisodes vuha Schaus 1929 [species]

Anisodes warreni Dognin 1913 [species]

Anisodes xenocometes Prout 1938 [species]

Anisodes zeuctospila Prout 1920 [species]


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