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Tribe Hydriomenini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae → tribe Hydriomenini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (1 illustrated). Species.

Hydriomena (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Hydriomena albifasciata, Hydriomena albimonata, Hydriomena albimontanata, Hydriomena albipulverata, Hydriomena aldricaria, Hydriomena algosa, Hydriomena alterata, Hydriomena arizonata, Hydriomena aztecaria, Hydriomena barnesata, Hydriomena biplagiata, Hydriomena bistriolata, Hydriomena bonitusa, Hydriomena borussata, Hydriomena bryanti, Hydriomena bryodes, Hydriomena buenoi, Hydriomena cachiria, Hydriomena californiata, Hydriomena caralpa, Hydriomena catalinata, Hydriomena cedda, Hydriomena charlestonia, Hydriomena chiricahuata, Hydriomena ciniana, Hydriomena clarki, Hydriomena cochiseata, Hydriomena confusa, Hydriomena cormasa, Hydriomena costipunctata, Hydriomena crokeri, Hydriomena cromna, Hydriomena cruziata, Hydriomena cumza, Hydriomena cydippe, Hydriomena cydra, Hydriomena cynosura, Hydriomena cyra, Hydriomena cyriades, Hydriomena cyriadoides, Hydriomena dada, Hydriomena damo, Hydriomena delfini, Hydriomena divisaria, Hydriomena edenata, Hydriomena ethelae, Hydriomena excelsa, Hydriomena exculpata, Hydriomena expurgata, Hydriomena fassli, Hydriomena feminata, Hydriomena fractisignata, Hydriomena furcata, Hydriomena furculoides, Hydriomena furinae, Hydriomena furtivata, Hydriomena glaucata, Hydriomena gosala, Hydriomena gracillima, Hydriomena grandimacula, Hydriomena grettaria, Hydriomena henshawi, Hydriomena impluviata, Hydriomena irata, Hydriomena itaria, Hydriomena johnstoni, Hydriomena johstoni, Hydriomena leucosigna, Hydriomena lineata, Hydriomena lucifuga, Hydriomena macdunnoughi, Hydriomena macuta, Hydriomena magnificata, Hydriomena mainaria, Hydriomena manzanita, Hydriomena marinata, Hydriomena midaria, Hydriomena mississippiensis, Hydriomena modestata, Hydriomena morelosia, Hydriomena morosata, Hydriomena multangulata, Hydriomena muscata, Hydriomena muscona, Hydriomena musga, Hydriomena nevadae, Hydriomena nipteroides, Hydriomena nivocellata, Hydriomena nubilofasciata, Hydriomena oasis, Hydriomena obliquilinea, Hydriomena parcinotata, Hydriomena peratica, Hydriomena perfracta, Hydriomena picturata, Hydriomena pluviata, Hydriomena polyphonta, Hydriomena polyxena, Hydriomena pomponia, Hydriomena popoa, Hydriomena potosiata, Hydriomena praelatata, Hydriomena praemundata, Hydriomena prisca, Hydriomena proba, Hydriomena promulgata, Hydriomena pronax, Hydriomena purpurissa, Hydriomena quinquefasciata, Hydriomena ranuncula, Hydriomena regulata, Hydriomena renunciata, Hydriomena rita, Hydriomena roseofusa, Hydriomena roseostriata, Hydriomena roseoviridis, Hydriomena ruberata, Hydriomena sanfilensis, Hydriomena septemberata, Hydriomena serrilinearia, Hydriomena shasta, Hydriomena sierrae, Hydriomena simeon, Hydriomena similaris, Hydriomena speciosata, Hydriomena sperryi, Hydriomena stylites, Hydriomena subgrisea, Hydriomena sylvaria, Hydriomena tamaria, Hydriomena tectoria, Hydriomena tesellata, Hydriomena transfigurata, Hydriomena tuolumne, Hydriomena ulfrida, Hydriomena vernata, Hydriomena vidua, Hydriomena vulcinaria

Monostoecha Fletcher 1979 [genus]

Monostoecha semipectinata


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