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Tribe Rhodostrophiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Sterrhinae → tribe Rhodostrophiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Apostates Warren, 1897 [genus]

Apostates solitaria

Rhodostrophia (Hubner, 1823) [genus]

Rhodostrophia abcisaria, Rhodostrophia abscisaria, Rhodostrophia acidaria, Rhodostrophia adauctata, Rhodostrophia anchotera, Rhodostrophia anjumana, Rhodostrophia anomala, Rhodostrophia auctata, Rhodostrophia badiaria, Rhodostrophia bahara, Rhodostrophia bicolor, Rhodostrophia bisinuata, Rhodostrophia calabra, Rhodostrophia cinerascens, Rhodostrophia cretacaria, Rhodostrophia cretacearia, Rhodostrophia cuprinaria, Rhodostrophia discopunctata, Rhodostrophia dispar, Rhodostrophia dissoluta, Rhodostrophia erythema, Rhodostrophia froitzheimi, Rhodostrophia furialis, Rhodostrophia glaucofusa, Rhodostrophia grumaria, Rhodostrophia haematozona, Rhodostrophia herbicolens, Rhodostrophia inaffectata, Rhodostrophia inconspicua, Rhodostrophia jacularia, Rhodostrophia kabulensis, Rhodostrophia lanceolata, Rhodostrophia lenis, Rhodostrophia linguata, Rhodostrophia meonaria, Rhodostrophia muricolor, Rhodostrophia nesam, Rhodostrophia nubifera, Rhodostrophia olivacea, Rhodostrophia olivopallens, Rhodostrophia oxyntis, Rhodostrophia pelloniaria, Rhodostrophia peregrina, Rhodostrophia peripheres, Rhodostrophia philolaches, Rhodostrophia pleonasma, Rhodostrophia plesiochora, Rhodostrophia poliaria, Rhodostrophia praecisaria, Rhodostrophia pudorata, Rhodostrophia pulverearia, Rhodostrophia rhodospania, Rhodostrophia rueckbeili, Rhodostrophia serraginaria, Rhodostrophia sieversi, Rhodostrophia similata, Rhodostrophia staudingeri, Rhodostrophia stigmatica, Rhodostrophia subrufa, Rhodostrophia tabidaria, Rhodostrophia terrestraria, Rhodostrophia tremiscens, Rhodostrophia tristrigalis, Rhodostrophia tumulosa, Rhodostrophia vartianae, Rhodostrophia vastaria, Rhodostrophia vibicaria, Rhodostrophia vinacearia, Rhodostrophia xesta, Rhodostrophia yunnanaria


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