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Family Alucitidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Alucitoidea → family Alucitidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (1 illustrated). Species.

Alucita (Linnaeus, 1758) [genus]

Alucita acalles, Alucita acalyptra, Alucita acascaea, Alucita acutata, Alucita agapeta, Alucita amalopis, Alucita ancalopa, Alucita anemolia, Alucita anticoma, Alucita argyrospodia, Alucita arrigutti, Alucita atomoclasta, Alucita baihua, Alucita baliochlora, Alucita balioxantha, Alucita beinongdai, Alucita bidentata, Alucita brachyphinus, Alucita bridarollii, Alucita brunnea, Alucita budashkini, Alucita bulgaria, Alucita butleri, Alucita canariensis, Alucita cancellata, Alucita capensis, Alucita certifica, Alucita chloracta, Alucita cinnerethella, Alucita coffeina, Alucita cohraspis, Alucita compsoxantha, Alucita crococyma, Alucita cyanophanes, Alucita cymatodactyla, Alucita cymographa, Alucita debilella, Alucita decaryella, Alucita denticulata, Alucita desmodactyla, Alucita dohertyi, Alucita entoprocta, Alucita eteoxantha, Alucita eudactyla, Alucita eudasys, Alucita eumorphodactyla, Alucita eurynephela, Alucita euscripta, Alucita extomesa, Alucita ferruginea, Alucita flavicincta, Alucita flavofascia, Alucita fletcheriana, Alucita fumosa, Alucita grammodactyla, Alucita habrophila, Alucita hemicyclus, Alucita hexadactyla, Alucita hofmanni, Alucita huebneri, Alucita hypocosma, Alucita iberica, Alucita idiocrossa, Alucita illuminatrix, Alucita imbrifera, Alucita iranensis, Alucita ischalea, Alucita isodina, Alucita isshikii, Alucita ithycypha, Alucita japonica, Alucita jujuyensis, Alucita karadagica, Alucita klimeschi, Alucita kosterini, Alucita libraria, Alucita longipalpella, Alucita lonicericola, Alucita loxoschista, Alucita lyristis, Alucita magadis, Alucita major, Alucita maxima, Alucita megaphimus, Alucita melanodactyla, Alucita mesolychna, Alucita microdesma, Alucita micrographa, Alucita microscopica, Alucita molliflua, Alucita montana, Alucita montigena, Alucita mulciber, Alucita myriodesma, Alucita nannodactyla, Alucita nasuta, Alucita nephelotoxa, Alucita niphodosema, Alucita niphostrota, Alucita nubifera, Alucita objurgatella, Alucita ochracea, Alucita ochriprota, Alucita ochrozona, Alucita palodactyla, Alucita panduris, Alucita panolbia, Alucita patria, Alucita pectinata, Alucita pepperella, Alucita phanerarcha, Alucita philomela, Alucita phricodes, Alucita pinalea, Alucita pliginskii, Alucita plumigera, Alucita pluvialis, Alucita postfasciata, Alucita proseni, Alucita pselioxantha, Alucita pterochroma, Alucita punctiferella, Alucita pusilla, Alucita pygmaea, Alucita rhaptica, Alucita rhymotoma, Alucita riggii, Alucita ruens, Alucita sailtavica, Alucita sakhalinica, Alucita semophantis, Alucita sertifera, Alucita seychellensis, Alucita sikkima, Alucita spicifera, Alucita spilodesma, Alucita stephanopsis, Alucita straminea, Alucita sycophanta, Alucita synnephodactyla, Alucita tandilensis, Alucita tesserata, Alucita thapsina, Alucita toxophila, Alucita trachydesma, Alucita trachyptera, Alucita tridentata, Alucita triscausta, Alucita xanthodes, Alucita xanthonzona, Alucita xanthosticta, Alucita zonodactyla

Alucitidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Alucitidae sp. (large size).

Alucitidae sp.


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