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Tribe Lymantriini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Lymantriinae → tribe Lymantriini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Imaus Moore, 1879 [genus]

Imaus lata, Imaus munda

Lymantria (Hubner, 1819) [genus]

Lymantria aboleta, Lymantria akemii, Lymantria albimacula, Lymantria albolunata, Lymantria albolunulata, Lymantria alexandrae, Lymantria ampla, Lymantria antennata, Lymantria apicebrunnea, Lymantria arete, Lymantria argyrochroa, Lymantria arrheta, Lymantria ascetria, Lymantria atemeles, Lymantria atlantica, Lymantria attantica, Lymantria bantaizana, Lymantria barica, Lymantria barlowi, Lymantria beatrix, Lymantria binotata, Lymantria bivittata, Lymantria brotea, Lymantria brunneata, Lymantria brunneiplaga, Lymantria buruensis, Lymantria canariensis, Lymantria capnodes, Lymantria castanea, Lymantria castaneostriata, Lymantria celebesa, Lymantria chroma, Lymantria concolor, Lymantria conspersa, Lymantria cryptocloea, Lymantria curvifera, Lymantria daraba, Lymantria demotes, Lymantria destituta, Lymantria detersa, Lymantria dictyodigma, Lymantria diehli, Lymantria dispar, Lymantria disparina, Lymantria dissoluta, Lymantria doreyensis, Lymantria dubia, Lymantria dubiosa, Lymantria dulcinea, Lymantria ekeikei, Lymantria elassa, Lymantria epelytes, Lymantria faircloughi, Lymantria finitorum, Lymantria flavicilia, Lymantria flavoneura, Lymantria fuliginosa, Lymantria fumida, Lymantria ganara, Lymantria ganaroides, Lymantria geoffmartini, Lymantria gondona, Lymantria grandis, Lymantria grisea, Lymantria griseipennis, Lymantria griseostriata, Lymantria grisescens, Lymantria harimuda, Lymantria hemipyra, Lymantria hollowayi, Lymantria honeyi, Lymantria horishanella, Lymantria hypobolimaea, Lymantria incerta, Lymantria inordinata, Lymantria jacksoni, Lymantria joannisi, Lymantria kanara, Lymantria kebeae, Lymantria kettlewelli, Lymantria kinta, Lymantria kobesi, Lymantria komarovi, Lymantria kruegeri, Lymantria lamda, Lymantria lapidicola, Lymantria lepcha, Lymantria leucerythra, Lymantria leucophaes, Lymantria libella, Lymantria loacana, Lymantria lucescens, Lymantria lunata, Lymantria lutea, Lymantria lygaea, Lymantria maculata, Lymantria malgassica, Lymantria marginalis, Lymantria marginata, Lymantria marwitzi, Lymantria mathura, Lymantria melia, Lymantria melissa, Lymantria metella, Lymantria microcyma, Lymantria microstrigata, Lymantria minahassa, Lymantria miniata, Lymantria minora, Lymantria minora, Lymantria modesta, Lymantria moesta, Lymantria monacha, Lymantria monoides, Lymantria narindra, Lymantria nebulosa, Lymantria nephrographa, Lymantria nigra, Lymantria nigricosta, Lymantria ninayi, Lymantria nobunaga, Lymantria novaguineensis, Lymantria novaguinensis, Lymantria nudala, Lymantria oberthuri, Lymantria obfuscata, Lymantria oinoa, Lymantria orestera, Lymantria ossea, Lymantria pagenstecheri, Lymantria pagon, Lymantria panthera, Lymantria panthera, Lymantria pelospila, Lymantria phaeosericea, Lymantria plumbalis, Lymantria polioptera, Lymantria polycyma, Lymantria polysticta, Lymantria postfusca, Lymantria praetermissa, Lymantria pruinosa, Lymantria rhabdota, Lymantria rosea, Lymantria roseola, Lymantria rosina, Lymantria rubroviridis, Lymantria rufofusca, Lymantria russula, Lymantria rusticana, Lymantria sakaguchii, Lymantria sarantuja, Lymantria semicincta, Lymantria serva, Lymantria servula, Lymantria sexspinae, Lymantria similis, Lymantria simplex, Lymantria singapura, Lymantria sinica, Lymantria sobrina, Lymantria sphalera, Lymantria storozhenkoae, Lymantria strigata, Lymantria strigatoides, Lymantria suarezia, Lymantria subfusca, Lymantria sublunata, Lymantria subrosea, Lymantria syntropha, Lymantria tacita, Lymantria tagalica, Lymantria takamukui, Lymantria temburong, Lymantria todara, Lymantria toxopeusi, Lymantria umbrifera, Lymantria vacillans, Lymantria vastatrix, Lymantria velutina, Lymantria viola, Lymantria xylina

Lymantriini photos with superspecies identification

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Lymantriini sp. Lymantriini sp. Lymantriini sp.


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