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Tribe Orthosiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae → tribe Orthosiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 7 (5 illustrated). Species.

Lacinipolia McDunnough, 1937 [genus]

Lacinipolia agnata, Lacinipolia aileenae, Lacinipolia anguina, Lacinipolia basiplaga, Lacinipolia baueri, Lacinipolia brachiola, Lacinipolia brachiolum, Lacinipolia bucketti, Lacinipolia buscki, Lacinipolia calcaricosta, Lacinipolia canities, Lacinipolia ciniva, Lacinipolia circumcincta, Lacinipolia cleptoschema, Lacinipolia comis, Lacinipolia consimilis, Lacinipolia cuneata, Lacinipolia datis, Lacinipolia davena, Lacinipolia delongi, Lacinipolia determinata, Lacinipolia dima, Lacinipolia distributa, Lacinipolia erecta, Lacinipolia eucyria, Lacinipolia explicata, Lacinipolia falsa, Lacinipolia fordi, Lacinipolia francisca, Lacinipolia franclemonti, Lacinipolia gnata, Lacinipolia griseata, Lacinipolia hamara, Lacinipolia hodeva, Lacinipolia illaudabilis, Lacinipolia imbuna, Lacinipolia implicata, Lacinipolia incurva, Lacinipolia laudabilis, Lacinipolia lepidula, Lacinipolia leucogramma, Lacinipolia longiclava, Lacinipolia lorea, Lacinipolia lunolacta, Lacinipolia lustralis, Lacinipolia luteimacula, Lacinipolia marinitincta, Lacinipolia marmica, Lacinipolia martini, Lacinipolia meditata, Lacinipolia mimula, Lacinipolia naevia, Lacinipolia naida, Lacinipolia olivacea, Lacinipolia palilis, Lacinipolia parens, Lacinipolia parvula, Lacinipolia patalis, Lacinipolia pensilis, Lacinipolia perfragilis, Lacinipolia perta, Lacinipolia phaulocyria, Lacinipolia prognata, Lacinipolia quadrilineata, Lacinipolia rectilinea, Lacinipolia renigera, Lacinipolia rodora, Lacinipolia roseosuffusa, Lacinipolia rubens, Lacinipolia rubrifusa, Lacinipolia runica, Lacinipolia selama, Lacinipolia sharonae, Lacinipolia spiculosa, Lacinipolia stenotis, Lacinipolia stricta, Lacinipolia strigicollis, Lacinipolia subalba, Lacinipolia surgens, Lacinipolia teligera, Lacinipolia tenisca, Lacinipolia transvitta, Lacinipolia trasca, Lacinipolia tricornuta, Lacinipolia triplehorni, Lacinipolia uliginosa, Lacinipolia umbrosa, Lacinipolia verruca, Lacinipolia vicina, Lacinipolia viridifera, Lacinipolia vittula

Lithopolia Yoshimoto, 1993 [genus]

Lithopolia confusa

Orthosia (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Cororthosia, Monima, Orthosia, Semiophora,
Orthosia albiceps, Orthosia alishana, Orthosia alurina, Orthosia annulimacula, Orthosia aoyamensis, Orthosia ariuna, Orthosia arthrolita, Orthosia askoldensis, Orthosia atriluna, Orthosia bastula, Orthosia behrensiana, Orthosia benepicta, Orthosia boursini, Orthosia carnipennis, Orthosia castanea, Orthosia cedemarki, Orthosia cedermarki, Orthosia columbaris, Orthosia coniortota, Orthosia conspecta, Orthosia dalmatina, Orthosia desperata, Orthosia disticha, Orthosia dukinfieldi, Orthosia ella, Orthosia erythrolita, Orthosia evanida, Orthosia faqiri, Orthosia fausta, Orthosia feda, Orthosia ferrigera, Orthosia ferrirena, Orthosia flaviannula, Orthosia flavirena, Orthosia garmani, Orthosia grisescens, Orthosia harutai, Orthosia hibisci, Orthosia himalaya, Orthosia huberti, Orthosia ijimai, Orthosia imitabilis, Orthosia johnstoni, Orthosia kurosawai, Orthosia limbata, Orthosia lizetta, Orthosia lushana, Orthosia macilenta, Orthosia macona, Orthosia malickyi, Orthosia manfredi, Orthosia mediofusca, Orthosia mediomacula, Orthosia moderata, Orthosia mulina, Orthosia mys, Orthosia nepalensis, Orthosia nigralba, Orthosia nigromaculata, Orthosia nigrorenalis, Orthosia nongenerica, Orthosia odiosa, Orthosia pacifica, Orthosia paromoea, Orthosia peregovitsi, Orthosia perfusca, Orthosia picata, Orthosia poecila, Orthosia praeses, Orthosia pulchella, Orthosia punctula, Orthosia reshoefti, Orthosia reticulata, Orthosia revicta, Orthosia rubescens, Orthosia satoi, Orthosia segregata, Orthosia singularis, Orthosia songi, Orthosia subcarnipennis, Orthosia tenuimacula, Orthosia terminata, Orthosia transparens, Orthosia ussuriana, Orthosia ussurica, Orthosia variabilis, Orthosia yoshizakii


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