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Tribe Pierini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Pieridae subfamily Pierinae → tribe Pierini


Daughter taxa

Subtribes: 3 (0 illustrated). Genera: 47 (28 illustrated). Subgenera: 10 (4 illustrated). Species.

Aporiina Chapman 1895 [subtribe]

Appiadina Kuznetsov 1929 [subtribe]


Pierina Swainson, 1820 [subtribe]

Aoa de Nicéville, 1898 [genus]

Aoa affinis

Archonias Hübner, 1827 [genus]

Archonias brassolis

Delias Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Delias abrophora, Delias acalis, Delias aganippe, Delias agoranis, Delias agostina, Delias alberti, Delias albertisi, Delias alepa, Delias angabungana, Delias antara, Delias apatela, Delias apoensis, Delias arabuana, Delias arfakensis, Delias argentata, Delias argenthona, Delias aroa, Delias aroae, Delias aruna, Delias aurantia, Delias aurantiaca, Delias autumnalis, Delias awongkor, Delias awongkor, Delias bagoe, Delias bakeri, Delias baracasa, Delias battana, Delias belisama, Delias belladonna, Delias benasu, Delias berinda, Delias biaka, Delias blanca, Delias bobaga, Delias bobaga, Delias bornemanni, Delias bosnikiana, Delias bothwelli, Delias brandti, Delias buruana, Delias caliban, Delias callima, Delias callista, Delias campbelli, Delias candida, Delias caroli, Delias carstensziana, Delias carstenziana, Delias castaneus, Delias catisa, Delias catocausta, Delias ceneus, Delias chimbu, Delias chrysomelaena, Delias clathrata, Delias crithoe, Delias cumanau, Delias cuningputi, Delias daniensis, Delias denigrata, Delias descombesi, Delias destrigata, Delias destrigata, Delias diaphana, Delias dice, Delias discus, Delias dixeyi, Delias dohertyi, Delias dorimene, Delias dortheysi, Delias dorylaea, Delias doylei, Delias dumasi, Delias durai, Delias duris, Delias echidna, Delias edela, Delias eichhorni, Delias eileenae, Delias ellipsis, Delias elongatus, Delias endela, Delias ennia, Delias enniana, Delias eschatia, Delias eucharis, Delias eudiabolus, Delias eumolpe, Delias euphemia, Delias eximia, Delias fascelis, Delias fasciata, Delias fioretti, Delias fioretto, Delias flavissima, Delias flavistriga, Delias fojaensis, Delias frater, Delias fruhstorferi, Delias funerea, Delias gabia, Delias ganymedes, Delias georgina, Delias geraldina, Delias gilliardi, Delias hagenensis, Delias hallstromi, Delias hapalina, Delias harpalyce, Delias hemianops, Delias hempeli, Delias henningia, Delias heroni, Delias hidecoae, Delias hiemalis, Delias hikarui, Delias hippodamia, Delias hyparete, Delias hyperapproximata, Delias hypomelas, Delias iltis, Delias imitator, Delias inexpectata, Delias inopinata, Delias isocharis, Delias isse, Delias itamputi, Delias joiceyi, Delias kazueae, Delias klossi, Delias konokono, Delias kristianiae, Delias kuhni, Delias kummeri, Delias ladas, Delias laknekei, Delias langda, Delias lara, Delias lativitta, Delias lecerfi, Delias lemoulti, Delias leucias, Delias leucobalia, Delias levicki, Delias ligata, Delias luctuosa, Delias luteola, Delias lytaea, Delias madetes, Delias mansuelensis, Delias manuselensis, Delias marguerita, Delias mariae, Delias maudei, Delias mavroneria, Delias mayrhoferi, Delias meeki, Delias melusina, Delias menooensis, Delias mesoblema, Delias messalina, Delias microsticha, Delias mira, Delias mitisi, Delias momea, Delias muliensis, Delias mysis, Delias nais, Delias nakanokeikoae, Delias narses, Delias neagra, Delias neeltje, Delias niepelti, Delias nieuwenhuisi, Delias nieuwenhuisi, Delias nigrina, Delias nigropunctata, Delias ninus, Delias nuydaorum, Delias nysa, Delias oktanglap, Delias oktanglap, Delias omissa, Delias oraia, Delias ormoensis, Delias ornytion, Delias paniaia, Delias paoaiensis, Delias parennia, Delias pasithoe, Delias patrua, Delias periboea, Delias pheres, Delias phippsi, Delias poecila, Delias poecilea, Delias pratti, Delias prouti, Delias pseudomarguerita, Delias pulla, Delias raymondi, Delias ribbei, Delias rileyi, Delias roepkei, Delias rosamontana, Delias rosenbergi, Delias rothschildi, Delias sacha, Delias sagessa, Delias salvini, Delias sambawana, Delias sanaca, Delias sawyeri, Delias sawyeri, Delias schmassmanni, Delias schoenbergi, Delias schoenigi, Delias schuppi, Delias shirozui, Delias shunichii, Delias sigit, Delias sigit, Delias sinak, Delias singhapura, Delias sphenodiscus, Delias splendida, Delias stresemanni, Delias strix, Delias subapicalis, Delias subnubila, Delias subviridis, Delias surprisa, Delias takashii, Delias talboti, Delias telefominensis, Delias tessei, Delias themis, Delias thompsoni, Delias timorensis, Delias totila, Delias toxopei, Delias vidua, Delias vietnamensis, Delias virgo, Delias viridomara, Delias walshae, Delias waterstradti, Delias weiskei, Delias wilemani, Delias wollastoni, Delias woodi, Delias yuani, Delias zebra, Delias zebuda

Eucheira Westwood, 1834 [genus]

Eucheira socialis

Glennia Klots, 1933 [genus]

Glennia pylotis

Leuciacria Rothschild & Jordan, 1905 [genus]

Leuciacria acuta, Leuciacria olivei

Mesapia Gray, 1856 [genus]

Mesapia peloria

Phrissura Butler, 1870 [genus]

Phrissura aegis

Pieriballia Klots, 1933 [genus]

Pieriballia viardi

Pinacopteryx Wallengren, 1857 [genus]

Pinacopteryx eriphia

Pseudomylothris Neustetter, 1929 [genus]

Pseudomylothris leonora

Reliquia Ackery, 1975 [genus]

Reliquia santamarta

Theochila Field, 1958 [genus]

Theochila maenacte

Pierini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Pierini sp. (large size).

Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp. Pierini sp.


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