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Tribe Eucosmini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Olethreutinae → tribe Eucosmini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 45 (19 illustrated). Species.

Acroclita (Lederer, 1859) [genus]

Acroclita acromochla, Acroclita albifusa, Acroclita altivaga, Acroclita anachastopa, Acroclita anelpista, Acroclita anguillana, Acroclita artifica, Acroclita atacta, Acroclita belinda, Acroclita biscissana, Acroclita bryomorpha, Acroclita bryopa, Acroclita calvifrons, Acroclita capyra, Acroclita catharoptis, Acroclita catharotorna, Acroclita causterias, Acroclita cheradota, Acroclita clarissa, Acroclita colonata, Acroclita commatica, Acroclita confusa, Acroclita convallensis, Acroclita convergens, Acroclita corinthia, Acroclita coronopa, Acroclita cryptiolitha, Acroclita dejiciens, Acroclita dissoplaca, Acroclita elaeagnivora, Acroclita erythana, Acroclita erythrotypa, Acroclita esmeralda, Acroclita euphylla, Acroclita fidana, Acroclita granitalis, Acroclita guanchana, Acroclita gumicola, Acroclita hemiochra, Acroclita hercoptila, Acroclita hibbertiana, Acroclita himerodana, Acroclita historica, Acroclita hortaria, Acroclita infectana, Acroclita ioxanthas, Acroclita ischalae, Acroclita klimeschi, Acroclita lithoxoa, Acroclita liturata, Acroclita longestriata, Acroclita loxoplecta, Acroclita macroma, Acroclita macrosaris, Acroclita madeus, Acroclita mesoscia, Acroclita neaera, Acroclita neothela, Acroclita nigrovenana, Acroclita nimbata, Acroclita notophthalma, Acroclita ochronota, Acroclita ochropepla, Acroclita ochrophara, Acroclita paulina, Acroclita peltosema, Acroclita perspectana, Acroclita philobrya, Acroclita philpaodes, Acroclita polybalia, Acroclita prasinissa, Acroclita pseustis, Acroclita quietana, Acroclita rubrisignis, Acroclita scatebrosa, Acroclita sciodelta, Acroclita seditosana, Acroclita segetana, Acroclita sonchana, Acroclita spiladorma, Acroclita stenoglypha, Acroclita stilpna, Acroclita subsequana, Acroclita synomotis, Acroclita thalassinana, Acroclita thysanota, Acroclita tothastis, Acroclita trachynota, Acroclita trichocnemis, Acroclita vigescens, Acroclita volutana

Epiblema (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Epiblema abruptana, Epiblema absconditana, Epiblema acceptana, Epiblema albohamulana, Epiblema alishana, Epiblema angulatana, Epiblema arizonana, Epiblema autolitha, Epiblema baligrodana, Epiblema banghaasi, Epiblema batangensis, Epiblema benignatum, Epiblema berolinensis, Epiblema boxcana, Epiblema brightonana, Epiblema carolinana, Epiblema charadrias, Epiblema chretieni, Epiblema chromata, Epiblema cirsiana, Epiblema cnicicolana, Epiblema concava, Epiblema confusana, Epiblema costipunctana, Epiblema cretana, Epiblema cynosbatella, Epiblema damascena, Epiblema deflexana, Epiblema denigratana, Epiblema desertana, Epiblema deverrae, Epiblema discretivana, Epiblema dorsisuffusana, Epiblema ermolenkoi, Epiblema exacerbatricana, Epiblema expressana, Epiblema fiorii, Epiblema foenella, Epiblema gammana, Epiblema gibsoni, Epiblema glenni, Epiblema grandaevana, Epiblema graphana, Epiblema grossbecki, Epiblema hepaticana, Epiblema hirsutana, Epiblema inconspicua, Epiblema infelix, Epiblema infuscatana, Epiblema insidiosana, Epiblema inulivora, Epiblema iowana, Epiblema junctana, Epiblema kennebecana, Epiblema kostjuki, Epiblema luctuosissima, Epiblema lyallana, Epiblema macneilli, Epiblema macrorris, Epiblema mendiculana, Epiblema micropterana, Epiblema naoma, Epiblema numerosana, Epiblema obfuscana, Epiblema ochraceana, Epiblema otiosana, Epiblema periculosana, Epiblema petasitis, Epiblema praefractana, Epiblema praesumptiosum, Epiblema pryerana, Epiblema quinquefasciana, Epiblema radicana, Epiblema radui, Epiblema ravana, Epiblema resumptana, Epiblema rimosana, Epiblema roborana, Epiblema rotundana, Epiblema rudei, Epiblema sarmatana, Epiblema scudderiana, Epiblema scutulana, Epiblema separationis, Epiblema similana, Epiblema simploniana, Epiblema sosana, Epiblema sticticana, Epiblema strenuana, Epiblema sublimana, Epiblema sugii, Epiblema symbolaspis, Epiblema tandana, Epiblema trigeminana, Epiblema tripartitana, Epiblema turbidana, Epiblema vittata, Epiblema walsinghami

Epinotia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Epinotia abbreviana, Epinotia abnormana, Epinotia accessa, Epinotia aceriella, Epinotia aciculana, Epinotia aethopa, Epinotia albangula, Epinotia albangulana, Epinotia albicapitana, Epinotia albiguttata, Epinotia albimaculata, Epinotia algeriensis, Epinotia ancyrota, Epinotia antonoma, Epinotia aporema, Epinotia aquila, Epinotia araea, Epinotia arctostaphylana, Epinotia aridos, Epinotia atacta, Epinotia autonoma, Epinotia balsameae, Epinotia begmina, Epinotia biangulana, Epinotia bicolor, Epinotia bicordana, Epinotia bigemina, Epinotia bilunana, Epinotia blanditana, Epinotia bricelus, Epinotia brunnichana, Epinotia brunnichiana, Epinotia bushiensis, Epinotia canthonias, Epinotia caprana, Epinotia castaneana, Epinotia cedricida, Epinotia celtisana, Epinotia cercocarpana, Epinotia cineracea, Epinotia cinereana, Epinotia clasta, Epinotia contrariana, Epinotia corylana, Epinotia coryli, Epinotia corynetes, Epinotia crenana, Epinotia criddleana, Epinotia cruciana, Epinotia dalmatana, Epinotia demarniana, Epinotia densiuncaria, Epinotia digitana, Epinotia dorsifraga, Epinotia elatana, Epinotia emarginana, Epinotia ethnica, Epinotia evidens, Epinotia exquisitana, Epinotia festivana, Epinotia fraternana, Epinotia fujisawai, Epinotia fumoviridana, Epinotia gimmerthaliana, Epinotia granitana, Epinotia hamptonana, Epinotia heucherana, Epinotia hopkinsana, Epinotia huebneriana, Epinotia hungaricana, Epinotia huroniensis, Epinotia hypsidryas, Epinotia immaculata, Epinotia immundana, Epinotia imparana, Epinotia improvisana, Epinotia indecorana, Epinotia infuscana, Epinotia johnsonana, Epinotia kasloana, Epinotia keiferana, Epinotia kochiana, Epinotia lindana, Epinotia liturana, Epinotia lomonana, Epinotia maculana, Epinotia madderana, Epinotia majorana, Epinotia marmoreana, Epinotia mbiginosana, Epinotia medioplagata, Epinotia medioviridana, Epinotia mercuriana, Epinotia meritana, Epinotia mesopotamica, Epinotia miscana, Epinotia mniara, Epinotia momonana, Epinotia monticola, Epinotia munda, Epinotia myricana, Epinotia nanana, Epinotia nebulosana, Epinotia nemorivaga, Epinotia nielseni, Epinotia nigralbana, Epinotia nigralbanoidana, Epinotia nigricana, Epinotia nisella, Epinotia nonana, Epinotia normanana, Epinotia notoceliana, Epinotia obraztsovi, Epinotia parki, Epinotia patriciana, Epinotia penkleriana, Epinotia pentagonana, Epinotia penthrana, Epinotia perplexana, Epinotia piceae, Epinotia piceicola, Epinotia pinicola, Epinotia plumbolineana, Epinotia proximana, Epinotia pullata, Epinotia pulsatillana, Epinotia purpuriciliana, Epinotia pusillana, Epinotia pygmaeana, Epinotia radicana, Epinotia ramella, Epinotia rasdolnyana, Epinotia rectiplicana, Epinotia removana, Epinotia rhododendrana, Epinotia rubiginosana, Epinotia rubricana, Epinotia ruidosana, Epinotia safidana, Epinotia sagittana, Epinotia salicicolana, Epinotia seorsa, Epinotia septemberana, Epinotia shikokuensis, Epinotia signatana, Epinotia silvertoniensis, Epinotia slovacica, Epinotia solandriana, Epinotia solicitana, Epinotia sordidana, Epinotia sotipena, Epinotia sperana, Epinotia stroemiana, Epinotia subocellana, Epinotia subplicana, Epinotia subsequana, Epinotia subuculana, Epinotia subviridis, Epinotia suplicana, Epinotia tamaensis, Epinotia tedella, Epinotia tenerana, Epinotia terracoctana, Epinotia tetraquetrana, Epinotia thaiensis, Epinotia thapsiana, Epinotia tianshanensis, Epinotia timidella, Epinotia toshimai, Epinotia transmissana, Epinotia trigonella, Epinotia trimaculana, Epinotia trossulana, Epinotia tsugana, Epinotia ulmi, Epinotia ulmicola, Epinotia unica, Epinotia unisignana, Epinotia vagana, Epinotia vertumnata, Epinotia walkerana, Epinotia xandana, Epinotia xyloryctoides, Epinotia yoshiyasui, Epinotia zandana

Eucosma (Hubner, 1823) [genus]

Eucosma abacana, Eucosma abathrodes, Eucosma abruptana, Eucosma abstemia, Eucosma accipitrina, Eucosma acrosema, Eucosma actuosa, Eucosma adamantana, Eucosma adustana, Eucosma aeana, Eucosma aellaea, Eucosma aemulana, Eucosma aeriana, Eucosma afflicta, Eucosma aganodes, Eucosma agassizii, Eucosma agnatana, Eucosma agricolana, Eucosma agriochlora, Eucosma albarracina, Eucosma albicosta, Eucosma albicostella, Eucosma albidula, Eucosma albidulana, Eucosma albiguttana, Eucosma albosectana, Eucosma albuneana, Eucosma alphabetica, Eucosma amara, Eucosma amellana, Eucosma amulana, Eucosma anisodelta, Eucosma anisospila, Eucosma annana, Eucosma anserana, Eucosma antidora, Eucosma antirrhoa, Eucosma apicinota, Eucosma apocrypha, Eucosma apocryphoides, Eucosma aprilana, Eucosma argentialbana, Eucosma argentifera, Eucosma argyrocyma, Eucosma aspersa, Eucosma aspidana, Eucosma aspidiscana, Eucosma astragalana, Eucosma atascosana, Eucosma atelosticta, Eucosma atomosana, Eucosma atricapilla, Eucosma atripunctis, Eucosma aulacota, Eucosma aurantiradix, Eucosma aurita, Eucosma austera, Eucosma austerana, Eucosma australis, Eucosma austrina, Eucosma autochthones, Eucosma avalona, Eucosma bactromorpha, Eucosma bactropa, Eucosma balatonana, Eucosma barbara, Eucosma bavarica, Eucosma benignata, Eucosma beryllina, Eucosma betana, Eucosma bidenticulana, Eucosma bilineana, Eucosma biplagata, Eucosma bipunctella, Eucosma biquadrana, Eucosma bisecta, Eucosma bobana, Eucosma bolanderana, Eucosma boxcana, Eucosma brachysticta, Eucosma brightonana, Eucosma brigittana, Eucosma caementana, Eucosma caflisciana, Eucosma calculosa, Eucosma caliacrana, Eucosma calliarma, Eucosma calligrapha, Eucosma campoliliana, Eucosma cana, Eucosma canana, Eucosma canariana, Eucosma candidulana, Eucosma caniceps, Eucosma capitulata, Eucosma capnoleuca, Eucosma carcharitis, Eucosma carolinana, Eucosma caryocrossa, Eucosma cataclystiana, Eucosma cataglypta, Eucosma catamochla, Eucosma catharaspis, Eucosma cathareutis, Eucosma cecidogena, Eucosma centraspis, Eucosma ceratodes, Eucosma cerdalea, Eucosma ceriodes, Eucosma certana, Eucosma cetratana, Eucosma charmera, Eucosma chionophricta, Eucosma chlorobathra, Eucosma chloromima, Eucosma chlorosticha, Eucosma chloroterma, Eucosma chloroticana, Eucosma chrysyphis, Eucosma circulana, Eucosma cittopa, Eucosma clarescens, Eucosma clarifica, Eucosma claypoleana, Eucosma clepsidoma, Eucosma climacosema, Eucosma cnephasiana, Eucosma coagulana, Eucosma cocana, Eucosma comatulana, Eucosma conformana, Eucosma confunda, Eucosma coniogramma, Eucosma consobrinana, Eucosma consociana, Eucosma conspiciendana, Eucosma conterminana, Eucosma contrariana, Eucosma costastrigulana, Eucosma couleruana, Eucosma crambitana, Eucosma cremastropis, Eucosma cremnitis, Eucosma cretaceana, Eucosma crymalana, Eucosma culmana, Eucosma cumilana, Eucosma cumulana, Eucosma cyphospila, Eucosma dalmatana, Eucosma dapsilis, Eucosma dasycera, Eucosma decipiens, Eucosma defensa, Eucosma deflexana, Eucosma deltoplac, Eucosma deltozyga, Eucosma demarniana, Eucosma denigratana, Eucosma denverana, Eucosma derelecta, Eucosma derelicta, Eucosma deruptana, Eucosma descipiens, Eucosma desertana, Eucosma desipiens, Eucosma diabolana, Eucosma diaema, Eucosma diakonoffi, Eucosma dianthes, Eucosma digna, Eucosma dilatana, Eucosma diogma, Eucosma directa, Eucosma discernata, Eucosma discretivana, Eucosma disjectana, Eucosma dodana, Eucosma doiinthanonensis, Eucosma dolichosticha, Eucosma dorsisignatana, Eucosma dorsisuffusana, Eucosma drastica, Eucosma dryocarpa, Eucosma dryochra, Eucosma eana, Eucosma ebenocosma, Eucosma eburata, Eucosma elaeochroa, Eucosma elutana, Eucosma ephedrana, Eucosma erebantra, Eucosma ericetana, Eucosma eridarcha, Eucosma eridela, Eucosma esmodes, Eucosma euphraticana, Eucosma euprepes, Eucosma euryochra, Eucosma eurypolia, Eucosma eutechna, Eucosma evidens, Eucosma exacerbatricana, Eucosma excerptionana, Eucosma exclusoriana, Eucosma excusabilis, Eucosma explicatana, Eucosma exquisitana, Eucosma externa, Eucosma fandana, Eucosma favicolor, Eucosma featmiana, Eucosma fernaldana, Eucosma fervidana, Eucosma fibuligera, Eucosma fiskeana, Eucosma flavispecula, Eucosma flavispeculana, Eucosma florescens, Eucosma floridana, Eucosma fofana, Eucosma fortunana, Eucosma franclemonti, Eucosma fraudabilis, Eucosma fraudulentana, Eucosma fritillana, Eucosma fugitivana, Eucosma fulminana, Eucosma fulvana, Eucosma funesta, Eucosma fuscana, Eucosma fuscicaput, Eucosma fuscida, Eucosma fusculana, Eucosma galactitis, Eucosma galenapunctana, Eucosma gandana, Eucosma getonia, Eucosma giarabubensis, Eucosma giganteana, Eucosma gilletteana, Eucosma glandulosana, Eucosma glebana, Eucosma glomerana, Eucosma gloriola, Eucosma glyphicodes, Eucosma gomonana, Eucosma gomphacma, Eucosma gonzalezalvarezi, Eucosma gorodkovi, Eucosma graciliana, Eucosma gracilis, Eucosma gracilistria, Eucosma gradensis, Eucosma graduatana, Eucosma grandana, Eucosma grandiflavana, Eucosma graziella, Eucosma griseana, Eucosma griselda, Eucosma grossbecki, Eucosma grotiana, Eucosma guentheri, Eucosma guttulana, Eucosma gypsatana, Eucosma haberhaueri, Eucosma habrotoma, Eucosma halophilana, Eucosma handana, Eucosma hapalosarca, Eucosma hartigi, Eucosma hasseanthi, Eucosma hazelana, Eucosma heathiana, Eucosma hebescana, Eucosma heinrichi, Eucosma hennei, Eucosma hesperidana, Eucosma hirsutana, Eucosma hohana, Eucosma hohenwartiana, Eucosma hubneriana, Eucosma hygroberylla, Eucosma hyponomeutana, Eucosma ignotana, Eucosma immaculana, Eucosma impatiens, Eucosma imposita, Eucosma incana, Eucosma incinerana, Eucosma indecorana, Eucosma individiosana, Eucosma infausta, Eucosma infelix, Eucosma infessana, Eucosma infida, Eucosma infirmana, Eucosma inquadrana, Eucosma inscita, Eucosma insidiosana, Eucosma insolens, Eucosma intacta, Eucosma inteimediana, Eucosma intermediana, Eucosma invicta, Eucosma involucrata, Eucosma iographa, Eucosma ioplintha, Eucosma ioreas, Eucosma irroratana, Eucosma ischnobathra, Eucosma jaceana, Eucosma jansei, Eucosma jejunana, Eucosma jerusalemana, Eucosma johnsonana, Eucosma juncticiliana, Eucosma kemnerana, Eucosma ketamana, Eucosma krygeri, Eucosma kurdistana, Eucosma lacteana, Eucosma landana, Eucosma langstoni, Eucosma larana, Eucosma lathami, Eucosma laticurva, Eucosma legitima, Eucosma lepidana, Eucosma leptancistra, Eucosma leptozona, Eucosma leucatma, Eucosma leucodesma, Eucosma leucomesana, Eucosma leuconephela, Eucosma leuconota, Eucosma leucopetra, Eucosma leucopleura, Eucosma leucotoma, Eucosma lignana, Eucosma lineolana, Eucosma lioplintha, Eucosma liturana, Eucosma lobiferana, Eucosma lobostola, Eucosma lochmaea, Eucosma lolana, Eucosma longipalpana, Eucosma louisana, Eucosma loxaspis, Eucosma luciana, Eucosma lugubrana, Eucosma luridana, Eucosma lustromarginata, Eucosma lutrocopa, Eucosma lyallana, Eucosma lyrana, Eucosma maculatana, Eucosma magnidicana, Eucosma malacodes, Eucosma malitiosana, Eucosma mancipiana, Eucosma mandana, Eucosma marmara, Eucosma marmarophanes, Eucosma marocana, Eucosma matutina, Eucosma mediostriata, Eucosma melanocosma, Eucosma meridaspis, Eucosma meridospila, Eucosma messingiana, Eucosma metagrapta, Eucosma metagypsa, Eucosma metamorphica, Eucosma metana, Eucosma metaspilana, Eucosma metria, Eucosma metzneriana, Eucosma mirana, Eucosma mirificana, Eucosma mirosignata, Eucosma mobilensis, Eucosma mochlophorana, Eucosma modicana, Eucosma mollita, Eucosma momana, Eucosma monitorana, Eucosma monitrix, Eucosma monoensis, Eucosma monogrammana, Eucosma monstratana, Eucosma morrisoni, Eucosma muguraxana, Eucosma muliebris, Eucosma muscosa, Eucosma nandana, Eucosma nasuta, Eucosma nereidopa, Eucosma nesiotes, Eucosma nessebarana, Eucosma nigromaculana, Eucosma niphaspis, Eucosma nipponica, Eucosma nitida, Eucosma nitidulana, Eucosma nitorana, Eucosma niveicaput, Eucosma niveipalpis, Eucosma noctivola, Eucosma nolckeniana, Eucosma nordini, Eucosma notanthes, Eucosma notialis, Eucosma numellata, Eucosma numerosana, Eucosma nuntia, Eucosma obfuscana, Eucosma obscurana, Eucosma obumbratana, Eucosma ochraceana, Eucosma ochricostana, Eucosma ocladias, Eucosma oculatana, Eucosma odotatana, Eucosma okubiensis, Eucosma ommatoptera, Eucosma operta, Eucosma ophionana, Eucosma ophonana, Eucosma opsia, Eucosma opsonoma, Eucosma optimana, Eucosma orphnogenes, Eucosma orthopeda, Eucosma ottoniana, Eucosma pachyneura, Eucosma paetulana, Eucosma palabundana, Eucosma pamirana, Eucosma pandana, Eucosma paracremna, Eucosma paradelta, Eucosma parvulana, Eucosma passiva, Eucosma pauperana, Eucosma pediasios, Eucosma pedisignata, Eucosma pentagonaspis, Eucosma peraea, Eucosma perdricana, Eucosma perfectana, Eucosma perfixa, Eucosma pergandeana, Eucosma pergratana, Eucosma periculosana, Eucosma periptycha, Eucosma perplexa, Eucosma persiae, Eucosma persolita, Eucosma perversa, Eucosma pervicax, Eucosma petalonota, Eucosma pflugiana, Eucosma phaedropa, Eucosma phaeochyta, Eucosma phaeoloma, Eucosma phaeoscia, Eucosma pharangodes, Eucosma phoenocrossa, Eucosma pica, Eucosma picrodella, Eucosma piperata, Eucosma platanaspis, Eucosma plumbaginea, Eucosma pollutana, Eucosma polymita, Eucosma polyphaea, Eucosma polyplega, Eucosma polyxena, Eucosma ponderosa, Eucosma porpota, Eucosma potamias, Eucosma praesumptiosa, Eucosma primulana, Eucosma pristinana, Eucosma procellariana, Eucosma procellosa, Eucosma projecta, Eucosma prominens, Eucosma proximana, Eucosma prudens, Eucosma psychrodora, Eucosma pulveratana, Eucosma pupillana, Eucosma purpurissatana, Eucosma pylonitis, Eucosma pyricolana, Eucosma pyrrhulana, Eucosma quinquemaculana, Eucosma radiolana, Eucosma ragonoti, Eucosma rasdolnyana, Eucosma recentana, Eucosma recissoriana, Eucosma referenda, Eucosma regionalis, Eucosma religiosa, Eucosma rescissoriana, Eucosma resumptana, Eucosma rhymogramma, Eucosma riciniata, Eucosma ridingsana, Eucosma rigena, Eucosma rigidana, Eucosma rindgei, Eucosma robinsonana, Eucosma rosaocellana, Eucosma roseni, Eucosma rubescana, Eucosma rubescena, Eucosma rufescens, Eucosma russeola, Eucosma rusticana, Eucosma saburrana, Eucosma salaciana, Eucosma saliciana, Eucosma salticola, Eucosma samoana, Eucosma sandiego, Eucosma sandonia, Eucosma sandycitis, Eucosma sardoensis, Eucosma satellitana, Eucosma saussureana, Eucosma scenica, Eucosma scopoliana, Eucosma scopulosana, Eucosma scorzonerana, Eucosma scutiformis, Eucosma selenana, Eucosma semicurva, Eucosma semirufana, Eucosma sepulchrana, Eucosma serapicana, Eucosma serpentana, Eucosma shastana, Eucosma siccescens, Eucosma sierrae, Eucosma similiana, Eucosma simplex, Eucosma sinensis, Eucosma siskiyouana, Eucosma smithiana, Eucosma snyderana, Eucosma sollenis, Eucosma somalica, Eucosma sombreana, Eucosma sonomana, Eucosma sororiana, Eucosma sosana, Eucosma spaldingana, Eucosma sparactis, Eucosma sparsana, Eucosma speculatrix, Eucosma sperryana, Eucosma sphalerodes, Eucosma spicea, Eucosma spiculifera, Eucosma strenuana, Eucosma striatiradix, Eucosma striatulana, Eucosma striphromita, Eucosma suadana, Eucosma subcorticana, Eucosma subdecora, Eucosma subflavana, Eucosma subinvicta, Eucosma sublucidana, Eucosma submicans, Eucosma suomiana, Eucosma superciliosa, Eucosma sybillana, Eucosma symbola, Eucosma symbolaspis, Eucosma symploca, Eucosma tandana, Eucosma tantillana, Eucosma taophanes, Eucosma taosana, Eucosma tapina, Eucosma teliferana, Eucosma temenitis, Eucosma tenax, Eucosma tenebrana, Eucosma tetraplana, Eucosma thalameuta, Eucosma thematica, Eucosma tholera, Eucosma tholeropis, Eucosma tocullionana, Eucosma tonitrualis, Eucosma tornocosma, Eucosma tornocycla, Eucosma torrens, Eucosma totana, Eucosma transfixa, Eucosma translucens, Eucosma transmutata, Eucosma tremula, Eucosma trepida, Eucosma triangulana, Eucosma tridentata, Eucosma trilithopa, Eucosma trimarginata, Eucosma tripoliana, Eucosma tumulata, Eucosma tundrana, Eucosma ukrainica, Eucosma umbratana, Eucosma urbana, Eucosma urnigera, Eucosma ursulana, Eucosma ustulatana, Eucosma vagana, Eucosma vancouverana, Eucosma variana, Eucosma verecundana, Eucosma verna, Eucosma veternana, Eucosma victoriana, Eucosma vittata, Eucosma vulpecularis, Eucosma walsinghami, Eucosma wandana, Eucosma watertonana, Eucosma williamsi, Eucosma wimmerana, Eucosma xenarcha, Eucosma xerophloea, Eucosma yasudai, Eucosma zelota

Griselda Heinrich, 1923 [genus]

Griselda radicana

Jerapowellia Miller, 1995 [genus]

Jerapowellia burnsorum

Pelochrista (Lederer, 1859) [genus]

Pelochrista agrestana, Pelochrista alexinschiana, Pelochrista apheliana, Pelochrista arabescana, Pelochrista argenteana, Pelochrista aristidana, Pelochrista aureliana, Pelochrista beleuseana, Pelochrista bleuseana, Pelochrista buddhana, Pelochrista caecimaculana, Pelochrista caementana, Pelochrista cannatana, Pelochrista chanana, Pelochrista collilonga, Pelochrista commodestana, Pelochrista confidana, Pelochrista congeminata, Pelochrista corneliana, Pelochrista corosana, Pelochrista daemonicana, Pelochrista dagestana, Pelochrista danilevskyi, Pelochrista decolorana, Pelochrista dernina, Pelochrista dira, Pelochrista disquei, Pelochrista duercki, Pelochrista durcki, Pelochrista edrisiana, Pelochrista elegantana, Pelochrista emaciatana, Pelochrista eversmanni, Pelochrista expolitana, Pelochrista figurana, Pelochrista fratruelis, Pelochrista fulvostrigana, Pelochrista fuscoparsa, Pelochrista fuscosparsa, Pelochrista fusculana, Pelochrista grammana, Pelochrista griseolana, Pelochrista hepatariana, Pelochrista huebneriana, Pelochrista idahoana, Pelochrista idotatana, Pelochrista infidana, Pelochrista inignana, Pelochrista invisitana, Pelochrista jodocana, Pelochrista kuznetzovi, Pelochrista labyrinthicana, Pelochrista latericiana, Pelochrista latipalpana, Pelochrista lineolana, Pelochrista maculiferana, Pelochrista mancipiana, Pelochrista marmaroxantha, Pelochrista medullana, Pelochrista metariana, Pelochrista metria, Pelochrista modicana, Pelochrista mollitana, Pelochrista notocelioides, Pelochrista obscura, Pelochrista obstinatana, Pelochrista occipitana, Pelochrista ornamentana, Pelochrista ornata, Pelochrista pallidipalpana, Pelochrista palousana, Pelochrista palpana, Pelochrista passerana, Pelochrista pfisteri, Pelochrista pinxana, Pelochrista pollinaria, Pelochrista popana, Pelochrista powelli, Pelochrista praefractana, Pelochrista ravana, Pelochrista reversana, Pelochrista rorana, Pelochrista rorara, Pelochrista ruschana, Pelochrista scintillana, Pelochrista sordicomana, Pelochrista subterminana, Pelochrista subtiliana, Pelochrista succineana, Pelochrista tahoensis, Pelochrista tholera, Pelochrista tibetana, Pelochrista tolerans, Pelochrista tornimaculana, Pelochrista trisignana, Pelochrista turiana, Pelochrista umbraculana, Pelochrista vandana, Pelochrista womonana, Pelochrista zomonana

Phaneta (Stephens, 1852) [genus]

Phaneta alatana, Phaneta albertana, Phaneta altana, Phaneta alterana, Phaneta ambodaidaleia, Phaneta amphorana, Phaneta annetteana, Phaneta apacheana, Phaneta argenticostana, Phaneta argutipunctana, Phaneta artemisiana, Phaneta autumnana, Phaneta awemeana, Phaneta benjamini, Phaneta bimaculata, Phaneta bucephaloides, Phaneta camdenana, Phaneta castrensis, Phaneta cinereolineana, Phaneta citricolorana, Phaneta clarkei, Phaneta clavana, Phaneta columbiana, Phaneta complicana, Phaneta convergana, Phaneta corculana, Phaneta crassana, Phaneta crispana, Phaneta cruentana, Phaneta decempunctana, Phaneta delphinoides, Phaneta delphinus, Phaneta dorsiatomana, Phaneta elongana, Phaneta essexana, Phaneta fasciculatana, Phaneta ferruginana, Phaneta fertoriana, Phaneta festivana, Phaneta formosana, Phaneta grannulatana, Phaneta granulatana, Phaneta grindeleana, Phaneta grindeliana, Phaneta griseocapitana, Phaneta imbridana, Phaneta implicata, Phaneta indagatricana, Phaneta indeterminana, Phaneta infimbriana, Phaneta influana, Phaneta insignata, Phaneta kiscana, Phaneta kokana, Phaneta lapidana, Phaneta latens, Phaneta linitipunctana, Phaneta marmontana, Phaneta mayelisana, Phaneta migratana, Phaneta minimana, Phaneta misturana, Phaneta modernana, Phaneta modicellana, Phaneta montanana, Phaneta mormonensis, Phaneta musetta, Phaneta nepotinana, Phaneta ochrocephala, Phaneta ochroterminana, Phaneta octopunctana, Phaneta offectalis, Phaneta olivaceana, Phaneta oregonensis, Phaneta ornatula, Phaneta pallidarcis, Phaneta pallidicostana, Phaneta parmatana, Phaneta parvana, Phaneta pastigiata, Phaneta pauperana, Phaneta perangustana, Phaneta perfuscana, Phaneta radiatana, Phaneta raracana, Phaneta refusana, Phaneta roseoterminana, Phaneta rupestrana, Phaneta salmicolorana, Phaneta scalana, Phaneta scotiana, Phaneta segregata, Phaneta setonana, Phaneta sgregata, Phaneta sinestrigana, Phaneta southamptonensis, Phaneta spectana, Phaneta spiculana, Phaneta stramineana, Phaneta striatana, Phaneta sublapidana, Phaneta subminimana, Phaneta tarandana, Phaneta tenuiana, Phaneta tomonana, Phaneta transversa, Phaneta umbrastriana, Phaneta umbraticana, Phaneta verecundana, Phaneta verna, Phaneta vernalana, Phaneta verniochreana, Phaneta youngi

Spilonota (Stephens, 1829) [genus]

Spilonota albicana, Spilonota allodapa, Spilonota ammostigma, Spilonota aphrocymba, Spilonota argyrotypa, Spilonota atmophanes, Spilonota babylonica, Spilonota baeodes, Spilonota brachytycha, Spilonota chalcitis, Spilonota chaophila, Spilonota charopa, Spilonota chlorotripta, Spilonota clastomochla, Spilonota conica, Spilonota cryptogramma, Spilonota diplostigma, Spilonota distyliana, Spilonota dolopaea, Spilonota dyselia, Spilonota ebenostigma, Spilonota emplasta, Spilonota eremitana, Spilonota euploca, Spilonota eurytycha, Spilonota euthytoma, Spilonota fenestrata, Spilonota fluidana, Spilonota hexametra, Spilonota honesta, Spilonota hypomolybda, Spilonota incretata, Spilonota indentata, Spilonota infensa, Spilonota laricana, Spilonota lechriaspis, Spilonota leucopyga, Spilonota limnephilana, Spilonota liphaema, Spilonota lobata, Spilonota lucifera, Spilonota macropetana, Spilonota mediocunea, Spilonota melanacta, Spilonota melanocopa, Spilonota melanotreta, Spilonota mesosticha, Spilonota metabola, Spilonota morosa, Spilonota mortuana, Spilonota niphosticha, Spilonota notosphena, Spilonota obeliscana, Spilonota ocellana, Spilonota ochrea, Spilonota ochronephes, Spilonota parthenia, Spilonota pellopis, Spilonota pericyphana, Spilonota phaeochyta, Spilonota plinthinana, Spilonota poliophylla, Spilonota prognathana, Spilonota prolongata, Spilonota pyrochlora, Spilonota selene, Spilonota semicanella, Spilonota semirufana, Spilonota sicariana, Spilonota sinuosa, Spilonota sollicitana, Spilonota spanistis, Spilonota sphenophora, Spilonota stenophylla, Spilonota subpallida, Spilonota tarachodes, Spilonota tornosema, Spilonota tranquilla, Spilonota vitiosa, Spilonota zopherana, Spilonota zophotypa

Thiodiodes (Obraztsov, 1964) [genus]

Thiodiodes seeboldi

Eucosmini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Eucosmini sp. (large size).

Eucosmini sp. Eucosmini sp.


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