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Tribe Ramapesiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Tortricinae → tribe Ramapesiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (6 illustrated). Species.

Abrepagoge (Razowski, 1992) [genus]

Abrepagoge treitschkeana

Aneuxanthis (Le Marchand, 1933) [genus]

Aneuxanthis locupletana

Capua (Stephens, 1834) [genus]

Capua acrita, Capua acritodes, Capua adynata, Capua aeluropa, Capua alopecana, Capua ammochroa, Capua arctophaea, Capua argentinotata, Capua aridela, Capua arrecta, Capua arrosta, Capua arrythmodes, Capua asemantica, Capua atristrigana, Capua aurantiaca, Capua belophora, Capua cassia, Capua castanitis, Capua catharia, Capua catoxia, Capua ceramica, Capua changi, Capua chloraspis, Capua chrysostoma, Capua cirrhanthes, Capua cirrhoptera, Capua clarana, Capua cnaphalodes, Capua coenotoca, Capua confragosa, Capua cornigera, Capua cosmopis, Capua crypserythra, Capua dasycerca, Capua debiliana, Capua decolorana, Capua deuterastis, Capua diemeniana, Capua disputana, Capua dryina, Capua dura, Capua dyslecta, Capua effulgens, Capua endocypha, Capua ephedra, Capua epiloma, Capua erythrosema, Capua eucamata, Capua eucycla, Capua eugrapta, Capua euphona, Capua euryochra, Capua euryphaea, Capua euthemon, Capua euzona, Capua fabrilis, Capua flavocincta, Capua flavopicta, Capua fuscicepsana, Capua glycypolia, Capua gongylia, Capua gyrobathra, Capua hedyma, Capua hemicosmana, Capua hyperetana, Capua incorrupta, Capua infaustana, Capua intractana, Capua ischnomorpha, Capua lentiginosana, Capua leptophracta, Capua leptospila, Capua leucobela, Capua leucospila, Capua leucostacta, Capua liparochra, Capua lissochrysa, Capua malacotorna, Capua melanatma, Capua melanophragma, Capua mersana, Capua metacentra, Capua microphaea, Capua montanana, Capua montivagana, Capua morosa, Capua multistriata, Capua myopolia, Capua naias, Capua nimbosa, Capua notograpta, Capua notopasta, Capua nummulata, Capua ochrobaphes, Capua oheoheana, Capua ophthalmias, Capua oxycelis, Capua oxydesma, Capua oxygona, Capua oxygrammana, Capua pancapna, Capua pantherina, Capua paraloxa, Capua parastactis, Capua pentazona, Capua pernitida, Capua petrophora, Capua phaeosema, Capua phellodes, Capua phryctora, Capua placodes, Capua placoxantha, Capua plathanana, Capua plinthoglypta, Capua polias, Capua poliobaphes, Capua polydesma, Capua promiscua, Capua psammocyma, Capua pseudarcha, Capua pterotropiana, Capua ptilocrossa, Capua pylora, Capua reclina, Capua repentina, Capua reynoldsiana, Capua rhynchota, Capua ruficapilla, Capua santalata, Capua scaphosema, Capua semiferana, Capua siderantha, Capua solana, Capua spilonoma, Capua symphonica, Capua tapinopis, Capua tarachota, Capua tetraplasandra, Capua tetraplasia, Capua thaleropis, Capua thelmae, Capua thermaterrima, Capua thiodyta, Capua tolmera, Capua triadelpha, Capua tylonota, Capua vacuana, Capua variegata, Capua vulgana, Capua vulpina, Capua xanthogona, Capua xylophaea, Capua zapyrrha, Capua zygiana

Periclepsis (Bradley, 1977) [genus]

Periclepsis cinctana

Terricula Falkovitsh, 1965 [genus]

Terricula violetana


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