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Tribe Tortricini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Tortricinae → tribe Tortricini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (2 illustrated). Species.

Acleris (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Acleris, Croesia,
Acleris abietana, Acleris acmanthes, Acleris aenigmana, Acleris aestuosa, Acleris albicomana, Acleris albidorsana, Acleris albipuncta, Acleris arcticana, Acleris arcuata, Acleris aspersana, Acleris atayalicana, Acleris atomophora, Acleris auricaput, Acleris aurolimbana, Acleris avicularia, Acleris azumina, Acleris bacurana, Acleris bengalica, Acleris bergmanniana, Acleris bicolor, Acleris blanda, Acleris boscanoides, Acleris bowmanana, Acleris braunana, Acleris britannia, Acleris bununa, Acleris busckana, Acleris caledoniana, Acleris caliginosana, Acleris capizziana, Acleris caryosphena, Acleris celiana, Acleris cervicana, Acleris cervinana, Acleris chalybeana, Acleris chionocentra, Acleris chloroma, Acleris clarkei, Acleris comandrana, Acleris comariana, Acleris compsoptila, Acleris coniferarum, Acleris coniferatum, Acleris cornana, Acleris cotini, Acleris crassa, Acleris cristana, Acleris crocoptycha, Acleris curvalana, Acleris decolorata, Acleris dedita, Acleris delicata, Acleris dentata, Acleris denticulosa, Acleris dispar, Acleris dryochyta, Acleris dumigera, Acleris duracina, Acleris effractana, Acleris elaearcha, Acleris emargana, Acleris emera, Acleris excerptana, Acleris extensana, Acleris extranea, Acleris ferrugana, Acleris ferruginiguttana, Acleris filipjevi, Acleris fimbriana, Acleris fistularis, Acleris flavivittana, Acleris flavivittans, Acleris foliana, Acleris forbesana, Acleris formosae, Acleris formosana, Acleris forsskaleana, Acleris fragariana, Acleris fuscopunctata, Acleris gatesclarkei, Acleris glaucomis, Acleris gloverana, Acleris gloveranus, Acleris gossypiella, Acleris hapalactis, Acleris hastiana, Acleris hectaea, Acleris helvolaris, Acleris hippophaeana, Acleris hohuanshana, Acleris hokkaidana, Acleris holmiana, Acleris hormiophora, Acleris hudsoniana, Acleris hyemana, Acleris imitatrix, Acleris implexana, Acleris inana, Acleris incognita, Acleris janthana, Acleris japonica, Acleris kearfottana, Acleris keiferi, Acleris kinangopana, Acleris klotsi, Acleris kochiella, Acleris kodamai, Acleris lacordairana, Acleris laterana, Acleris leucophracta, Acleris lipsiana, Acleris literana, Acleris lithoptila, Acleris logiana, Acleris lorquiniana, Acleris loxoscia, Acleris lucipara, Acleris lucipeta, Acleris luoyingensis, Acleris lutescentis, Acleris maccana, Acleris macdunnoughi, Acleris maculidorsana, Acleris maculipunctana, Acleris malagassana, Acleris matthewsi, Acleris maximana, Acleris medea, Acleris melanophyta, Acleris metallastra, Acleris minuta, Acleris monagma, Acleris nakajimai, Acleris napaea, Acleris nectaritis, Acleris negundana, Acleris nigrilineana, Acleris nigrolinea, Acleris nivisellana, Acleris notana, Acleris obligatoria, Acleris obtusana, Acleris okanagana, Acleris ophthalmicana, Acleris orphnocycla, Acleris orphonycla, Acleris osthelderi, Acleris oxycoccana, Acleris pallidorbis, Acleris paracinderella, Acleris permutana, Acleris phanerocrypta, Acleris phantastica, Acleris placata, Acleris placida, Acleris platynotata, Acleris pompica, Acleris porphyrocentra, Acleris praeterita, Acleris ptychogrammos, Acleris pulcherrima, Acleris quadridentata, Acleris quercinana, Acleris quinquefasciana, Acleris rantaizana, Acleris razowskii, Acleris recula, Acleris retrusa, Acleris rhombana, Acleris robinsoniana, Acleris roscidana, Acleris rosella, Acleris rubivorella, Acleris rufana, Acleris sagmatias, Acleris santacrucis, Acleris scabrana, Acleris schalleriana, Acleris semiannula, Acleris semipurpurana, Acleris semitexta, Acleris senescens, Acleris septifera, Acleris shepherdana, Acleris simpliciana, Acleris sinica, Acleris sinuosaria, Acleris sordidata, Acleris sparsana, Acleris stachi, Acleris subnivana, Acleris tabida, Acleris taiwana, Acleris takeuchii, Acleris thammiana, Acleris thiana, Acleris thomasi, Acleris thylacitis, Acleris tremewani, Acleris tsuifengana, Acleris tunicatana, Acleris umbrana, Acleris undulana, Acleris variana, Acleris variegana, Acleris venatana, Acleris yasudai, Acleris yasutoshii, Acleris youngana, Acleris zeta, Acleris zimmermani

Aleimma (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Aleimma loeflingiana

Amboyna Razowski, 1964 [genus]

Amboyna diapella, Amboyna furcifera

Anameristes Common, 1965 [genus]

Anameristes cyclopleura

Exeristeboda Razowski, 1990 [genus]

Exeristeboda exeristis

Pseudocroesia Razowski, 1966 [genus]

Pseudocroesia coronaria

Tortrix (Linnaeus, 1758) [genus]

Tortrix acrothecta, Tortrix adoxodes, Tortrix aduncana, Tortrix adustana, Tortrix africana, Tortrix agroeca, Tortrix agrypna, Tortrix albescens, Tortrix alpinana, Tortrix alysidina, Tortrix amoenana, Tortrix anotera, Tortrix antichroa, Tortrix antilecta, Tortrix apatela, Tortrix aphrotis, Tortrix apochranta, Tortrix argentana, Tortrix asaphes, Tortrix ashworthana, Tortrix astathmeta, Tortrix atacta, Tortrix atima, Tortrix auriga, Tortrix benitonensis, Tortrix biangulana, Tortrix bifasciana, Tortrix biformis, Tortrix biocellata, Tortrix brachyptycta, Tortrix brunneana, Tortrix caelatana, Tortrix caementosa, Tortrix campoliliana, Tortrix campylosema, Tortrix campylosticha, Tortrix cana, Tortrix capensana, Tortrix capitana, Tortrix capnosticha, Tortrix catadryas, Tortrix cataractis, Tortrix cetrata, Tortrix chalicodes, Tortrix chlorodoxa, Tortrix chrysodetis, Tortrix cinerana, Tortrix cingulana, Tortrix coctilis, Tortrix concinnula, Tortrix conclusana, Tortrix concolorana, Tortrix concordana, Tortrix corroborata, Tortrix cosmoscelis, Tortrix crameriana, Tortrix crispata, Tortrix crypsilopha, Tortrix curvana, Tortrix demarriana, Tortrix demiana, Tortrix desmotana, Tortrix destructus, Tortrix devexa, Tortrix diametrica, Tortrix diluticiliana, Tortrix dinota, Tortrix dipsacana, Tortrix discana, Tortrix dorsiplagana, Tortrix druana, Tortrix dryocausta, Tortrix dyschroa, Tortrix edwardsi, Tortrix endela, Tortrix endopyrrha, Tortrix enochlodes, Tortrix entherma, Tortrix esperiana, Tortrix eucela, Tortrix eurymenes, Tortrix eveleena, Tortrix exedra, Tortrix exiguana, Tortrix felina, Tortrix ferrea, Tortrix fervida, Tortrix fimbripedana, Tortrix flammeana, Tortrix flavescens, Tortrix funerana, Tortrix furtiva, Tortrix gladbaghiana, Tortrix guatemalica, Tortrix haplodes, Tortrix haplophanes, Tortrix haplopolia, Tortrix hilarantha, Tortrix hilasma, Tortrix hirsutipalpis, Tortrix holthusiana, Tortrix homophyla, Tortrix hydractis, Tortrix hyperptycha, Tortrix hypocrita, Tortrix illucida, Tortrix incompta, Tortrix indigestana, Tortrix indomita, Tortrix intensa, Tortrix interruptana, Tortrix inusitata, Tortrix irenica, Tortrix isochroa, Tortrix knochiana, Tortrix laganodes, Tortrix leucaniana, Tortrix leucocharis, Tortrix lignea, Tortrix liquefacta, Tortrix liquidana, Tortrix lithoxylana, Tortrix liturana, Tortrix lucana, Tortrix lysimachiana, Tortrix lythrodana, Tortrix margana, Tortrix marriana, Tortrix martyranthes, Tortrix mediana, Tortrix mensaria, Tortrix meridionana, Tortrix metalleta, Tortrix metapyrrha, Tortrix minima, Tortrix mitrota, Tortrix molesta, Tortrix molybditis, Tortrix mumetes, Tortrix myroxesta, Tortrix nephrodes, Tortrix nigrana, Tortrix obliquana, Tortrix ochnotoma, Tortrix ocyptera, Tortrix olgana, Tortrix onustana, Tortrix ophiodesma, Tortrix oressinoma, Tortrix oriarcha, Tortrix oriotes, Tortrix oriphanes, Tortrix orycta, Tortrix palpana, Tortrix paralia, Tortrix parana, Tortrix pauperana, Tortrix paurozona, Tortrix pelospila, Tortrix perdicoptera, Tortrix perkinsana, Tortrix petrophracta, Tortrix phaeoneura, Tortrix phaeoscia, Tortrix pharetrata, Tortrix phoenicoplaca, Tortrix physetopa, Tortrix pictana, Tortrix piperata, Tortrix plagiomochla, Tortrix platystega, Tortrix pleuroptila, Tortrix poliochra, Tortrix polymicta, Tortrix polyphrica, Tortrix polytechna, Tortrix praeclinata, Tortrix prionistis, Tortrix procapna, Tortrix psarodes, Tortrix ptilocnemis, Tortrix pulicana, Tortrix pulla, Tortrix pullana, Tortrix pyrosemana, Tortrix reciprocana, Tortrix regilla, Tortrix rhodochropa, Tortrix rubricana, Tortrix saclava, Tortrix sapineana, Tortrix saussuriana, Tortrix scaeodoxa, Tortrix scharfensteiniana, Tortrix schematica, Tortrix sciota, Tortrix scitana, Tortrix semifulva, Tortrix serrata, Tortrix sesquitertiana, Tortrix sexpunctana, Tortrix sinapina, Tortrix smicrotes, Tortrix socotranus, Tortrix sphenias, Tortrix spilographa, Tortrix spinulosa, Tortrix sporadias, Tortrix standishana, Tortrix stenophora, Tortrix stigmatias, Tortrix subfurcatana, Tortrix sulphurana, Tortrix symplecta, Tortrix synastra, Tortrix tasmaniana, Tortrix technica, Tortrix technitis, Tortrix telephanta, Tortrix tephrodes, Tortrix tessulatana, Tortrix thunberghiana, Tortrix tiliana, Tortrix torogramma, Tortrix transversana, Tortrix trochilana, Tortrix umbratilis, Tortrix velitans, Tortrix venezuelana, Tortrix verbascana, Tortrix verrucana, Tortrix viridana, Tortrix vitelliana, Tortrix vitiana, Tortrix vulpinana, Tortrix walchiana, Tortrix xestochalca, Tortrix zestodes

Tortricini photos with superspecies identification

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Tortricini sp. Tortricini sp. Tortricini sp.


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