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Subtribe Nudariina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Erebidae subfamily Arctiinae tribe Lithosiini → subtribe Nudariina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (3 illustrated). Species.

Miltochrista (Hubner, 1819) [genus]

Miltochrista aberrans, Miltochrista apuncta, Miltochrista atuntseensis, Miltochrista bivittata, Miltochrista calamina, Miltochrista cardinalis, Miltochrista chi, Miltochrista citrona, Miltochrista coccinea, Miltochrista coccineotermen, Miltochrista connexa, Miltochrista convexa, Miltochrista cornicornutata, Miltochrista cruenia, Miltochrista cuneonotatas, Miltochrista curtisi, Miltochrista danieli, Miltochrista decussata, Miltochrista defecta, Miltochrista delicata, Miltochrista delicia, Miltochrista delineata, Miltochrista dentata, Miltochrista dentifascia, Miltochrista dentifasciata, Miltochrista detracta, Miltochrista duopunctata, Miltochrista eccentropis, Miltochrista effasciata, Miltochrista elongata, Miltochrista epixantha, Miltochrista erythropoda, Miltochrista excelsa, Miltochrista fasciata, Miltochrista flammealis, Miltochrista flavoplagiata, Miltochrista flexuosa, Miltochrista formosana, Miltochrista fukiensis, Miltochrista fuscozonata, Miltochrista germana, Miltochrista gilva, Miltochrista gratiosa, Miltochrista gratissima, Miltochrista hemimelaena, Miltochrista hololeuca, Miltochrista inaequidens, Miltochrista indica, Miltochrista inflexa, Miltochrista inscripta, Miltochrista intensa, Miltochrista karenkensis, Miltochrista karenkonis, Miltochrista koshunica, Miltochrista kuatunensis, Miltochrista limbata, Miltochrista linga, Miltochrista longaria, Miltochrista lutescens, Miltochrista lutivittata, Miltochrista maculifasciata, Miltochrista magna, Miltochrista mesortha, Miltochrista miniata, Miltochrista moctans, Miltochrista multidentata, Miltochrista multistriata, Miltochrista nigralba, Miltochrista obscura, Miltochrista ocellata, Miltochrista okinawana, Miltochrista orientalis, Miltochrista pallida, Miltochrista parameia, Miltochrista phaeodonta, Miltochrista phaeoxantha, Miltochrista phaeoxanthia, Miltochrista pica, Miltochrista pilcheri, Miltochrista plumbilineata, Miltochrista postnigra, Miltochrista proleuca, Miltochrista prominens, Miltochrista pulchra, Miltochrista punicea, Miltochrista quadrifasciata, Miltochrista radians, Miltochrista rhipiptera, Miltochrista rivulosa, Miltochrista rosacea, Miltochrista rosalia, Miltochrista rosaria, Miltochrista rothschildi, Miltochrista rubrata, Miltochrista sanguinea, Miltochrista satakia, Miltochrista sauteri, Miltochrista separans, Miltochrista spilosomoides, Miltochrista striata, Miltochrista strigivenata, Miltochrista syntypica, Miltochrista takamukui, Miltochrista terminifusca, Miltochrista tibeta, Miltochrista tsinglingensis, Miltochrista variata, Miltochrista vepallida, Miltochrista vetusta, Miltochrista zebrina, Miltochrista ziczac

Nudariina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Nudariina sp. (large size).

Nudariina sp.


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