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Subtribe Sesamiina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Apameini → subtribe Sesamiina Fibiger & Goldstein, 2005

Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (1 illustrated). Species.

Acrapex (Hampson, 1894) [genus]

Acrapex abbayei, Acrapex acuminata, Acrapex aenigma, Acrapex albicostata, Acrapex albivena, Acrapex apexangula, Acrapex apicestriata, Acrapex atriceps, Acrapex ausseili, Acrapex azumai, Acrapex biroseata, Acrapex boulardi, Acrapex breviptera, Acrapex brunnea, Acrapex brunneolimbata, Acrapex bryae, Acrapex carnea, Acrapex concolorana, Acrapex congitae, Acrapex cuprescens, Acrapex curvata, Acrapex dallolmoi, Acrapex exanimis, Acrapex exsanguis, Acrapex fayei, Acrapex ferenigra, Acrapex festiva, Acrapex fletcheri, Acrapex franeyae, Acrapex fuscifasciata, Acrapex genrei, Acrapex gibbosa, Acrapex girardi, Acrapex guiffrayorum, Acrapex hamulifera, Acrapex hemiphlebia, Acrapex holoscota, Acrapex ignota, Acrapex leucophlebia, Acrapex malagasy, Acrapex mastawatae, Acrapex matilei, Acrapex melianoides, Acrapex metaphaea, Acrapex minima, Acrapex mischus, Acrapex mutans, Acrapex mystica, Acrapex obsoleta, Acrapex ottusa, Acrapex pacifica, Acrapex parvaclara, Acrapex peracuta, Acrapex permystica, Acrapex pertusa, Acrapex prisca, Acrapex punctosa, Acrapex quadrata, Acrapex relicta, Acrapex rhabdoneura, Acrapex roseola, Acrapex roseonigra, Acrapex roseotincta, Acrapex satanas, Acrapex seydeli, Acrapex simbaensis, Acrapex similimystica, Acrapex simplex, Acrapex sinensis, Acrapex sogai, Acrapex sparsipuncta, Acrapex spoliata, Acrapex stictisema, Acrapex stygiata, Acrapex subalbissima, Acrapex syscia, Acrapex sysciodes, Acrapex syscoides, Acrapex taurica, Acrapex totalba, Acrapex tristigata, Acrapex tristrigata, Acrapex uncina, Acrapex uncinoides, Acrapex undulata, Acrapex unicolora

Carelis Bowden, 1956 [genus]

Carelis albula, Carelis ochrivirga

Poecopa Bowden, 1956 [genus]

Poecopa mediopuncta

Tridentifrons Warren, 1912 [genus]

Tridentifrons insularis


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