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Subtribe Athetiina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Caradrinini → subtribe Athetiina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 3 (3 illustrated). Species.

Athetis (Hubner, 1821) [genus]

Athetis, Hydrillula, Proxenus,
Athetis absorbens, Athetis acutipennis, Athetis aeschria, Athetis aeschrioides, Athetis alacra, Athetis albanalis, Athetis albilineola, Athetis albipuncta, Athetis albirena, Athetis albispinosa, Athetis albivena, Athetis albosignata, Athetis alternata, Athetis andriai, Athetis anomoeosis, Athetis asinina, Athetis atriluna, Athetis atripuncta, Athetis atrispherica, Athetis atristicta, Athetis aurobrunnea, Athetis autobrunnea, Athetis beliastis, Athetis bicolor, Athetis bicornis, Athetis bilimbata, Athetis bisignata, Athetis bispurca, Athetis biumbrosa, Athetis bremusa, Athetis brunneaplagata, Athetis caeca, Athetis calypta, Athetis camptogramma, Athetis carayoni, Athetis castaneipars, Athetis chionephra, Athetis chionopis, Athetis cineracea, Athetis collaris, Athetis condei, Athetis conformis, Athetis contorta, Athetis coreana, Athetis corrupta, Athetis corticea, Athetis costiplaga, Athetis cryptisirias, Athetis dallolmoi, Athetis delecta, Athetis denisi, Athetis despecta, Athetis didy, Athetis differenciata, Athetis discopuncta, Athetis divisa, Athetis duplex, Athetis elephantula, Athetis erigida, Athetis excurvata, Athetis expolita, Athetis farinacea, Athetis flacourti, Athetis flavata, Athetis flavipuncta, Athetis fontainei, Athetis foveata, Athetis fragosa, Athetis fumicolor, Athetis funesta, Athetis gaedei, Athetis gemini, Athetis glauca, Athetis glaucoides, Athetis glaucopis, Athetis gonionephra, Athetis grandidieri, Athetis graphicomas, Athetis griveaudi, Athetis grjebinei, Athetis gulnare, Athetis heliastis, Athetis hennia, Athetis heringi, Athetis horus, Athetis humberti, Athetis hyperaeschra, Athetis ignava, Athetis immixta, Athetis improbabilis, Athetis improbalis, Athetis inconspicua, Athetis inquirenda, Athetis insignifica, Athetis interlata, Athetis interstincta, Athetis jeanneli, Athetis laverna, Athetis leuconephra, Athetis leucopis, Athetis longiciliata, Athetis longidigitus, Athetis lugens, Athetis maculatra, Athetis magniplagia, Athetis malacha, Athetis melanephra, Athetis melanerges, Athetis melanomma, Athetis melanopis, Athetis melanosema, Athetis melanosticta, Athetis metis, Athetis micra, Athetis microtera, Athetis milloti, Athetis morbidensis, Athetis mozambica, Athetis multilinea, Athetis mus, Athetis nephrosticta, Athetis nigra, Athetis nigrifons, Athetis nigrilla, Athetis nitens, Athetis obscura, Athetis obscuroides, Athetis obtusa, Athetis ocellata, Athetis ochracea, Athetis ochreipuncta, Athetis ochreosignata, Athetis oculatissima, Athetis pallescens, Athetis pallicornis, Athetis pallidula, Athetis pectinatissima, Athetis pectinifer, Athetis pellicea, Athetis pentheus, Athetis percnopis, Athetis perenopis, Athetis perineti, Athetis perochracea, Athetis perparva, Athetis perplexa, Athetis pigra, Athetis pilosissima, Athetis placida, Athetis plumbescens, Athetis poliophaea, Athetis poliostrota, Athetis postdentata, Athetis postpuncta, Athetis praetexta, Athetis prochaskai, Athetis pulvisculum, Athetis radama, Athetis renalis, Athetis reniflava, Athetis restricta, Athetis rionegrensis, Athetis roastis, Athetis robertsi, Athetis rufipuncta, Athetis rufistigma, Athetis satellitia, Athetis scopsis, Athetis scotopis, Athetis seyrigi, Athetis sicaria, Athetis siccata, Athetis signata, Athetis sincera, Athetis singula, Athetis sinistra, Athetis sinitra, Athetis smintha, Athetis sobria, Athetis spaelotidia, Athetis subpartita, Athetis tarda, Athetis tenebrata, Athetis tenuis, Athetis terminata, Athetis tetraglypha, Athetis tornipuncta, Athetis transvalensis, Athetis transversa, Athetis transversistriata, Athetis triangulata, Athetis tristicta, Athetis trixysta, Athetis unduloma, Athetis v-parum, Athetis variana, Athetis vparvum, Athetis xantholopha, Athetis xanthopis, Athetis zelopha, Athetis zombitsy

Proxenus Herrich-Schäffer 1850 [genus]

Proxenus miranda


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