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Family Batrachedridae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea → family Batrachedridae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Batrachedra (Herrich-Schaffer, 1853) [genus]

Batrachedra acrodeta, Batrachedra agaura, Batrachedra albanica, Batrachedra albicapitella, Batrachedra albistrigella, Batrachedra amydraula, Batrachedra angusta, Batrachedra aphypnota, Batrachedra arenosella, Batrachedra astathma, Batrachedra astricta, Batrachedra atomosella, Batrachedra atriloqua, Batrachedra auricomella, Batrachedra bedelliella, Batrachedra busiris, Batrachedra calator, Batrachedra capnospila, Batrachedra chasanella, Batrachedra comosae, Batrachedra concitata, Batrachedra conspersa, Batrachedra copia, Batrachedra crypsineura, Batrachedra cuniculata, Batrachedra curvilineella, Batrachedra daduchus, Batrachedra decoctor, Batrachedra diplosema, Batrachedra ditrota, Batrachedra dolichoscia, Batrachedra elucus, Batrachedra ephelus, Batrachedra epimyxa, Batrachedra epixantha, Batrachedra epombra, Batrachedra eremochtha, Batrachedra eucola, Batrachedra eurema, Batrachedra eustola, Batrachedra filicicola, Batrachedra folia, Batrachedra garritor, Batrachedra granosa, Batrachedra hageter, Batrachedra halans, Batrachedra helarcha, Batrachedra heliota, Batrachedra holochlora, Batrachedra hologramma, Batrachedra hypachroa, Batrachedra hypoleuca, Batrachedra hypoxutha, Batrachedra illusor, Batrachedra isochtha, Batrachedra kabulella, Batrachedra knabi, Batrachedra leucophyta, Batrachedra libator, Batrachedra linaria, Batrachedra liopis, Batrachedra litterata, Batrachedra lomentella, Batrachedra lygropis, Batrachedra macroloncha, Batrachedra mathesoni, Batrachedra meator, Batrachedra megalodoxa, Batrachedra metaxias, Batrachedra microbias, Batrachedra microdryas, Batrachedra microstigma, Batrachedra microtoma, Batrachedra mictopsamma, Batrachedra monophthalma, Batrachedra mylephata, Batrachedra myrmecophila, Batrachedra notocapna, Batrachedra nuciferae, Batrachedra ochricomella, Batrachedra oemias, Batrachedra orinarcha, Batrachedra pacabilis, Batrachedra pachybela, Batrachedra paritor, Batrachedra parvulipunctella, Batrachedra pastor, Batrachedra peltias, Batrachedra phaneropa, Batrachedra phorcydia, Batrachedra pinicolella, Batrachedra plagiocentra, Batrachedra praeangusta, Batrachedra promylaea, Batrachedra psithyra, Batrachedra repertor, Batrachedra rhysodes, Batrachedra rixator, Batrachedra ruficiliata, Batrachedra sacrata, Batrachedra salicipomenella, Batrachedra salina, Batrachedra satirica, Batrachedra saurota, Batrachedra scapulata, Batrachedra scitator, Batrachedra siliginea, Batrachedra silvatica, Batrachedra sophroniella, Batrachedra stegodyphobius, Batrachedra stenosema, Batrachedra sterilis, Batrachedra striolata, Batrachedra subglauca, Batrachedra substrata, Batrachedra supercincta, Batrachedra tarsimaculata, Batrachedra testor, Batrachedra theca, Batrachedra trimeris, Batrachedra tristicta, Batrachedra unifasciella, Batrachedra velox, Batrachedra verax, Batrachedra volucris, Batrachedra xanthocrena, Batrachedra zenochra


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