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Genus Epermenia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Epermenioidea family Epermeniidae subfamily Epermeniinae tribe Epermeniini → genus Epermenia (Hubner, 1825)


Daughter taxa

Epermeniola (Gaedike, 1968) [subgenus]

Epermenia thailandica

Epermenia aequidentella E. Hofmann, 1867 [species]

Epermenia albapunctella Busck 1908 [species]

Epermenia anacantha Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia bidentata Diakonoff 1955 [species]

Epermenia caledonica Gaedike 1981 [species]

Epermenia californica Gaedike 1977 [species]

Epermenia canicinctella Clemens 1863 [species]

Epermenia chaerophyllellus Goeze [species]

Epermenia cicutaella Kearfott 1903 [species]

Epermenia commonella Gaedike 1968 [species]

Epermenia conioptila Meyrick 1921 [species]

Epermenia criticodes Meyrick 1913 [species]

Epermenia dracontias Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia ellochistis Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia epirrhicna Meyrick 1938 [species]

Epermenia epispora Meyrick 1897 [species]

Epermenia ergastica Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia exilis Meyrick 1897 [species]

Epermenia imperialella Busck 1906 [species]

Epermenia infracta Braun 1926 [species]

Epermenia iniquella Wocke, 1867 [species]

Epermenia insularis Gaedike 1979 [species]

Epermenia ithycentra Meyrick 1926 [species]

Epermenia leucomantis Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia lomatii Gaedike 1977 [species]

Epermenia macescens Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia ochreomaculella Millière, 1854 [species]

E. o. asiatica

Epermenia ochrodesma Meyrick 1913 [species]

Epermenia oculigera Diakonoff 1955 [species]

Epermenia orientalis Geadike 1966 [species]

Epermenia oriplanta Bradley 1965 [species]

Epermenia ozodes Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia parasitica Meyrick 1930 [species]

Epermenia petrusella Heylaerts, 1883 [species]

Epermenia phorticopa Meyrick 1921 [species]

Epermenia pimpinella Murtfeldt 1900 [species]

Epermenia pithanopis Meyrick 1921 [species]

Epermenia praefumata Meyrick 1911 [species]

Epermenia proserga Meyrick 1913 [species]

Epermenia schurellus Herrich-Schäffer 1855 [species]

Epermenia stictella Wocke 1867 [species]

Epermenia stolidota Meyrick 1917 [species]

Epermenia strictella Wocke, 1867 [species]

Epermenia strictelloides Gaedike 1977 [species]

Epermenia symmorias Meyrick 1923 [species]

Epermenia tasmanica Gaedike 1968 [species]

Epermenia trifilata Meyrick 1932 [species]

Epermenia trileucota Meyrick 1921 [species]

Epermenia xeranta Meyrick 1917 [species]


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