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Genus Cryptophasa

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Oecophoridae → genus Cryptophasa

Daughter taxa

Cryptophasa aethoptera Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa aggesta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa aglaodes Lower 1893 [species]

Cryptophasa albacosta Lewin 1805 [species]

Cryptophasa amphicroca Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa antalba Diakonoff 1966 [species]

Cryptophasa argophanta Meyrick 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa argyrocolla Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa arithmologa Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa atecmarta Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa baliocosma Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa balteata Walker 1866 [species]

Cryptophasa blackburnii Lower 1892 [species]

Cryptophasa blosyra Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa byssinopis Turner 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa cannea Lucas 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa catharia Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa chionacra Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa chionodes Turner 1897 [species]

Cryptophasa chionosema Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa chionotarsa Meyrick 1925 [species]

C. c. brunnea

Cryptophasa chlorotis Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa citrinopa Lower 1915 [species]

Cryptophasa confundens Lower 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa crocochorda Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa crossosticta Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa curialis Meyrick 1925 [species]

C. c. clarinota, C. c. pallida

Cryptophasa delocentra Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa enchidias Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa ensigera Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa epadelpha Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa epigramma Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa epixysta Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa eugeniae Lucas 1900 [species]

Cryptophasa eumorpha Turner 1897 [species]

Cryptophasa flavolineata Walker 1864 [species]

Cryptophasa geron Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa gypsomera Lower 1903 [species]

Cryptophasa hades Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa hormocrossa Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa hyalinopa Lower 1901 [species]

Cryptophasa iorhypara Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa irrorata Lewin 1805 [species]

Cryptophasa isoneura Lower 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa lasiocosma Lower 1908 [species]

Cryptophasa legalorma Meyrick 1910 [species]

Cryptophasa leptopasta Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa leucadelpha Meyrick 1887 [species]

Cryptophasa luciflua Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa malevolens Meyrick 1928 [species]

Cryptophasa melanoscia Lower 1903 [species]

Cryptophasa melanostigma Wallengren 1861 [species]

Cryptophasa merocentra Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa mesotoma Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa molaris Lucas 1900 [species]

Cryptophasa neocrates Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa nephrosema Turner 1897 [species]

Cryptophasa nesograpta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa nigricincta Turner 1897 [species]

Cryptophasa niphadobela Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa nubila Lucas 1893 [species]

Cryptophasa nymphidias Turner 1926 [species]

Cryptophasa obscura Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa ochroleuca Lower 1892 [species]

Cryptophasa oecodoma Meyrick 1930 [species]

Cryptophasa opalina Turner 1900 [species]

Cryptophasa panleuca Lower 1901 [species]

Cryptophasa pentasticta Turner 1917 [species]

Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa phaethontia Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa phycidoides Lucas 1901 [species]

Cryptophasa platypedimela Lower 1894 [species]

Cryptophasa porphyritis Turner 1906 [species]

Cryptophasa psammochtha Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa psathyra Diakonoff 1948 [species]

Cryptophasa pseudogramma Meyrick 1930 [species]

Cryptophasa psilocrossa Turner 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa psiloderma Diakonoff 1948 [species]

Cryptophasa pultenae Lewin 1805 [species]

Cryptophasa ranunculus Diakonoff 1954 [species]

Cryptophasa rubescens Lewin 1805 [species]

Cryptophasa rubra Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa russata Butler 1877 [species]

Cryptophasa sacerdos Turner 1902 [species]

Cryptophasa sarcinota Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa sarcoxantha Meyrick 1937 [species]

Cryptophasa semnocrana Meyrick 1928 [species]

Cryptophasa sepiogramma Meyrick 1938 [species]

Cryptophasa sericodes Meyrick 1915 [species]

Cryptophasa serpta Lucas 1901 [species]

Cryptophasa setiotricha Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa spilonota Scott [species]

Cryptophasa stenoleuca Lower 1894 [species]

Cryptophasa stochastis Meyrick 1890 [species]

Cryptophasa tecta Lucas 1893 [species]

Cryptophasa unipunctana Donovan 1805 [species]

Cryptophasa vacuefacta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Cryptophasa zorodes Turner 1917 [species]


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