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Family Stathmopodidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea → family Stathmopodidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 9 (1 illustrated). Species.

Atkinsonia Stainton, 1859 [genus]

Atkinsonia swetlanae

Atrijuglans Yang, 1977 [genus]

Atrijuglans hetaohei

Stathmopoda (Herrich-Schaffer, 1853) [genus]

Stathmopoda acontias, Stathmopoda acromolybda, Stathmopoda acrostropha, Stathmopoda aegotricha, Stathmopoda aeneella, Stathmopoda albata, Stathmopoda albimaculata, Stathmopoda amathodes, Stathmopoda amphidyma, Stathmopoda amphizeuctis, Stathmopoda amphoritis, Stathmopoda anconias, Stathmopoda anticyma, Stathmopoda antidelta, Stathmopoda antischema, Stathmopoda aphanosema, Stathmopoda aposema, Stathmopoda aprica, Stathmopoda arachnophora, Stathmopoda arcata, Stathmopoda argyrosticha, Stathmopoda aristata, Stathmopoda aristodoxa, Stathmopoda astrapeis, Stathmopoda astricta, Stathmopoda atrinotata, Stathmopoda auriferella, Stathmopoda autoxantha, Stathmopoda balanarcha, Stathmopoda balanistis, Stathmopoda basiplectra, Stathmopoda basixantha, Stathmopoda bathrodelta, Stathmopoda biclavis, Stathmopoda bicycla, Stathmopoda brachygramma, Stathmopoda brachymochla, Stathmopoda butyracma, Stathmopoda callichrysa, Stathmopoda callopis, Stathmopoda calyptraea, Stathmopoda caminora, Stathmopoda campylocha, Stathmopoda canonica, Stathmopoda castanodes, Stathmopoda caveata, Stathmopoda cephalaea, Stathmopoda ceramoptila, Stathmopoda chalcotypa, Stathmopoda chalybeis, Stathmopoda charitanthes, Stathmopoda chrysaula, Stathmopoda chrysocarpa, Stathmopoda chrysophoenicea, Stathmopoda chrysoxesta, Stathmopoda cissota, Stathmopoda citrinopis, Stathmopoda citroptila, Stathmopoda clarkei, Stathmopoda clyella, Stathmopoda commoda, Stathmopoda conioma, Stathmopoda coracodes, Stathmopoda cornutella, Stathmopoda crassella, Stathmopoda crocacma, Stathmopoda cryptophaea, Stathmopoda cyanopla, Stathmopoda dactylias, Stathmopoda desmoteles, Stathmopoda dicitra, Stathmopoda diclidias, Stathmopoda dimochla, Stathmopoda diplaspis, Stathmopoda distincta, Stathmopoda doratias, Stathmopoda dracaenopa, Stathmopoda dryophaea, Stathmopoda effossa, Stathmopoda electrantha, Stathmopoda endotherma, Stathmopoda epilampra, Stathmopoda erythracra, Stathmopoda eucorystis, Stathmopoda ficipastica, Stathmopoda ficivora, Stathmopoda flavescens, Stathmopoda glyceropa, Stathmopoda grammatopis, Stathmopoda haematosema, Stathmopoda haplophanes, Stathmopoda hemiplecta, Stathmopoda hexatyla, Stathmopoda holobapta, Stathmopoda holochra, Stathmopoda holothecta, Stathmopoda horrida, Stathmopoda hyposcia, Stathmopoda ignominiosa, Stathmopoda immatura, Stathmopoda imperator, Stathmopoda iners, Stathmopoda informis, Stathmopoda iocycla, Stathmopoda iodes, Stathmopoda isoclera, Stathmopoda isoleuca, Stathmopoda lampryntis, Stathmopoda leptoclista, Stathmopoda lethonoa, Stathmopoda liporrhoa, Stathmopoda luculenta, Stathmopoda luminata, Stathmopoda luxuriosa, Stathmopoda lychnacma, Stathmopoda maculata, Stathmopoda maisongrossiella, Stathmopoda malacanthes, Stathmopoda mannophora, Stathmopoda marmarosticha, Stathmopoda masinissa, Stathmopoda megathyma, Stathmopoda melanochra, Stathmopoda meliscelis, Stathmopoda melitripta, Stathmopoda mesocrossa, Stathmopoda mesombra, Stathmopoda metopias, Stathmopoda mimantha, Stathmopoda monobathra, Stathmopoda morelella, Stathmopoda moriutiella, Stathmopoda moschlosema, Stathmopoda mysteriastis, Stathmopoda neomeris, Stathmopoda nephocentra, Stathmopoda niphocarpa, Stathmopoda niphozona, Stathmopoda nitida, Stathmopoda nobilitata, Stathmopoda notosticha, Stathmopoda nucivora, Stathmopoda nympheuteria, Stathmopoda ochrodelta, Stathmopoda opticaspis, Stathmopoda orbiculata, Stathmopoda osteitis, Stathmopoda ovigera, Stathmopoda pallidella, Stathmopoda pampolia, Stathmopoda pantarches, Stathmopoda pedella, Stathmopoda pedestrella, Stathmopoda pentasema, Stathmopoda percnophthalma, Stathmopoda perfuga, Stathmopoda periclina, Stathmopoda philaromia, Stathmopoda placida, Stathmopoda platynipha, Stathmopoda plinthiota, Stathmopoda plumbiflua, Stathmopoda pomifera, Stathmopoda porphyrantha, Stathmopoda praealbata, Stathmopoda principalis, Stathmopoda proterozona, Stathmopoda ptycholampra, Stathmopoda pyrrhogramma, Stathmopoda recondita, Stathmopoda revincta, Stathmopoda rhodocosma, Stathmopoda rhythmota, Stathmopoda rimulata, Stathmopoda rubripicta, Stathmopoda seminuda, Stathmopoda sentica, Stathmopoda serenata, Stathmopoda sideracma, Stathmopoda skelloni, Stathmopoda sphendonita, Stathmopoda spilothorax, Stathmopoda spilozona, Stathmopoda stimulata, Stathmopoda stropha, Stathmopoda sycastis, Stathmopoda sycophaga, Stathmopoda synchrysa, Stathmopoda tacita, Stathmopoda teleozona, Stathmopoda tetrarma, Stathmopoda tetrazyga, Stathmopoda trichodora, Stathmopoda trichopeda, Stathmopoda trichrysa, Stathmopoda tridryas, Stathmopoda trifida, Stathmopoda trigonella, Stathmopoda triloba, Stathmopoda trimochla, Stathmopoda trimolybdias, Stathmopoda triplex, Stathmopoda triselena, Stathmopoda tritophaea, Stathmopoda vadoniella, Stathmopoda vertebrata, Stathmopoda xanthocrana, Stathmopoda xanthodesma, Stathmopoda xanthoma, Stathmopoda xanthomochla, Stathmopoda xanthoplitis, Stathmopoda xeniocosma, Stathmopoda zalodes, Stathmopoda zophoptila


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