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Tribe Aphodiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Aphodiinae → tribe Aphodiini Leach 1815


Daughter taxa

Genera: 97 (20 illustrated). Species.

Agolius Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Agolius abdominalis, Agolius bonvouloiri

Biralus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Biralus menetriesi, Biralus satellitius

Blackburneus Schmidt, 1913 [genus]

Blackburneus amazonicus, Blackburneus argentinensis, Blackburneus badius, Blackburneus biroi, Blackburneus bongorensis, Blackburneus calvus, Blackburneus caracaensis, Blackburneus charmionus, Blackburneus clipealis, Blackburneus cobi, Blackburneus collarti, Blackburneus consonus, Blackburneus dellacasarum, Blackburneus detruncatus, Blackburneus diminutus, Blackburneus dubitabilis, Blackburneus erythrinus, Blackburneus funestus, Blackburneus furcatus, Blackburneus ghanaensis, Blackburneus gnu, Blackburneus guatemalensis, Blackburneus indio, Blackburneus ineptus, Blackburneus iringanus, Blackburneus jugalis, Blackburneus koenigsbaueri, Blackburneus laxepunctatus, Blackburneus levis, Blackburneus luciphilus, Blackburneus microreticulatus, Blackburneus minutissimus, Blackburneus mollis, Blackburneus morogoroensis, Blackburneus niunzuensis, Blackburneus nyassicus, Blackburneus ohopohoensis, Blackburneus optatoides, Blackburneus optatus, Blackburneus paragnu, Blackburneus pseudocalvus, Blackburneus puncticollis, Blackburneus radamus, Blackburneus richteri, Blackburneus sanfilippoi, Blackburneus saylorea, Blackburneus stebnickae, Blackburneus stercorosus, Blackburneus surinamensis, Blackburneus tachyoryctis, Blackburneus telekii, Blackburneus teposcolulaensis, Blackburneus thomasi, Blackburneus tonsus, Blackburneus truncaticollis, Blackburneus vacca, Blackburneus vadoni, Blackburneus villiersianus, Blackburneus vixpunctatus, Blackburneus vojnitsi, Blackburneus walteri, Blackburneus xanthus, Blackburneus zairensis, Blackburneus zernyi

Chilothorax Motschulsky 1859 [genus]

Chilothorax albosetosus, Chilothorax alexis, Chilothorax aljibei, Chilothorax altaicus, Chilothorax auliensis, Chilothorax badenkoi, Chilothorax baghlanicus, Chilothorax bistriga, Chilothorax brancoi, Chilothorax cervorum, Chilothorax chandmanicus, Chilothorax clathratus, Chilothorax clausula, Chilothorax comma, Chilothorax conspurcatus, Chilothorax discedens, Chilothorax distinctus, Chilothorax dobrovljanskyi, Chilothorax dzongensis, Chilothorax equitis, Chilothorax exclamationis, Chilothorax exilimanus, Chilothorax figuratus, Chilothorax flammulatus, Chilothorax flavimargo, Chilothorax fritschi, Chilothorax glebi, Chilothorax grafi, Chilothorax hahni, Chilothorax hieroglyphicus, Chilothorax huangyuanensis, Chilothorax hucklesbyi, Chilothorax ivanovi, Chilothorax jacobsoni, Chilothorax kandaharicus, Chilothorax kerzhneri, Chilothorax kukunorensis, Chilothorax lineolatus, Chilothorax logunovi, Chilothorax longetarsalis, Chilothorax melanostictus, Chilothorax mongolaltaicus, Chilothorax mossulensis, Chilothorax naevuliger, Chilothorax nigrivittis, Chilothorax ohishii, Chilothorax okadai, Chilothorax pamirensis, Chilothorax paykulli, Chilothorax pictus, Chilothorax planus, Chilothorax plutschewskyi, Chilothorax potanini, Chilothorax praenubilus, Chilothorax propola, Chilothorax punctatus, Chilothorax pustulifer, Chilothorax scuticollis, Chilothorax sesquivittatus, Chilothorax sexmaculosus, Chilothorax shansianus, Chilothorax signifer, Chilothorax sinicus, Chilothorax subpolitus, Chilothorax tanhensis, Chilothorax tenuimanus, Chilothorax variicolor, Chilothorax variipennis, Chilothorax xanthellus, Chilothorax xanthopterus, Chilothorax zaissanicus

Cnemisus Motschulsky, 1868 [genus]

Cnemisus rufescens

Coprimorphus Mulsant, 1842 [genus]

Coprimorphus scrutator

Coptochiroides Balthasar, 1938 [genus]

Coptochiroides subcostatus

Haroldiellus Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Haroldiellus lansbergei, Haroldiellus sallei

Hornietus Stebnicka, 2000 [genus]

Hornietus ventralis

Irrasinus Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Irrasinus dumasi, Irrasinus stupidus

Lechorodius Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Lechorodius lutulentus, Lechorodius terminalis

Limarus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Limarus maculatus, Limarus zenkeri

Loraspis Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Loraspis frater

Luxolinus Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Luxolinus luxatus

Maculaphodius Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Maculaphodius conspersus

Megatelus Reitter, 1892 [genus]

Megatelus contractus

Merogyrus Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Merogyrus rotundiceps

Mothon Semenov & Medvedev, 1927 [genus]

Mothon sarmaticus

Nialosternus Hollande & Therond, 1999 [genus]

Nialosternus sitiphoides

Nialus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Nialus varians

Orodaliscus Reitter, 1900 [genus]

Orodaliscus rotundangulus

Oromus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Oromus alpinus, Oromus leisteri

Otophorus Mulsant 1842 [genus]

Otophorus haemorrhoidalis

Planolinellus Dellacasa & Dellacasa, 2005 [genus]

Planolinellus vittatus

Rugaphodius Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Rugaphodius rugatus

Schaefferellus Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Schaefferellus arizonensis

Setodius Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Setodius bryanti, Setodius diogenes, Setodius edmontonus

Sigorus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Sigorus porcus

Strigodius Gordon and Skelley, 2007 [genus]

Strigodius robinsoni

Volinus Mulsant & Rey, 1870 [genus]

Volinus sticticus


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