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Tribe Coprini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Scarabaeinae → tribe Coprini Leach, 1815


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (3 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Canthidium Erichson, 1847 [genus]

Canthidium abbreviatum, Canthidium alvarezi, Canthidium andersoni, Canthidium angulicolle, Canthidium angusticeps, Canthidium annagabrielae, Canthidium ardens, Canthidium aterrimum, Canthidium atomarium, Canthidium atramentarium, Canthidium atricolle, Canthidium aurichalceum, Canthidium auricolle, Canthidium aurifex, Canthidium barbacenicum, Canthidium basale, Canthidium basipunctatum, Canthidium batesi, Canthidium bicolor, Canthidium bituberifrons, Canthidium bokermanni, Canthidium bovinum, Canthidium breve, Canthidium caesareum, Canthidium calidum, Canthidium cavifrons, Canthidium centrale, Canthidium cereum, Canthidium chabanaudi, Canthidium chrysis, Canthidium clypeale, Canthidium coerulescens, Canthidium cognatum, Canthidium collare, Canthidium convexifrons, Canthidium cupreum, Canthidium darwini, Canthidium decoratum, Canthidium delgadoi, Canthidium deplanatum, Canthidium depressum, Canthidium deyrollei, Canthidium discolor, Canthidium discopygidiale, Canthidium dispar, Canthidium dohrni, Canthidium elegantulum, Canthidium emoryi, Canthidium epistomale, Canthidium erythropterum, Canthidium escalerai, Canthidium euchalceum, Canthidium excisipes, Canthidium femoratum, Canthidium flabellatum, Canthidium flavicorne, Canthidium flavipes, Canthidium flavum, Canthidium foveolatum, Canthidium funebre, Canthidium gemmingeri, Canthidium gerstaeckeri, Canthidium gigas, Canthidium glabricolle, Canthidium globulum, Canthidium gracilipes, Canthidium granuliferum, Canthidium guanacaste, Canthidium guyanense, Canthidium haagi, Canthidium haroldi, Canthidium hespenheidei, Canthidium histrio, Canthidium howdeni, Canthidium humerale, Canthidium hyla, Canthidium hypocrita, Canthidium imperiale, Canthidium impressum, Canthidium inerme, Canthidium inoptatum, Canthidium kelleri, Canthidium kiesenwetteri, Canthidium kirschi, Canthidium korschefskyi, Canthidium kraatzi, Canthidium laevigatum, Canthidium latipleurum, Canthidium latum, Canthidium lebasi, Canthidium lentum, Canthidium leucopterum, Canthidium lucidum, Canthidium luteum, Canthidium macroculare, Canthidium magnum, Canthidium manni, Canthidium margaritae, Canthidium marianelae, Canthidium marielae, Canthidium marseuli, Canthidium melanocephalum, Canthidium metallicum, Canthidium minimum, Canthidium miscellum, Canthidium moestum, Canthidium monoceros, Canthidium moroni, Canthidium multipunctatum, Canthidium muticum, Canthidium nanum, Canthidium nigritum, Canthidium nitidum, Canthidium nobile, Canthidium obscurum, Canthidium onitoides, Canthidium onthophagoides, Canthidium opacum, Canthidium pallidoalatum, Canthidium paranum, Canthidium parvulum, Canthidium perceptibile, Canthidium persplendens, Canthidium picipes, Canthidium pinotoides, Canthidium planovultum, Canthidium prasinum, Canthidium priscillae, Canthidium pseudaurifex, Canthidium pseudoperceptibile, Canthidium pullus, Canthidium punctatostriatum, Canthidium puncticeps, Canthidium puncticolle, Canthidium quadridens, Canthidium refulgens, Canthidium riverai, Canthidium ruficolle, Canthidium rufinum, Canthidium rufipes, Canthidium rutilum, Canthidium seladon, Canthidium semicupreum, Canthidium sladeni, Canthidium smithi, Canthidium splendidum, Canthidium stahli, Canthidium steinheili, Canthidium subdopuncticolle, Canthidium sulcatum, Canthidium sulcicolle, Canthidium taurinum, Canthidium tenebrosum, Canthidium thalassinum, Canthidium titschacki, Canthidium tricolor, Canthidium trinodosum, Canthidium tuberifrons, Canthidium variolosum, Canthidium versicolor, Canthidium vespertinum, Canthidium violaceipenne, Canthidium viride, Canthidium viridicolle, Canthidium viridiobscurum, Canthidium volxemi

Copris Geoffroy 1762 [genus]

Copris acutidens, Copris afgoi, Copris agnus, Copris algol, Copris amabilis, Copris amyntor, Copris anceus, Copris andrewesi, Copris angusticornis, Copris angustus, Copris anomiopseoides, Copris antares, Copris apicepunctatus, Copris arcturus, Copris ares, Copris arimotoi, Copris arizonensis, Copris armatus, Copris armeniacus, Copris armiger, Copris arrowi, Copris aspericollis, Copris atropolitus, Copris barclayi, Copris basilewskyi, Copris basipunctatus, Copris bellator, Copris bengalensis, Copris bidens, Copris bihamatus, Copris bootes, Copris boucardi, Copris bovinus, Copris brachypterus, Copris brittoni, Copris caelatus, Copris caliginosus, Copris cambeforti, Copris cambodiensis, Copris camerunus, Copris capensis, Copris cariniceps, Copris carinicus, Copris carmelita, Copris cassius, Copris celebensis, Copris cheni, Copris colmanti, Copris complexus, Copris compressipennis, Copris confucius, Copris coriarius, Copris cornifrons, Copris corniger, Copris corpulentus, Copris costaricensis, Copris cribratus, Copris cribricollis, Copris curlettii, Copris davisi, Copris davisoni, Copris decellei, Copris delicatus, Copris denticulatus, Copris diversus, Copris doriae, Copris draco, Copris dracunculus, Copris dudleyi, Copris eburneus, Copris elpheneroides, Copris elphenor, Copris erratus, Copris evanidus, Copris excisus, Copris fallaciosus, Copris fallax, Copris felschei, Copris fidius, Copris frankenbergerianus, Copris freyi, Copris fricator, Copris fujiokai, Copris fukiensis, Copris furciceps, Copris garambae, Copris gazellarum, Copris gibbulus, Copris gilleti, Copris gladiator, Copris gopheri, Copris gracilis, Copris graueri, Copris halffteri, Copris harrisi, Copris hartli, Copris hatayamai, Copris hidakai, Copris hispanus, Copris howdeni, Copris humilis, Copris hybridus, Copris igualensis, Copris illotus, Copris imitans, Copris inaequabilis, Copris incertus, Copris inemarginatus, Copris inhalatus, Copris insidiosus, Copris integer, Copris interioris, Copris iris, Copris jacchoides, Copris jacchus, Copris jahi, Copris jucundus, Copris kachinensis, Copris kasagii, Copris katangae, Copris keralensis, Copris kiuchii, Copris klapperichi, Copris klugi, Copris kusakabei, Copris laeviceps, Copris laevigatus, Copris laiiformis, Copris laioides, Copris laius, Copris lannathai, Copris lecontei, Copris lugubris, Copris lunaris, Copris macacus, Copris macclevei, Copris macer, Copris maesi, Copris magicus, Copris manni, Copris marcus, Copris martinae, Copris martinezi, Copris matthewsi, Copris megaceratoides, Copris megasoma, Copris mesacanthus, Copris mexicanus, Copris mindorensis, Copris minutissimus, Copris minutus, Copris misellus, Copris miyakei, Copris moechus, Copris moffartsi, Copris mongkhoni, Copris montivagus, Copris morphaeus, Copris mourgliai, Copris muticus, Copris neglectus, Copris nepos, Copris nevinsoni, Copris novaki, Copris nubilosus, Copris numa, Copris obenbergeri, Copris obesus, Copris ochus, Copris orion, Copris orphanus, Copris parapecuarius, Copris pauliani, Copris pecuarius, Copris pedarioides, Copris phungae, Copris phylax, Copris poggii, Copris potanini, Copris prevosti, Copris propinquus, Copris pseudobootes, Copris pseudochus, Copris pseudomoffartsi, Copris pseudosinicus, Copris pueli, Copris punctatus, Copris puncticollis, Copris punctipennis, Copris punctiventris, Copris punctulatus, Copris punjabensis, Copris quasilaevigatus, Copris ramosiceps, Copris rebouchei, Copris reflexus, Copris remotus, Copris renwarti, Copris repertus, Copris ribbei, Copris riekoae, Copris ritsemae, Copris ruandanus, Copris rugosus, Copris ruricola, Copris sabinus, Copris sacontala, Copris sallei, Copris sarpedon, Copris saundersi, Copris schoolmeestersi, Copris scorpio, Copris serius, Copris sexdentatus, Copris siamensis, Copris siangensis, Copris sierrensis, Copris signatus, Copris simonettai, Copris simplex, Copris simulator, Copris singularis, Copris sinicus, Copris sinon, Copris sodalis, Copris sorex, Copris sphaeropterus, Copris spinator, Copris subdolus, Copris subpunctatus, Copris subsidens, Copris sumatrensis, Copris surdus, Copris szechouanicus, Copris tetraodon, Copris tridens, Copris tridentatus, Copris tripartitus, Copris truncatus, Copris tsukamotoi, Copris typhoeus, Copris uenoi, Copris umbilicatus, Copris urus, Copris usambaricus, Copris vankhaii, Copris victorini, Copris vietnamicus, Copris vilhenai, Copris vitalisi, Copris vrydaghi, Copris warneri, Copris wiesei, Copris yangi, Copris youngai, Copris zhangi

Dichotomius Hope, 1838 [genus]

Dichotomius acuticornis, Dichotomius adrastus, Dichotomius affinis, Dichotomius agenor, Dichotomius agesilaus, Dichotomius alutaceus, Dichotomius alyattes, Dichotomius amicitiae, Dichotomius amplicollis, Dichotomius annae, Dichotomius anthrax, Dichotomius apicalis, Dichotomius ascanius, Dichotomius assifer, Dichotomius batesi, Dichotomius bechynei, Dichotomius belus, Dichotomius bicornis, Dichotomius bicuspis, Dichotomius bitiensis, Dichotomius boreus, Dichotomius borgmeieri, Dichotomius bos, Dichotomius bosqui, Dichotomius bucki, Dichotomius buqueti, Dichotomius calcaratus, Dichotomius camargoi, Dichotomius camposeabrai, Dichotomius carbonarius, Dichotomius carinatus, Dichotomius carolinus, Dichotomius centralis, Dichotomius coenosus, Dichotomius colonicus, Dichotomius comarapensis, Dichotomius conicollis, Dichotomius costaricensis, Dichotomius cotopaxi, Dichotomius crinicollis, Dichotomius cuprinus, Dichotomius dahli, Dichotomius danieli, Dichotomius depressicollis, Dichotomius deyrollei, Dichotomius diabolicus, Dichotomius dynastus, Dichotomius enrietti, Dichotomius eucranioides, Dichotomius fallax, Dichotomius favi, Dichotomius femoratus, Dichotomius fimbriatus, Dichotomius fissiceps, Dichotomius fissus, Dichotomius fonsecae, Dichotomius fortestriatus, Dichotomius gamboaensis, Dichotomius geminatus, Dichotomius glaucus, Dichotomius globulus, Dichotomius guaranii, Dichotomius haroldi, Dichotomius hempeli, Dichotomius horridus, Dichotomius horvathi, Dichotomius imitator, Dichotomius inachoides, Dichotomius inachus, Dichotomius inflaticollis, Dichotomius ingens, Dichotomius interstitialis, Dichotomius irinus, Dichotomius joelus, Dichotomius laevicollis, Dichotomius latistriatus, Dichotomius longiceps, Dichotomius lucasi, Dichotomius luctuosioides, Dichotomius luctuosus, Dichotomius lycas, Dichotomius machadoi, Dichotomius mamillatus, Dichotomius maya, Dichotomius melzeri, Dichotomius micans, Dichotomius missionus, Dichotomius monstrosus, Dichotomius mormon, Dichotomius motai, Dichotomius mundus, Dichotomius muticus, Dichotomius mysticus, Dichotomius nemoricola, Dichotomius nevermanni, Dichotomius nimuendaju, Dichotomius nisus, Dichotomius nitidissimus, Dichotomius nobilis, Dichotomius nutans, Dichotomius ocellatopunctatus, Dichotomius ohausi, Dichotomius opacipennis, Dichotomius opalescens, Dichotomius paraguayanus, Dichotomius parcepunctatus, Dichotomius pauloensis, Dichotomius planicollis, Dichotomius podalirius, Dichotomius prietoi, Dichotomius problematicus, Dichotomius protectus, Dichotomius provisorius, Dichotomius punctatostriatus, Dichotomius puncticollis, Dichotomius punctulatipennis, Dichotomius pygidialis, Dichotomius quadraticeps, Dichotomius quadrinodosus, Dichotomius quinquedens, Dichotomius quinquelobatus, Dichotomius reclinatus, Dichotomius ribeiroi, Dichotomius robustus, Dichotomius rodrigoi, Dichotomius rotundatus, Dichotomius rotundigena, Dichotomius rugatus, Dichotomius rugosicollis, Dichotomius rugosipennis, Dichotomius satanas, Dichotomius schiffleri, Dichotomius semiaeneus, Dichotomius semisquamosus, Dichotomius sericeus, Dichotomius sexdentatus, Dichotomius simplex, Dichotomius simplicicornis, Dichotomius simulans, Dichotomius singularis, Dichotomius smaragdinus, Dichotomius spadiceus, Dichotomius speciosus, Dichotomius subaeneus, Dichotomius superbus, Dichotomius telamon, Dichotomius texanus, Dichotomius triangulariceps, Dichotomius triquetrus, Dichotomius tristis, Dichotomius validipilosus, Dichotomius virescens, Dichotomius worontzowi, Dichotomius yucatanus, Dichotomius zikani, Dichotomius ziliolii


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