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Tribe Eburiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Cerambycinae → tribe Eburiini Blanchard, 1845


Daughter taxa

Genera: 22 (2 illustrated). Species.

Eburia Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville in Lacordaire, 1830 [genus]

Eburia aegrota, Eburia albolineata, Eburia aliciae, Eburia amabilis, Eburia bahamicae, Eburia baroni, Eburia bimaculata, Eburia blancaneaui, Eburia bonairensis, Eburia brevicornis, Eburia brevispinis, Eburia brunneicomis, Eburia cacapyra, Eburia caymanensis, Eburia championi, Eburia charmata, Eburia chemsaki, Eburia cinerea, Eburia cinereopilosa, Eburia cinnamomea, Eburia clara, Eburia concisispinis, Eburia confusa, Eburia consobrina, Eburia consobrinoides, Eburia copei, Eburia crinitus, Eburia cruciata, Eburia cubae, Eburia decemmaculata, Eburia dejeani, Eburia didyma, Eburia distincta, Eburia elegans, Eburia elongata, Eburia falli, Eburia fisheri, Eburia frankiei, Eburia giesberti, Eburia haldemani, Eburia hovorei, Eburia inarmata, Eburia inermis, Eburia insulana, Eburia jamaicae, Eburia juanitae, Eburia lanigera, Eburia laticollis, Eburia latispina, Eburia lewisi, Eburia linsleyi, Eburia longicornis, Eburia maccartyi, Eburia macrotaenia, Eburia marginalis, Eburia mutata, Eburia mutica, Eburia nigrovittata, Eburia octomaculata, Eburia ovicollis, Eburia paraegrota, Eburia pedestris, Eburia pellacia, Eburia perezi, Eburia pilosa, Eburia pinarensis, Eburia portoricensis, Eburia porulosa, Eburia postica, Eburia powelli, Eburia pseudostigma, Eburia quadrigeminata, Eburia quadrimaculata, Eburia quadrinotata, Eburia ramsdeni, Eburia ribardoi, Eburia rufobrunnea, Eburia schusteri, Eburia sericea, Eburia sexnotata, Eburia sordida, Eburia stigma, Eburia stigmatica, Eburia stroheckeri, Eburia submutata, Eburia terroni, Eburia tetrastalacta, Eburia thoracica, Eburia ulkei, Eburia velmae

Eburiaca Martins, 1999 [genus]

Eburiaca sinopia

Eburodacrys White, 1853 [genus]

Eburodacrys alini, Eburodacrys amabilis, Eburodacrys amazonica, Eburodacrys apua, Eburodacrys asperula, Eburodacrys assimilis, Eburodacrys ayri, Eburodacrys bilineata, Eburodacrys callixantha, Eburodacrys campestris, Eburodacrys catarina, Eburodacrys coalescens, Eburodacrys costai, Eburodacrys crassimana, Eburodacrys crassipes, Eburodacrys cunusaia, Eburodacrys curialis, Eburodacrys decipiens, Eburodacrys dubitata, Eburodacrys eburioides, Eburodacrys elegantula, Eburodacrys errata, Eburodacrys eurytibialis, Eburodacrys flexuosa, Eburodacrys fortunata, Eburodacrys fraterna, Eburodacrys gaucha, Eburodacrys gigas, Eburodacrys granipennis, Eburodacrys guttata, Eburodacrys havanensis, Eburodacrys hesperidis, Eburodacrys hirsutula, Eburodacrys inaequalis, Eburodacrys laevicornis, Eburodacrys lancinata, Eburodacrys lanei, Eburodacrys laticlavia, Eburodacrys lenkoi, Eburodacrys lepida, Eburodacrys longilineata, Eburodacrys luederwaldti, Eburodacrys lugubris, Eburodacrys mancula, Eburodacrys martinezi, Eburodacrys megaspilota, Eburodacrys monticola, Eburodacrys moruna, Eburodacrys nemorivaga, Eburodacrys notula, Eburodacrys obscura, Eburodacrys perspicillaris, Eburodacrys pilicornis, Eburodacrys pinima, Eburodacrys prolixa, Eburodacrys puella, Eburodacrys pumila, Eburodacrys punctipennis, Eburodacrys putia, Eburodacrys quadridens, Eburodacrys raripila, Eburodacrys rhabdota, Eburodacrys rubicunda, Eburodacrys rufispinis, Eburodacrys sanguinipes, Eburodacrys seabrai, Eburodacrys seminigra, Eburodacrys sexguttata, Eburodacrys sexmaculata, Eburodacrys silviamariae, Eburodacrys stahli, Eburodacrys sticticollis, Eburodacrys sulfurifera, Eburodacrys sulphureosignata, Eburodacrys superba, Eburodacrys translucida, Eburodacrys trilineata, Eburodacrys triocellata, Eburodacrys truncata, Eburodacrys tuberosa, Eburodacrys vespertina, Eburodacrys vidua, Eburodacrys vittata, Eburodacrys xirica

Eburostola Tippmann, 1960 [genus]

Eburostola amazonica

Neoeburia Galileo & Martins, 2006 [genus]

Neoeburia turuna

Opades Lacordaire, 1869 [genus]

Opades costipennis

Quiacaua Martins, 1997 [genus]

Quiacaua abacta, Quiacaua taguaiba

Simplexeburia Martins & Galileo, 2010 [genus]

Simplexeburia divisa

Styliceps Lacordaire, 1869 [genus]

Styliceps striatus


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17.01.2016 9:02, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Eburiini Blanchard 1845 → Eburiini Blanchard, 1845.

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