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Tribe Dorcaschematini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae → tribe Dorcaschematini Thomson, 1860


Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (1 illustrated). Species.

Olenecamptus [genus]

Olenecamptus adlbaueri, Olenecamptus affinis, Olenecamptus albidus, Olenecamptus albovittatus, Olenecamptus anogeissi, Olenecamptus australis, Olenecamptus basalis, Olenecamptus beardsleyi, Olenecamptus bilobus, Olenecamptus blairi, Olenecamptus circulifer, Olenecamptus clarus, Olenecamptus compressipes, Olenecamptus cretaceus, Olenecamptus detzneri, Olenecamptus diversemaculatus, Olenecamptus dominus, Olenecamptus duodilloni, Olenecamptus ethiopicus, Olenecamptus formosanus, Olenecamptus fukutomii, Olenecamptus giraffa, Olenecamptus griseipennis, Olenecamptus grisescens, Olenecamptus hebridarum, Olenecamptus hofmanni, Olenecamptus indianus, Olenecamptus indicus, Olenecamptus kenyensis, Olenecamptus laosensis, Olenecamptus lineaticeps, Olenecamptus lumawigi, Olenecamptus macari, Olenecamptus malayensis, Olenecamptus mordkovitshi, Olenecamptus multinotatus, Olenecamptus nigromaculatus, Olenecamptus nubilus, Olenecamptus octomaculatus, Olenecamptus octopustulatus, Olenecamptus olenus, Olenecamptus optatus, Olenecamptus palawanus, Olenecamptus patrizii, Olenecamptus pedongensis, Olenecamptus porcellus, Olenecamptus pseudostrigosus, Olenecamptus quadriplagiatus, Olenecamptus quietus, Olenecamptus rhodesianus, Olenecamptus rufus, Olenecamptus sandacanus, Olenecamptus sarawakensis, Olenecamptus senegalensis, Olenecamptus serratus, Olenecamptus sexplagiatus, Olenecamptus shanensis, Olenecamptus siamensis, Olenecamptus signaticollis, Olenecamptus similis, Olenecamptus somalius, Olenecamptus somereni, Olenecamptus strigosus, Olenecamptus subobliteratus, Olenecamptus superbus, Olenecamptus tagalus, Olenecamptus taiwanus, Olenecamptus tessellata, Olenecamptus timorensis, Olenecamptus triplagiatus, Olenecamptus vittaticollis, Olenecamptus zanzibaricus


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