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Tribe Onciderini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae → tribe Onciderini Thomson, 1860

Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Agaritha Dillon & Dillon, 1945 [genus]

Agaritha iolaia

Alexera Dillon & Dillon, 1945 [genus]

Alexera barii, Alexera secunda

Apamauta Thomson, 1868 [genus]

Apamauta lineolata

Apocoptoma Thomson, 1857 [genus]

Apocoptoma chabrillacii

Oncideres Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville in Lacordaire 1830 [genus]

Oncideres albipilosa, Oncideres albistillata, Oncideres albomaculata, Oncideres albomarginata, Oncideres albopicta, Oncideres alicei, Oncideres amo, Oncideres amputator, Oncideres anama, Oncideres angaturama, Oncideres apiaba, Oncideres apicalis, Oncideres aragua, Oncideres argentata, Oncideres aurantiaca, Oncideres aurivillii, Oncideres bella, Oncideres boliviana, Oncideres bondari, Oncideres bouchardii, Oncideres bucki, Oncideres canidia, Oncideres captiosa, Oncideres castanea, Oncideres cephalotes, Oncideres cervina, Oncideres chagasi, Oncideres chevrolatii, Oncideres cingulata, Oncideres coites, Oncideres colombiana, Oncideres crassicornis, Oncideres cumdisci, Oncideres dalmanii, Oncideres dejeanii, Oncideres diana, Oncideres digna, Oncideres diringsi, Oncideres disiunctus, Oncideres dorsomaculata, Oncideres errata, Oncideres estebani, Oncideres etiolata, Oncideres fisheri, Oncideres fulva, Oncideres fulvoguttata, Oncideres fulvostillata, Oncideres gemmata, Oncideres germarii, Oncideres gibbosa, Oncideres glebulenta, Oncideres guttulata, Oncideres gutturator, Oncideres hoffmanni, Oncideres humeralis, Oncideres ilaire, Oncideres immensa, Oncideres impluviata, Oncideres intermedia, Oncideres irrorata, Oncideres jatai, Oncideres laceyi, Oncideres limpida, Oncideres lyside, Oncideres macra, Oncideres maculosa, Oncideres magnifica, Oncideres malleri, Oncideres manauara, Oncideres maxima, Oncideres miliaris, Oncideres miniata, Oncideres minuta, Oncideres mirador, Oncideres mirim, Oncideres modesta, Oncideres multicincta, Oncideres nicea, Oncideres nipheta, Oncideres nivea, Oncideres ocellaris, Oncideres ochreostillata, Oncideres ocularis, Oncideres ophthalmalis, Oncideres pallifasciata, Oncideres paurosoma, Oncideres pectoralis, Oncideres pepotinga, Oncideres phaetusa, Oncideres philosipes, Oncideres pittieri, Oncideres poecila, Oncideres poeta, Oncideres polychroma, Oncideres pretiosa, Oncideres pulchella, Oncideres punctata, Oncideres pustulata, Oncideres putator, Oncideres pyrrothrix, Oncideres quercus, Oncideres repandator, Oncideres rhodosticta, Oncideres rubra, Oncideres saga, Oncideres satyra, Oncideres schreiteri, Oncideres scitula, Oncideres seabrai, Oncideres senilis, Oncideres sobrina, Oncideres sparsemaculatus, Oncideres stillata, Oncideres travassosi, Oncideres tuberculata, Oncideres tuberosa, Oncideres ulcerosa, Oncideres vicina, Oncideres vitiliga, Oncideres voetii, Oncideres wappesi, Oncideres xavieri


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