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Tribe Chalepini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Chalepini Weise 1910

Daughter taxa

Genera: 56 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 7 (0 illustrated). Species.

Agathispa Weise 1905 [genus]

Agathispa dimidiata

Anisochalepus Uhmann, 1940 [genus]

Anisochalepus reimoseri

Anisostena Weise 1910 [genus]

Anisostena, Apostena, Neostena

Bothrispa Uhmann 1940 [genus]

Bothrispa depressa

Carinispa Uhmann 1930 [genus]

Carinispa nevermanni

Chalepispa Uhmann 1955 [genus]

Chalepispa ignorata

Chalepus Thunberg 1805 [genus]

Chalepus acuticornis, Chalepus aeneiceps, Chalepus aeneicollis, Chalepus aenescens, Chalepus alternevittatus, Chalepus amabilis, Chalepus amiculus, Chalepus angulosus, Chalepus asperifrons, Chalepus assmanni, Chalepus aurantiacicollis, Chalepus bacchus, Chalepus badeni, Chalepus balli, Chalepus basilaris, Chalepus bellulus, Chalepus bicolor, Chalepus bicoloriceps, Chalepus binotaticollis, Chalepus bivittatus, Chalepus breveapicalis, Chalepus brevicornis, Chalepus caracasensis, Chalepus cautus, Chalepus cincticollis, Chalepus clypeatus, Chalepus consanguineus, Chalepus consimilis, Chalepus cordiger, Chalepus cyanescens, Chalepus cyanicornis, Chalepus deborrei, Chalepus digressus, Chalepus dorni, Chalepus erosus, Chalepus flaveolus, Chalepus flexuosus, Chalepus forticornis, Chalepus garleppi, Chalepus generosus, Chalepus germaini, Chalepus guatemalanus, Chalepus hepburni, Chalepus horni, Chalepus lateralis, Chalepus lineola, Chalepus longehumeralis, Chalepus marginatus, Chalepus marginiventris, Chalepus modestus, Chalepus monilicornis, Chalepus nigripictus, Chalepus nigrithorax, Chalepus nigrovirens, Chalepus notula, Chalepus obidosensis, Chalepus panici, Chalepus parananus, Chalepus pauli, Chalepus perplexus, Chalepus pici, Chalepus picturatus, Chalepus plebeius, Chalepus porosus, Chalepus pullus, Chalepus pusillus, Chalepus putzeysi, Chalepus quadricostatus, Chalepus ruficollis, Chalepus rufiventris, Chalepus sanguinicollis, Chalepus sanguinipennis, Chalepus schmidti, Chalepus scutellaris, Chalepus scutellatus, Chalepus selectus, Chalepus similatus, Chalepus subcordiger, Chalepus subhumeralis, Chalepus submarginatus, Chalepus submetallicus, Chalepus subparallelus, Chalepus tappesi, Chalepus testaceiceps, Chalepus teutonicus, Chalepus titschacki, Chalepus trivittatus, Chalepus verticalis, Chalepus vicinalis, Chalepus viduus, Chalepus walshii, Chalepus weyersi, Chalepus wygodzinskyi, Chalepus yucatanus

Corynispa Uhmann 1940 [genus]

Corynispa clavicornis

Fossispa Staines, 1989 [genus]

Fossispa lutena

Heptatomispa Uhmann 1940 [genus]

Heptatomispa kesseli

Nanocthispa Monrós and Viana, 1947 [genus]

Nanocthispa atra

Nonispa Maulik 1933 [genus]

Nonispa carlosbruchi

Octhispa Chapuis 1877 [genus]

Octhispa analis, Octhispa angustatipennis, Octhispa angustula, Octhispa annulipes, Octhispa atriceps, Octhispa atroterminata, Octhispa balyi, Octhispa belti, Octhispa bimaculata, Octhispa binotata, Octhispa bispinosa, Octhispa bivitticollis, Octhispa bogotensis, Octhispa bondari, Octhispa brevedentata, Octhispa buqueti, Octhispa callangana, Octhispa caprea, Octhispa carinata, Octhispa carinifrons, Octhispa castanea, Octhispa centromaculata, Octhispa clavareaui, Octhispa clypeata, Octhispa consobrina, Octhispa coxalgica, Octhispa cribrosa, Octhispa cruentata, Octhispa decepta, Octhispa dentata, Octhispa designata, Octhispa diluta, Octhispa discobilineata, Octhispa diversicornis, Octhispa elegantula, Octhispa elevata, Octhispa elongata, Octhispa exilis, Octhispa femoralis, Octhispa filiformis, Octhispa flexuosa, Octhispa fossulata, Octhispa fugax, Octhispa fulvopicta, Octhispa gemmata, Octhispa gentilis, Octhispa gibba, Octhispa goyasensis, Octhispa gracilis, Octhispa haematopyga, Octhispa humerosa, Octhispa ingae, Octhispa inlineata, Octhispa kraatzi, Octhispa lateralis, Octhispa lineola, Octhispa loricata, Octhispa lucida, Octhispa maculaticeps, Octhispa maculicollis, Octhispa madoni, Octhispa miniata, Octhispa modesta, Octhispa nevermanni, Octhispa nigriceps, Octhispa obscura, Octhispa pallipes, Octhispa parallela, Octhispa parvula, Octhispa perroudi, Octhispa peruana, Octhispa picta, Octhispa postexpansa, Octhispa postica, Octhispa prescutellaris, Octhispa proba, Octhispa puella, Octhispa pustulata, Octhispa quadrinotata, Octhispa robinsonii, Octhispa robusta, Octhispa rugata, Octhispa rustica, Octhispa severini, Octhispa sexdecimguttata, Octhispa socia, Octhispa soratae, Octhispa spitzi, Octhispa stalei, Octhispa steinhauseni, Octhispa strandi, Octhispa striolata, Octhispa subfasciata, Octhispa subparallela, Octhispa testaceipes, Octhispa tricolor, Octhispa tucumana, Octhispa unimaculata, Octhispa villiersii, Octhispa virgatula, Octhispa viridinotata, Octhispa viridivittata

Parvispa Uhmann 1940 [genus]

Parvispa marmorata

Spaethispa Uhmann 1939 [genus]

Spaethispa pulchella

Sternostenoides Monrós & Viana 1947 [genus]

Sternostenoides daguerrei

Uroplata Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Uroplata acuta, Uroplata aeneicollis, Uroplata amazona, Uroplata ambigua, Uroplata andicola, Uroplata angulata, Uroplata approximata, Uroplata armata, Uroplata atriceps, Uroplata atricornis, Uroplata auriculata, Uroplata basifemoralis, Uroplata bicoloriceps, Uroplata bilineata, Uroplata bipuncticollis, Uroplata borgmeieri, Uroplata brevenotata, Uroplata calopteroides, Uroplata chalepoides, Uroplata coarctata, Uroplata compressicornis, Uroplata confusa, Uroplata constricta, Uroplata costaricana, Uroplata daguerrei, Uroplata decipiens, Uroplata denticulata, Uroplata distinguenda, Uroplata dolorosa, Uroplata donceeli, Uroplata donckieri, Uroplata emilii, Uroplata exigua, Uroplata fasciata, Uroplata ferruginea, Uroplata fiebrigi, Uroplata forsteri, Uroplata fulvopustulata, Uroplata fusca, Uroplata germaini, Uroplata girardi, Uroplata holosericea, Uroplata humeralis, Uroplata iheringi, Uroplata inornata, Uroplata interrupta, Uroplata irregularis, Uroplata jucunda, Uroplata kuntzeni, Uroplata lobata, Uroplata longipes, Uroplata maculicollis, Uroplata maura, Uroplata minuscula, Uroplata monrosi, Uroplata mucronata, Uroplata nebulosa, Uroplata nigritarsis, Uroplata nupta, Uroplata obscurella, Uroplata ogloblini, Uroplata orphanula, Uroplata pascoei, Uroplata peruana, Uroplata planiuscula, Uroplata probaeniformis, Uroplata pusilla, Uroplata quadridens, Uroplata reducta, Uroplata reimoseri, Uroplata romani, Uroplata rudis, Uroplata ruficornis, Uroplata rufifrons, Uroplata sculptilis, Uroplata serrulata, Uroplata severini, Uroplata singularis, Uroplata spaethi, Uroplata spinosa, Uroplata stevensi, Uroplata strandi, Uroplata sublimbata, Uroplata subluteofasciata, Uroplata submarginalis, Uroplata triangula, Uroplata trivittata, Uroplata varicostata, Uroplata variegata, Uroplata vicina

Xenochalepus Weise 1910 [genus]

Neochalepus, Xenochalepus


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