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Tribe Mesomphaliini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Mesomphaliini Hope, 1840

Daughter taxa

Genera: 24 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acromis Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Acromis sparsa, Acromis spinifex, Acromis venosa

Amythra Spaeth 1913 [genus]

Amythra valida

Chelymorpha Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Chelymorpha aculeata, Chelymorpha adnata, Chelymorpha adspersula, Chelymorpha advena, Chelymorpha alternans, Chelymorpha andicola, Chelymorpha areata, Chelymorpha atomaria, Chelymorpha atrocincta, Chelymorpha binotata, Chelymorpha bituberculata, Chelymorpha bivulnerata, Chelymorpha boliviana, Chelymorpha bullata, Chelymorpha calva, Chelymorpha cassidea, Chelymorpha cavata, Chelymorpha cingulata, Chelymorpha circumpunctata, Chelymorpha clathrata, Chelymorpha clivosa, Chelymorpha cobaltina, Chelymorpha comata, Chelymorpha commutabilis, Chelymorpha constellata, Chelymorpha costaricensis, Chelymorpha cribraria, Chelymorpha gressoria, Chelymorpha haematura, Chelymorpha hoepfneri, Chelymorpha indigesta, Chelymorpha infecta, Chelymorpha infirma, Chelymorpha inflata, Chelymorpha insignis, Chelymorpha klugii, Chelymorpha limbatipennis, Chelymorpha marginata, Chelymorpha militaris, Chelymorpha multipicta, Chelymorpha nigricollis, Chelymorpha orthogonia, Chelymorpha pacifica, Chelymorpha partita, Chelymorpha peregrina, Chelymorpha personata, Chelymorpha peruana, Chelymorpha phytophagica, Chelymorpha polyspilota, Chelymorpha praetextata, Chelymorpha pubescens, Chelymorpha punctatissima, Chelymorpha punctigera, Chelymorpha reimoseri, Chelymorpha rosarioensis, Chelymorpha rufoguttata, Chelymorpha rugicollis, Chelymorpha sericea, Chelymorpha socia, Chelymorpha sturmii, Chelymorpha stygia, Chelymorpha subpunctata, Chelymorpha tessellata, Chelymorpha texta, Chelymorpha trinitatis, Chelymorpha varians, Chelymorpha variolosa, Chelymorpha vermiculata, Chelymorpha vittifera, Chelymorpha wollastoni

Echoma Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Echoma, Pseudomoplata

Omaspides Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Omaspides, Parechoma, Paromaspides

Stolas Billberg 1820 [genus]

Stolas acuminata, Stolas acuta, Stolas aenea, Stolas aeneovittata, Stolas agenysiformis, Stolas alcyonea, Stolas amoena, Stolas anceps, Stolas antiqua, Stolas areolata, Stolas armirantensis, Stolas arrowi, Stolas arula, Stolas asema, Stolas atalayaensis, Stolas augur, Stolas beatula, Stolas bilineata, Stolas bioculata, Stolas blanda, Stolas blandifica, Stolas boliviana, Stolas brachiata, Stolas brevicuspis, Stolas brunni, Stolas callizona, Stolas calvata, Stolas cassandra, Stolas castigata, Stolas chalybaea, Stolas chelidonaria, Stolas clathrata, Stolas coalita, Stolas coerulescens, Stolas comis, Stolas confusa, Stolas consanguinea, Stolas consociata, Stolas conspersa, Stolas contubernalis, Stolas cordata, Stolas corruptiva, Stolas croceovittata, Stolas cruentata, Stolas cucullata, Stolas decemguttata, Stolas deleta, Stolas demissa, Stolas deplorabunda, Stolas discoides, Stolas diversa, Stolas duricoria, Stolas echoma, Stolas ephippium, Stolas erectepilosa, Stolas erichsoni, Stolas eugenea, Stolas eurydice, Stolas excelsa, Stolas extricata, Stolas famula, Stolas fasciculata, Stolas fasciculosa, Stolas festiva, Stolas flavipennis, Stolas flavofenestrata, Stolas flavoguttata, Stolas flavomarginata, Stolas flavonotata, Stolas flavoreticulata, Stolas floccosa, Stolas foveolatipennis, Stolas funebris, Stolas glabricollis, Stolas godeti, Stolas haematites, Stolas hameli, Stolas helleri, Stolas hermanni, Stolas honorifica, Stolas huanocensis, Stolas hypocrita, Stolas ignita, Stolas iheringi, Stolas illustris, Stolas imitatrix, Stolas imparilis, Stolas imperialis, Stolas implexa, Stolas impluviata, Stolas impudens, Stolas inaequalis, Stolas inaurata, Stolas inca, Stolas indigacea, Stolas inermis, Stolas inexculta, Stolas insipida, Stolas interjecta, Stolas intermedia, Stolas isthmica, Stolas kaestneri, Stolas kollari, Stolas kraatzi, Stolas lacertosa, Stolas lacordairei, Stolas lacunosa, Stolas lata, Stolas latevittata, Stolas lebasii, Stolas lenis, Stolas lineaticollis, Stolas mannerheimi, Stolas mellyi, Stolas metallica, Stolas modica, Stolas murina, Stolas napoensis, Stolas nickerli, Stolas nigrolineata, Stolas niobe, Stolas nudicollis, Stolas oblita, Stolas obvoluta, Stolas octosignata, Stolas omaspidiformis, Stolas pallidoguttata, Stolas paranensis, Stolas pascoei, Stolas paulista, Stolas pauperula, Stolas pectinata, Stolas pellicula, Stolas perezi, Stolas perfuga, Stolas perjucunda, Stolas pertusa, Stolas placida, Stolas plagicollis, Stolas pleurosticha, Stolas praecalva, Stolas praetoria, Stolas puberula, Stolas pubipennis, Stolas pucallpaensis, Stolas pullata, Stolas punicea, Stolas quatuordecimsignata, Stolas quinquefasciata, Stolas redtenbacheri, Stolas reticularis, Stolas rubicundula, Stolas rubroreticulata, Stolas rufocincta, Stolas sanguineovittata, Stolas sanramonensis, Stolas saundersi, Stolas schaumi, Stolas scoparia, Stolas selecta, Stolas sexplagiata, Stolas sexsignata, Stolas sexstillata, Stolas socialis, Stolas sommeri, Stolas stevensi, Stolas stolida, Stolas stragula, Stolas stygia, Stolas subcaudata, Stolas submetallica, Stolas subreticulata, Stolas suspiciosa, Stolas suturalis, Stolas tachiraensis, Stolas thoreyi, Stolas tumulus, Stolas uniformis, Stolas verecunda, Stolas vetula, Stolas vicina, Stolas vidua, Stolas vorax, Stolas warchalowskii, Stolas zonata, Stolas zumbaensis

Terpsis Spaeth 1913 [genus]

Terpsis quadrivittata


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