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Tribe Callispini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Callispini Chapuis, 1875

Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (0 illustrated). Species.

Callispa Baly 1858 [genus]

Callispa africana, Callispa ajaya, Callispa almora, Callispa amabilis, Callispa andrewesi, Callispa angonina, Callispa angusta, Callispa angusticollis, Callispa apicalis, Callispa arcana, Callispa assama, Callispa australis, Callispa bayoni, Callispa beccarii, Callispa biarcuata, Callispa bicolor, Callispa bicoloripes, Callispa bijaya, Callispa bioculata, Callispa bipartita, Callispa boettcheri, Callispa bottegi, Callispa bowringii, Callispa brettinghami, Callispa brevicornis, Callispa brevipes, Callispa brihata, Callispa cassidoides, Callispa cavicollis, Callispa coeruleodorsata, Callispa confertae, Callispa contaminata, Callispa corpulenta, Callispa cribrata, Callispa cruentomarginata, Callispa cumingii, Callispa curta, Callispa cyanea, Callispa cyanipennis, Callispa debilis, Callispa delauneyi, Callispa dimidiatipennis, Callispa donckieri, Callispa doriae, Callispa drescheri, Callispa duodecimmaculata, Callispa elegans, Callispa elliptica, Callispa elongata, Callispa errans, Callispa expansicollis, Callispa fallax, Callispa feae, Callispa filiformis, Callispa flaveola, Callispa flavescens, Callispa flavonotata, Callispa fortunii, Callispa fraudulenta, Callispa frontalis, Callispa fulva, Callispa fulvescens, Callispa fulvipes, Callispa fulvonigra, Callispa galinae, Callispa gracilicornis, Callispa guttata, Callispa hessei, Callispa himalayana, Callispa horni, Callispa ianthorufa, Callispa impressa, Callispa induta, Callispa insignis, Callispa intermedia, Callispa jaya, Callispa kabakovi, Callispa kalshoveni, Callispa karena, Callispa kilimana, Callispa korthalsiae, Callispa krishnashunda, Callispa kuntzeni, Callispa lamottei, Callispa limbata, Callispa limbifera, Callispa loxia, Callispa luzonica, Callispa maculipennis, Callispa maindoni, Callispa marginipennis, Callispa marshalli, Callispa mashonensis, Callispa metroxylonis, Callispa minima, Callispa minor, Callispa montivaga, Callispa mungphua, Callispa nagaja, Callispa natalensis, Callispa neavei, Callispa nigricollis, Callispa nigricornis, Callispa nigripennis, Callispa nigripes, Callispa nigritarsata, Callispa nigronotata, Callispa nigrovittata, Callispa nyakaensis, Callispa nyassica, Callispa obliqua, Callispa octopunctata, Callispa ovata, Callispa paharia, Callispa palawanica, Callispa pallida, Callispa parva, Callispa pelengana, Callispa penangana, Callispa philippinica, Callispa picitarsis, Callispa pita, Callispa popovi, Callispa procedens, Callispa pseudapicalis, Callispa puella, Callispa puellaris, Callispa pusilla, Callispa quadricollis, Callispa recticollis, Callispa regularis, Callispa rhodesiaca, Callispa roepkei, Callispa ruficollis, Callispa rufiventris, Callispa salaccae, Callispa scipionae, Callispa scutellaris, Callispa sebakue, Callispa semirufa, Callispa septemmaculata, Callispa silacea, Callispa similis, Callispa simillima, Callispa spaethi, Callispa specialis, Callispa splendidula, Callispa steineri, Callispa submarginata, Callispa sundara, Callispa tarsata, Callispa testacea, Callispa testaceicornis, Callispa testaceipes, Callispa tibangana, Callispa ugandina, Callispa uhmanni, Callispa umtalina, Callispa undulata, Callispa unicolor, Callispa uniformis, Callispa vietnamica, Callispa violaceicornis, Callispa vittata, Callispa voronovae, Callispa whitei


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