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Tribe Basiprionotini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Chrysomelidae subfamily Cassidinae → tribe Basiprionotini Gressitt, 1952


Daughter taxa

Genera: 8 (1 illustrated). Species.

Basiprionota Chevrolat in Dejean, 1836 [genus]

Basiprionota amboinica, Basiprionota amitina, Basiprionota andrewesi, Basiprionota angusta, Basiprionota animosa, Basiprionota atricornis, Basiprionota bakeri, Basiprionota bimaculata, Basiprionota bisignata, Basiprionota ceramensis, Basiprionota cerata, Basiprionota chinensis, Basiprionota decemmaculata, Basiprionota decempustulata, Basiprionota decemstillata, Basiprionota encausta, Basiprionota flavicornis, Basiprionota gibbifera, Basiprionota gibbosa, Basiprionota gressitti, Basiprionota immaculata, Basiprionota impacata, Basiprionota joloana, Basiprionota laotica, Basiprionota lata, Basiprionota latissima, Basiprionota lomholdti, Basiprionota maerkeli, Basiprionota morigera, Basiprionota multiplagiata, Basiprionota multipunctata, Basiprionota nigricollis, Basiprionota octomaculata, Basiprionota octonotata, Basiprionota octopunctata, Basiprionota octopustulata, Basiprionota omeia, Basiprionota opima, Basiprionota palawanica, Basiprionota patkoiensis, Basiprionota privigna, Basiprionota prognata, Basiprionota pudica, Basiprionota puellaris, Basiprionota quadriimpresa, Basiprionota ramigera, Basiprionota rugosipennis, Basiprionota sarawacensis, Basiprionota scheerpeltzi, Basiprionota schultzei, Basiprionota secreta, Basiprionota sexmaculata, Basiprionota sinuata, Basiprionota sospes, Basiprionota subopaca, Basiprionota sulana, Basiprionota sumatrana, Basiprionota sumba, Basiprionota tibetana, Basiprionota timorensis, Basiprionota trux, Basiprionota vicina, Basiprionota westermanni, Basiprionota whitei

Metriopepla Fairmaire 1882 [genus]

Metriopepla inornata


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