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Tribe Gymnognathini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Curculionoidea family Anthribidae subfamily Anthribinae → tribe Gymnognathini Valentine 1960

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Gymnognathus Schoenherr 1826 [genus]

Gymnognathus abundans, Gymnognathus acastus, Gymnognathus acutangulus, Gymnognathus ada, Gymnognathus affinis, Gymnognathus alma, Gymnognathus ampulla, Gymnognathus ancora, Gymnognathus aulicus, Gymnognathus bella, Gymnognathus biloris, Gymnognathus blanca, Gymnognathus bohisi, Gymnognathus brevirostris, Gymnognathus bryanthi, Gymnognathus bryanti, Gymnognathus calus, Gymnognathus chiricahuae, Gymnognathus cincticollis, Gymnognathus clara, Gymnognathus clathratus, Gymnognathus claudia, Gymnognathus clelia, Gymnognathus compar, Gymnognathus comptus, Gymnognathus cordiger, Gymnognathus coronatus, Gymnognathus daguanus, Gymnognathus decorus, Gymnognathus discoideus, Gymnognathus doris, Gymnognathus dorsonotatus, Gymnognathus editha, Gymnognathus elisa, Gymnognathus emma, Gymnognathus erna, Gymnognathus extensus, Gymnognathus fahraei, Gymnognathus femoralis, Gymnognathus flexuosus, Gymnognathus germaini, Gymnognathus hamatus, Gymnognathus hedis, Gymnognathus hedys, Gymnognathus helena, Gymnognathus helma, Gymnognathus hetarus, Gymnognathus hilda, Gymnognathus inca, Gymnognathus indagatus, Gymnognathus iphis, Gymnognathus iris, Gymnognathus irma, Gymnognathus leucomelas, Gymnognathus libussa, Gymnognathus lotus, Gymnognathus lusia, Gymnognathus lyrestes, Gymnognathus mariana, Gymnognathus martha, Gymnognathus menetriesi, Gymnognathus mexicanus, Gymnognathus molitor, Gymnognathus mollis, Gymnognathus moranus, Gymnognathus nanus, Gymnognathus nebulosus, Gymnognathus nica, Gymnognathus nubilus, Gymnognathus ophiopsis, Gymnognathus ornatus, Gymnognathus pentilus, Gymnognathus phanerus, Gymnognathus pindonis, Gymnognathus polius, Gymnognathus procerus, Gymnognathus pulchellus, Gymnognathus pulcher, Gymnognathus regalis, Gymnognathus robustus, Gymnognathus ruficlava, Gymnognathus scalaris, Gymnognathus scolytinus, Gymnognathus signatus, Gymnognathus soror, Gymnognathus talis, Gymnognathus tenuis, Gymnognathus thecla, Gymnognathus triangularis, Gymnognathus vanda, Gymnognathus variicornis, Gymnognathus vicinus, Gymnognathus vitticollis


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