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Family Tipulidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Nematocera infraorder Tipulomorpha superfamily Tipuloidea → family Tipulidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 3 (3 illustrated). Tribes: 6 (2 illustrated). Genera: 98 (9 illustrated). Subgenera: 66 (0 illustrated). Species.

Pselliophora [genus]

Pselliophora annulipes, Pselliophora annulosa, Pselliophora approximata, Pselliophora ardens, Pselliophora aurantia, Pselliophora bakeri, Pselliophora biaurantia, Pselliophora bicinctifer, Pselliophora bicolor, Pselliophora bifascipennis, Pselliophora binghami, Pselliophora brunnipennis, Pselliophora cavaleriei, Pselliophora chaseni, Pselliophora chrysophila, Pselliophora compedita, Pselliophora ctenophorina, Pselliophora curvipes, Pselliophora dendrobia, Pselliophora divisa, Pselliophora dolens, Pselliophora enderleini, Pselliophora fasciipennis, Pselliophora flammipes, Pselliophora flavibasis, Pselliophora flavifemur, Pselliophora flavofasciata, Pselliophora flavostigma, Pselliophora fumiplena, Pselliophora fuscipennis, Pselliophora fuscolimbata, Pselliophora galeata, Pselliophora gaudens, Pselliophora gloria, Pselliophora guangxiensis, Pselliophora hainanensis, Pselliophora harmandi, Pselliophora henryi, Pselliophora hoffmanni, Pselliophora hoppo, Pselliophora idalia, Pselliophora igorota, Pselliophora immaculipennis, Pselliophora incunctans, Pselliophora insignis, Pselliophora invenustipes, Pselliophora isshikii, Pselliophora jinxiuensis, Pselliophora jubilata, Pselliophora kangeanensis, Pselliophora kershawi, Pselliophora koreana, Pselliophora ladelli, Pselliophora laeta, Pselliophora laneipes, Pselliophora latifascipennis, Pselliophora lauta, Pselliophora longicornis, Pselliophora longshengensis, Pselliophora luctuosa, Pselliophora margarita, Pselliophora mcgregori, Pselliophora mecocera, Pselliophora mesamericana, Pselliophora nigribasis, Pselliophora nigrithorax, Pselliophora nigrorum, Pselliophora ningmingensis, Pselliophora ophionea, Pselliophora pachyrhinoides, Pselliophora pallitibia, Pselliophora pendleburyi, Pselliophora penicillata, Pselliophora perdecora, Pselliophora plagiata, Pselliophora praefica, Pselliophora pumila, Pselliophora reversa, Pselliophora rubella, Pselliophora rubra, Pselliophora scalator, Pselliophora scurra, Pselliophora sikkimensis, Pselliophora speciosa, Pselliophora stabilis, Pselliophora sternoloba, Pselliophora stigmatica, Pselliophora strigipennis, Pselliophora suspirans, Pselliophora taprobanes, Pselliophora terminalis, Pselliophora tigriventris, Pselliophora tinctipennis, Pselliophora tripudians, Pselliophora upsilon, Pselliophora venezuelensis, Pselliophora vulcan, Pselliophora xanthopimplina

Zelandotipula [genus]

Zelandotipula acutistyla, Zelandotipula associans, Zelandotipula austrofurcifera, Zelandotipula azuayensis, Zelandotipula bisatra, Zelandotipula calvicornis, Zelandotipula calypso, Zelandotipula catamarcensis, Zelandotipula celestissima, Zelandotipula chimborazo, Zelandotipula corynostyla, Zelandotipula cristalta, Zelandotipula cristifera, Zelandotipula cristobtusa, Zelandotipula daedalus, Zelandotipula diducta, Zelandotipula exserrata, Zelandotipula fassliana, Zelandotipula flavicornis, Zelandotipula flavogenualis, Zelandotipula forsteriana, Zelandotipula fulva, Zelandotipula furcifera, Zelandotipula gracilipes, Zelandotipula hirtistylata, Zelandotipula horni, Zelandotipula infernalis, Zelandotipula juturna, Zelandotipula laevis, Zelandotipula lassula, Zelandotipula longitarsis, Zelandotipula luteivena, Zelandotipula melanopodia, Zelandotipula monostictula, Zelandotipula nebulipennata, Zelandotipula neurotrichia, Zelandotipula nigrosetosa, Zelandotipula novarae, Zelandotipula orophila, Zelandotipula otagana, Zelandotipula parviceps, Zelandotipula parvimacula, Zelandotipula perlongistyla, Zelandotipula perobtusa, Zelandotipula perstrangalia, Zelandotipula peruviana, Zelandotipula plagifera, Zelandotipula retrorsa, Zelandotipula ringens, Zelandotipula schineri, Zelandotipula septemlineata, Zelandotipula serratimargo, Zelandotipula sinuosa, Zelandotipula songoensis, Zelandotipula strangalia, Zelandotipula subcalypso, Zelandotipula subfurcifer, Zelandotipula sublaevis, Zelandotipula subtarda, Zelandotipula tarda, Zelandotipula triatra, Zelandotipula trichoneura, Zelandotipula trimaculata, Zelandotipula trina, Zelandotipula tuberculifera, Zelandotipula uniatra, Zelandotipula vivida, Zelandotipula vulpes, Zelandotipula wardiana, Zelandotipula yungasicola, Zelandotipula zamorae

Tipulidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Tipulidae sp. (large size).

Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp. Tipulidae sp.


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