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Subfamily Toxorhynchitinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Nematocera infraorder Culicomorpha superfamily Culicoidea family Culicidae → subfamily Toxorhynchitinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Toxorhynchites Theobald [genus]

Toxorhynchites abyssinicus, Toxorhynchites acaudatus, Toxorhynchites aeneus, Toxorhynchites aequatorianus, Toxorhynchites albipes, Toxorhynchites albitarsis, Toxorhynchites amboinensis, Toxorhynchites angolensis, Toxorhynchites angustiplatus, Toxorhynchites ater, Toxorhynchites auranticauda, Toxorhynchites aurifluus, Toxorhynchites auripes, Toxorhynchites bambusicola, Toxorhynchites bambusicolus, Toxorhynchites barbipes, Toxorhynchites bengalensis, Toxorhynchites bickleyi, Toxorhynchites brevipalpis, Toxorhynchites brevipapis, Toxorhynchites brunhesi, Toxorhynchites camaronis, Toxorhynchites capelai, Toxorhynchites catharinensis, Toxorhynchites cavalierii, Toxorhynchites christophi, Toxorhynchites coeruleus, Toxorhynchites conradti, Toxorhynchites dundo, Toxorhynchites edwardsi, Toxorhynchites erythrurus, Toxorhynchites evansae, Toxorhynchites fontenillei, Toxorhynchites funestus, Toxorhynchites gerbergi, Toxorhynchites gigantulus, Toxorhynchites grandiosus, Toxorhynchites gravelyi, Toxorhynchites grjebinei, Toxorhynchites guadeloupensis, Toxorhynchites haemorrhoidalis, Toxorhynchites helenae, Toxorhynchites hexacis, Toxorhynchites indicus, Toxorhynchites inornatus, Toxorhynchites kaimosi, Toxorhynchites kempi, Toxorhynchites klossi, Toxorhynchites leicesteri, Toxorhynchites lemuriae, Toxorhynchites lewisi, Toxorhynchites lutescens, Toxorhynchites macaensis, Toxorhynchites madagascarensis, Toxorhynchites magnificus, Toxorhynchites manicatus, Toxorhynchites manopi, Toxorhynchites mariae, Toxorhynchites metallicus, Toxorhynchites minimus, Toxorhynchites montezuma, Toxorhynchites nairobiensis, Toxorhynchites nepenthicola, Toxorhynchites nepenthis, Toxorhynchites nigeriensis, Toxorhynchites nigripes, Toxorhynchites okinawensis, Toxorhynchites pauliani, Toxorhynchites pendleburyi, Toxorhynchites phytophagus, Toxorhynchites portoricensis, Toxorhynchites purpureus, Toxorhynchites pusillus, Toxorhynchites quasiferox, Toxorhynchites rajah, Toxorhynchites ramalingami, Toxorhynchites raris, Toxorhynchites richenbachi, Toxorhynchites rickenbachi, Toxorhynchites rizzoi, Toxorhynchites rodhaini, Toxorhynchites rutilus, Toxorhynchites ruwenzori, Toxorhynchites separatus, Toxorhynchites septentrionalis, Toxorhynchites solstitialis, Toxorhynchites speciosus, Toxorhynchites splendens, Toxorhynchites sumatranus, Toxorhynchites sunthorni, Toxorhynchites superbus, Toxorhynchites theobaldi, Toxorhynchites towadensis, Toxorhynchites trichopygus, Toxorhynchites violaceus, Toxorhynchites viridibasis, Toxorhynchites voltaicus, Toxorhynchites wolfsi, Toxorhynchites yaeyamae, Toxorhynchites yamadai, Toxorhynchites zairensis


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