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Tribe Diachlorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Tabanomorpha family Tabanidae subfamily Tabaninae → tribe Diachlorini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (0 illustrated). Species.

Catachlorops [genus]

Catachlorops alcis, Catachlorops alphus, Catachlorops amazonicus, Catachlorops auripilis, Catachlorops bahianus, Catachlorops balachowskyi, Catachlorops balioptera, Catachlorops beameri, Catachlorops bicolor, Catachlorops bindai, Catachlorops bogotanus, Catachlorops borgmeieri, Catachlorops calopterus, Catachlorops capreolus, Catachlorops carrerai, Catachlorops circumfusus, Catachlorops conspicuus, Catachlorops dalmeidai, Catachlorops difficilis, Catachlorops ecuadoriensis, Catachlorops ferrugineus, Catachlorops flavus, Catachlorops fonsecai, Catachlorops fortunensis, Catachlorops fulmineus, Catachlorops fumipennis, Catachlorops furcatus, Catachlorops fuscivittatus, Catachlorops halteratus, Catachlorops immaculatus, Catachlorops lanei, Catachlorops leptogaster, Catachlorops lineatus, Catachlorops luctuosus, Catachlorops maculatus, Catachlorops medemi, Catachlorops mellosus, Catachlorops muscosus, Catachlorops nebulosus, Catachlorops niger, Catachlorops nigripalpis, Catachlorops nigriventer, Catachlorops overali, Catachlorops pechumani, Catachlorops phaeopterus, Catachlorops plagiatus, Catachlorops potator, Catachlorops praetereuns, Catachlorops psolopterus, Catachlorops puscinervis, Catachlorops quadrimaculatus, Catachlorops rubiginosus, Catachlorops rufescens, Catachlorops rufipennis, Catachlorops rufithorax, Catachlorops scurrus, Catachlorops scutellatus, Catachlorops siculus, Catachlorops striatus, Catachlorops testaceus, Catachlorops therioplectiformis, Catachlorops umbratus, Catachlorops unicolor, Catachlorops vespertinus, Catachlorops victoria, Catachlorops zikani

Dichelacera [genus]

Dichelacera abbreviata, Dichelacera acrocata, Dichelacera adusta, Dichelacera albifasciata, Dichelacera albitibialis, Dichelacera albomarginata, Dichelacera alcicornis, Dichelacera amazonensis, Dichelacera ambiguus, Dichelacera amilcar, Dichelacera anodonta, Dichelacera antunesi, Dichelacera apicalis, Dichelacera aurata, Dichelacera auristriata, Dichelacera bifascies, Dichelacera bolviensis, Dichelacera callosa, Dichelacera caloptera, Dichelacera cervicornis, Dichelacera chocoensis, Dichelacera cnephosa, Dichelacera corumbaensis, Dichelacera costaricana, Dichelacera crocata, Dichelacera damicornis, Dichelacera deliciae, Dichelacera diaphorina, Dichelacera dorotheae, Dichelacera fairchildi, Dichelacera fasciata, Dichelacera flavescens, Dichelacera flavicosta, Dichelacera fuscinervis, Dichelacera fuscipes, Dichelacera gamma, Dichelacera grandis, Dichelacera hartmanni, Dichelacera hubbelli, Dichelacera imfasciata, Dichelacera intermedia, Dichelacera januarii, Dichelacera leucotibialis, Dichelacera marginata, Dichelacera melanoptera, Dichelacera melanosoma, Dichelacera mexicana, Dichelacera micracantha, Dichelacera modesta, Dichelacera multiguttata, Dichelacera nigricorpus, Dichelacera nubiapex, Dichelacera ochracea, Dichelacera paraensis, Dichelacera parvidens, Dichelacera princessa, Dichelacera pulchra, Dichelacera pulchroides, Dichelacera pullata, Dichelacera regina, Dichelacera rex, Dichelacera rubricosa, Dichelacera rubrofemorata, Dichelacera scapularis, Dichelacera scutellata, Dichelacera serrata, Dichelacera steleiothorax, Dichelacera striata, Dichelacera subcallosa, Dichelacera submarginata, Dichelacera t-nigrum, Dichelacera tenuicornis, Dichelacera tetradelta, Dichelacera transposita, Dichelacera trigonifera, Dichelacera trisulca, Dichelacera unifasciata, Dichelacera varia, Dichelacera variegata, Dichelacera villavoensis

Stenotabanus [genus]

Stenotabanus abacus, Stenotabanus aberrans, Stenotabanus alayoi, Stenotabanus albidocinctus, Stenotabanus albilinearis, Stenotabanus albiscutellatus, Stenotabanus alticolus, Stenotabanus atlanticus, Stenotabanus barahona, Stenotabanus batesi, Stenotabanus bequaerti, Stenotabanus blantoni, Stenotabanus braziliensis, Stenotabanus brevistylatus, Stenotabanus bruesi, Stenotabanus brunetii, Stenotabanus brunneus, Stenotabanus brunnipennis, Stenotabanus brunnipes, Stenotabanus calvitius, Stenotabanus changuinolae, Stenotabanus chiapanensis, Stenotabanus chrysonotus, Stenotabanus cinereus, Stenotabanus cipoensis, Stenotabanus confusus, Stenotabanus cretatus, Stenotabanus cribellum, Stenotabanus detersus, Stenotabanus dusbabeki, Stenotabanus fairchildi, Stenotabanus farri, Stenotabanus fenestra, Stenotabanus flavidus, Stenotabanus floridensis, Stenotabanus fuliginosus, Stenotabanus fulvistriatus, Stenotabanus fumipenns, Stenotabanus geijskesi, Stenotabanus guttatulus, Stenotabanus henriquesi, Stenotabanus hispaniolae, Stenotabanus hyalinalis, Stenotabanus incipens, Stenotabanus indotatus, Stenotabanus irregularis, Stenotabanus ixyostactes, Stenotabanus jamaicensis, Stenotabanus liokylon, Stenotabanus litotes, Stenotabanus littoreus, Stenotabanus longipennis, Stenotabanus luteolineatus, Stenotabanus macroceras, Stenotabanus magnicallus, Stenotabanus marcanoi, Stenotabanus mellifluus, Stenotabanus mexicanus, Stenotabanus minusculus, Stenotabanus neivai, Stenotabanus nervosus, Stenotabanus nigriculus, Stenotabanus nigriscapus, Stenotabanus obscuremarginatus, Stenotabanus obscurus, Stenotabanus paitillensis, Stenotabanus pallidicornis, Stenotabanus pallipes, Stenotabanus paradoxus, Stenotabanus parallelus, Stenotabanus parsonsi, Stenotabanus parvulus, Stenotabanus pechumani, Stenotabanus penai, Stenotabanus peruviensis, Stenotabanus picticornis, Stenotabanus platyfrons, Stenotabanus pompholyx, Stenotabanus psammophilus, Stenotabanus pseudotaeniotes, Stenotabanus pumiloides, Stenotabanus pusillus, Stenotabanus quinquestriatus, Stenotabanus roxannae, Stenotabanus sandyi, Stenotabanus sordidatus, Stenotabanus sphaeriscapus, Stenotabanus sputnikulus, Stenotabanus staryi, Stenotabanus stigma, Stenotabanus stonei, Stenotabanus subtilis, Stenotabanus taeniotes, Stenotabanus tenuistria, Stenotabanus tobagensis, Stenotabanus trilunatus, Stenotabanus trinotatus, Stenotabanus vitripennis, Stenotabanus wilkersoni, Stenotabanus wolcotti


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