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Tribe Stichopogonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Asilidae subfamily Dasypogoninae → tribe Stichopogonini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Lasiopogon [genus]

Lasiopogon akaishii, Lasiopogon albidus, Lasiopogon aldrichii, Lasiopogon apache, Lasiopogon apenninus, Lasiopogon appalachensis, Lasiopogon arenicolus, Lasiopogon aridus, Lasiopogon atripennis, Lasiopogon avetianae, Lasiopogon bellardii, Lasiopogon bezzii, Lasiopogon bivittatus, Lasiopogon californicus, Lasiopogon canus, Lasiopogon carolinensis, Lasiopogon chaetosus, Lasiopogon chrysotus, Lasiopogon cinctus, Lasiopogon cinereus, Lasiopogon coconino, Lasiopogon currani, Lasiopogon delicatulus, Lasiopogon dimicki, Lasiopogon drabicola, Lasiopogon drabicolus, Lasiopogon eichingeri, Lasiopogon flammeus, Lasiopogon fumipennis, Lasiopogon gabrieli, Lasiopogon gracilipes, Lasiopogon hasanicus, Lasiopogon hinei, Lasiopogon hirtellus, Lasiopogon immaculatus, Lasiopogon kjachtensis, Lasiopogon lavignei, Lasiopogon lehri, Lasiopogon leleji, Lasiopogon littoris, Lasiopogon macquarti, Lasiopogon marshalli, Lasiopogon martinorum, Lasiopogon montanus, Lasiopogon monticolus, Lasiopogon nanus, Lasiopogon novus, Lasiopogon oklahomensis, Lasiopogon opaculus, Lasiopogon pacificus, Lasiopogon peusi, Lasiopogon phaeothysanotus, Lasiopogon piestolophus, Lasiopogon pilosellus, Lasiopogon polensis, Lasiopogon primus, Lasiopogon pugeti, Lasiopogon qinghaiensis, Lasiopogon quadrivittatus, Lasiopogon ripicolus, Lasiopogon rokuroi, Lasiopogon schizopygus, Lasiopogon septentrionalis, Lasiopogon shermani, Lasiopogon slossonae, Lasiopogon soffneri, Lasiopogon solox, Lasiopogon tarsalis, Lasiopogon terneicus, Lasiopogon terricolus, Lasiopogon testaceus, Lasiopogon tetragrammus, Lasiopogon trivittatus, Lasiopogon tuvinus, Lasiopogon willametti, Lasiopogon woodorum, Lasiopogon yukonensis, Lasiopogon zaitzevi, Lasiopogon zonatus

Stichopogon [genus]

Stichopogon abdominalis, Stichopogon aedon, Stichopogon aequetinctus, Stichopogon agustifrons, Stichopogon albellus, Stichopogon albimystax, Stichopogon albofasciatus, Stichopogon ammophilus, Stichopogon angustifrons, Stichopogon araxicola, Stichopogon arenicolus, Stichopogon argenteus, Stichopogon auctus, Stichopogon aurigerum, Stichopogon auritinctus, Stichopogon bancrofti, Stichopogon barbiellinii, Stichopogon barbistrellus, Stichopogon basiti, Stichopogon beckeri, Stichopogon bedae, Stichopogon biharilali, Stichopogon caffer, Stichopogon callidus, Stichopogon canariensis, Stichopogon candidus, Stichopogon canus, Stichopogon catulus, Stichopogon caucasicus, Stichopogon chrysostoma, Stichopogon colei, Stichopogon conjungens, Stichopogon coquillettii, Stichopogon deserti, Stichopogon dorsatus, Stichopogon dubiosus, Stichopogon elegantulus, Stichopogon engeli, Stichopogon flaviventris, Stichopogon fragilis, Stichopogon gracilifemur, Stichopogon gussakovskii, Stichopogon gymnurus, Stichopogon hermanni, Stichopogon inaequalis, Stichopogon inconstana, Stichopogon indicus, Stichopogon infuscatus, Stichopogon irwini, Stichopogon kerteszi, Stichopogon kerzhmeri, Stichopogon krueperi, Stichopogon maculipennis, Stichopogon mahatoi, Stichopogon malkovskii, Stichopogon marinus, Stichopogon maritima, Stichopogon maroccanus, Stichopogon meridionalis, Stichopogon minor, Stichopogon mitjaevi, Stichopogon modestus, Stichopogon moremiensis, Stichopogon mukherjeei, Stichopogon muticus, Stichopogon nartshuakae, Stichopogon nigritus, Stichopogon obscurellus, Stichopogon obscurus, Stichopogon ocrealis, Stichopogon oldroydi, Stichopogon orientalis, Stichopogon parvipulvillatus, Stichopogon parvulus, Stichopogon peregrinus, Stichopogon pholipteron, Stichopogon pritchardi, Stichopogon punctiferus, Stichopogon punctus, Stichopogon pusio, Stichopogon pygmaeus, Stichopogon ramakrishnai, Stichopogon rivulorum, Stichopogon rubzovi, Stichopogon salinus, Stichopogon scaliger, Stichopogon schineri, Stichopogon schnusei, Stichopogon selenginus, Stichopogon septemcinctus, Stichopogon sogdianus, Stichopogon stackelbergi, Stichopogon surcoufi, Stichopogon tomentosus, Stichopogon tridactylophagus, Stichopogon trifasciatus, Stichopogon umkomaasensis, Stichopogon unicolor, Stichopogon variabilis, Stichopogon venezuelanus, Stichopogon venustus, Stichopogon vernaculus, Stichopogon villiersi


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