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Tribe Laphriini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Asilidae subfamily Laphriinae → tribe Laphriini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 9 (2 illustrated). Species.

Andrenosoma [genus]

Andrenosoma acunai, Andrenosoma albibarbe, Andrenosoma albolineata, Andrenosoma albopilosum, Andrenosoma appendiculata, Andrenosoma arachnoides, Andrenosoma aricenniae, Andrenosoma atra, Andrenosoma atrum, Andrenosoma batesi, Andrenosoma bayardi, Andrenosoma boranicum, Andrenosoma camposi, Andrenosoma chalybea, Andrenosoma choprai, Andrenosoma cincta, Andrenosoma cinerea, Andrenosoma clauscicella, Andrenosoma complexum, Andrenosoma corallium, Andrenosoma cornuta, Andrenosoma crassa, Andrenosoma cruentum, Andrenosoma currani, Andrenosoma cyaniventris, Andrenosoma cyrtophora, Andrenosoma cyrtoxys, Andrenosoma dayi, Andrenosoma elegans, Andrenosoma erax, Andrenosoma erythrogaster, Andrenosoma erythropyga, Andrenosoma flamipennis, Andrenosoma formidolosa, Andrenosoma fulvicaudum, Andrenosoma funebris, Andrenosoma heros, Andrenosoma hesperium, Andrenosoma igneum, Andrenosoma irigensis, Andrenosoma jenisi, Andrenosoma leucogenus, Andrenosoma leucogenys, Andrenosoma lewisi, Andrenosoma lupus, Andrenosoma mesoxantha, Andrenosoma minos, Andrenosoma modestum, Andrenosoma nigrum, Andrenosoma olbus, Andrenosoma phoenicogaster, Andrenosoma punctata, Andrenosoma purpurascens, Andrenosoma pusillum, Andrenosoma pygophora, Andrenosoma pyrrhopyga, Andrenosoma quadrimaculata, Andrenosoma queenslandi, Andrenosoma rubida, Andrenosoma rubidapex, Andrenosoma rubidum, Andrenosoma rufipennis, Andrenosoma rufiventris, Andrenosoma rufum, Andrenosoma sarcophaga, Andrenosoma serratum, Andrenosoma sexpunctata, Andrenosoma sicarium, Andrenosoma subheros, Andrenosoma tectamum, Andrenosoma trigoniferum, Andrenosoma valentinae, Andrenosoma varipes, Andrenosoma violacea, Andrenosoma xanthocnema, Andrenosoma zanutoi

Laphria [genus]

Laphria abdominalis, Laphria aberrans, Laphria aeatus, Laphria aeneiventris, Laphria affinis, Laphria aimatis, Laphria aktis, Laphria albimaculata, Laphria albitibialis, Laphria alebas, Laphria alternans, Laphria altitudinum, Laphria amabilis, Laphria ampla, Laphria annulata, Laphria annulifemur, Laphria anthrax, Laphria aperta, Laphria apila, Laphria argentifera, Laphria asackeni, Laphria assamensis, Laphria astur, Laphria asturina, Laphria atomentosa, Laphria aurea, Laphria aureola, Laphria aureopilosa, Laphria aureus, Laphria auribasis, Laphria auricincta, Laphria auricomata, Laphria auricorpus, Laphria aurifera, Laphria auriflua, Laphria azurea, Laphria bancrofti, Laphria barbicrura, Laphria basalis, Laphria basigutta, Laphria bella, Laphria bellifontanea, Laphria benardi, Laphria bernsteinii, Laphria bifasciata, Laphria bilykovae, Laphria bimaculata, Laphria bipartita, Laphria bipenicillata, Laphria bomboides, Laphria breonii, Laphria burnsi, Laphria calvescenta, Laphria canis, Laphria carbonaria, Laphria carolinensis, Laphria caspica, Laphria champlainii, Laphria chappuisiana, Laphria chrysocephala, Laphria chrysonota, Laphria chrysorhiza, Laphria chrysotelus, Laphria cinerea, Laphria cingulifera, Laphria claripennis, Laphria coarctata, Laphria coerulea, Laphria coerulescens, Laphria columbica, Laphria comata, Laphria complens, Laphria completa, Laphria componens, Laphria comptissima, Laphria concludens, Laphria conopoides, Laphria consistens, Laphria constricta, Laphria contristans, Laphria contusa, Laphria coquilletti, Laphria ctenoventris, Laphria cyaneogaster, Laphria declarata, Laphria definita, Laphria dentipes, Laphria detecta, Laphria dichroa, Laphria dimidiata, Laphria dimidiatifemur, Laphria dira, Laphria dispar, Laphria dissimilis, Laphria diversa, Laphria divisor, Laphria divulsa, Laphria dizonias, Laphria dorsalis, Laphria doryca, Laphria egregia, Laphria empyrea, Laphria engelhardti, Laphria ephippium, Laphria falvifacies, Laphria fattigi, Laphria felis, Laphria fernaldi, Laphria ferox, Laphria ferruginosa, Laphria flagrantissima, Laphria flammipennis, Laphria flava, Laphria flavescens, Laphria flavicollis, Laphria flavidorsum, Laphria flavifemorata, Laphria flavipes, Laphria flavipila, Laphria formosana, Laphria fortipes, Laphria franciscana, Laphria frommeri, Laphria fulvicrura, Laphria fulvipes, Laphria fulvithorax, Laphria furva, Laphria futilis, Laphria galathei, Laphria georgina, Laphria gibbosa, Laphria gibbosus, Laphria gigas, Laphria gilva, Laphria gilvoides, Laphria glauca, Laphria gravipes, Laphria grossa, Laphria hakiensis, Laphria hecate, Laphria hera, Laphria hermanni, Laphria hirta, Laphria hirticornis, Laphria histrionica, Laphria hobelias, Laphria horrida, Laphria howeana, Laphria hradskyi, Laphria huron, Laphria ignobilis, Laphria imbellis, Laphria inaurea, Laphria incivilis, Laphria index, Laphria indica, Laphria insignis, Laphria interrupta, Laphria iola, Laphria ithypyga, Laphria ivorina, Laphria janus, Laphria javana, Laphria justa, Laphria karafutonis, Laphria keralaensis, Laphria kistjakovskiji, Laphria lasipes, Laphria lata, Laphria lateralis, Laphria laterepunctata, Laphria lepida, Laphria leptogaster, Laphria leucocephala, Laphria leucoprocta, Laphria limbinervis, Laphria lobifera, Laphria luctuosa, Laphria lukinsi, Laphria luteipennis, Laphria luteopilosa, Laphria macquarti, Laphria macra, Laphria manifesta, Laphria marginalis, Laphria maynei, Laphria melania, Laphria melanogaster, Laphria mellipes, Laphria meridionalis, Laphria metalli, Laphria milvina, Laphria mitsukurii, Laphria motodomariensis, Laphria mulleri, Laphria multipunctata, Laphria nathani, Laphria nigella, Laphria nigrescens, Laphria nigribimba, Laphria nigripennis, Laphria nigripes, Laphria nigrohirsuta, Laphria nitidula, Laphria notabilis, Laphria nusoides, Laphria ogasawarensis, Laphria ogumae, Laphria orcus, Laphria orientalis, Laphria ostensa, Laphria pacifica, Laphria partitor, Laphria peristalsis, Laphria pernigra, Laphria philippinensis, Laphria pilipes, Laphria plana, Laphria posticata, Laphria praelusia, Laphria proxima, Laphria puer, Laphria pusilla, Laphria pyrrhothrix, Laphria radicalis, Laphria rapax, Laphria reginae, Laphria reinwardtii, Laphria remota, Laphria ricardoi, Laphria royalensis, Laphria rubescens, Laphria rubidofasciata, Laphria rudis, Laphria rueppelii, Laphria rufa, Laphria ruficauda, Laphria rufifemorata, Laphria rufitibia, Laphria sackeni, Laphria sacrator, Laphria sadales, Laphria saffrana, Laphria sapporensis, Laphria schoutedeni, Laphria scorpio, Laphria scutellata, Laphria semifulva, Laphria semitecta, Laphria sericea, Laphria serpentina, Laphria seticrura, Laphria sibirica, Laphria sicula, Laphria signatipes, Laphria sobria, Laphria solita, Laphria soror, Laphria stuckenbergi, Laphria submetallica, Laphria taphia, Laphria taphius, Laphria telecles, Laphria terminalis, Laphria terraenovae, Laphria thoracica, Laphria tibialis, Laphria transatlantica, Laphria triangularis, Laphria tricolor, Laphria triligata, Laphria tristis, Laphria trux, Laphria unicolor, Laphria unifascia, Laphria varia, Laphria variana, Laphria varipes, Laphria venatrix, Laphria venezuelensis, Laphria ventralis, Laphria violacea, Laphria virginica, Laphria vivax, Laphria vorax, Laphria vulcana, Laphria vulcanus, Laphria vulpina, Laphria vultur, Laphria walkeri, Laphria willistoniana, Laphria winnemana, Laphria xanthothrix, Laphria yamatonis

Laphriini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Laphriini sp. (large size).

Laphriini sp.


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