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Family Bombyliidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha → family Bombyliidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 17 (3 illustrated). Tribes: 18 (3 illustrated). Genera: 258 (9 illustrated). Subgenera: 8 (0 illustrated). Species.

Antoniinae [subfamily]

Cythereinae [subfamily]


Geroninae [subfamily]


Homoeophthalmae [subfamily]

Oligodraninae [subfamily]

Exhyalanthrax [genus]

Exhyalanthrax aberrans, Exhyalanthrax abruptoides, Exhyalanthrax abruptus, Exhyalanthrax afer, Exhyalanthrax alatus, Exhyalanthrax albicingulus, Exhyalanthrax alliopterus, Exhyalanthrax anisospilus, Exhyalanthrax aravensis, Exhyalanthrax arenicolus, Exhyalanthrax argentifer, Exhyalanthrax argentifrons, Exhyalanthrax atriventris, Exhyalanthrax auctellus, Exhyalanthrax autumnalis, Exhyalanthrax bechuanus, Exhyalanthrax beckerianus, Exhyalanthrax beneficus, Exhyalanthrax blattae, Exhyalanthrax bolbocerus, Exhyalanthrax caffrariae, Exhyalanthrax canarionae, Exhyalanthrax cidarellus, Exhyalanthrax collarti, Exhyalanthrax compactus, Exhyalanthrax contraria, Exhyalanthrax contrarius, Exhyalanthrax costalis, Exhyalanthrax entamari, Exhyalanthrax finidrontis, Exhyalanthrax flammiger, Exhyalanthrax innocens, Exhyalanthrax intermedius, Exhyalanthrax irrorellus, Exhyalanthrax lepidulus, Exhyalanthrax leucotaeniatus, Exhyalanthrax lloydi, Exhyalanthrax lugens, Exhyalanthrax luteolus, Exhyalanthrax macrops, Exhyalanthrax melanchlaenus, Exhyalanthrax melanopleurus, Exhyalanthrax monticolus, Exhyalanthrax muscarius, Exhyalanthrax negevensis, Exhyalanthrax niveifrons, Exhyalanthrax occidabruptus, Exhyalanthrax occiduus, Exhyalanthrax ogasawarensis, Exhyalanthrax parvus, Exhyalanthrax perpusillus, Exhyalanthrax phileremus, Exhyalanthrax pseudoflammiger, Exhyalanthrax recursus, Exhyalanthrax resulus, Exhyalanthrax salutaris, Exhyalanthrax semilautus, Exhyalanthrax simmondsi, Exhyalanthrax simonae, Exhyalanthrax stigmulus, Exhyalanthrax stylicornis, Exhyalanthrax thyridus, Exhyalanthrax timurensis, Exhyalanthrax transiens, Exhyalanthrax transitus, Exhyalanthrax triangularis, Exhyalanthrax unicolor, Exhyalanthrax uroganus, Exhyalanthrax vicinalis, Exhyalanthrax viduatus, Exhyalanthrax volkovitshi, Exhyalanthrax zinnii

Heteralonia [genus]

Acrodisca, Homolonia, Mesoclis, Zygodipla,
Heteralonia acrodiscoides, Heteralonia adelpha, Heteralonia aeaca, Heteralonia aegina, Heteralonia algira, Heteralonia alpha, Heteralonia angulata, Heteralonia araxana, Heteralonia arenacea, Heteralonia argentifera, Heteralonia aridicola, Heteralonia atrella, Heteralonia axumitae, Heteralonia azaniae, Heteralonia bagdadensis, Heteralonia beckeri, Heteralonia bezzii, Heteralonia bisecta, Heteralonia bowdeni, Heteralonia cadicerina, Heteralonia caffrariana, Heteralonia campestris, Heteralonia capensis, Heteralonia ceuthodonta, Heteralonia chinensis, Heteralonia chorogensis, Heteralonia cingulalis, Heteralonia clathrata, Heteralonia completa, Heteralonia connivens, Heteralonia corvina, Heteralonia corvinoides, Heteralonia cosmoptera, Heteralonia daveyi, Heteralonia deserta, Heteralonia dispar, Heteralonia dissoluta, Heteralonia dolichoptera, Heteralonia dubia, Heteralonia eremochara, Heteralonia eremophila, Heteralonia fallaciosa, Heteralonia fimbriatella, Heteralonia fumida, Heteralonia furvalis, Heteralonia furvipennis, Heteralonia fusconotata, Heteralonia gonioneura, Heteralonia gressitti, Heteralonia guillarmodi, Heteralonia hamula, Heteralonia haustellata, Heteralonia hemiphaea, Heteralonia hermani, Heteralonia insularis, Heteralonia interstitialis, Heteralonia javana, Heteralonia kaokoensis, Heteralonia karooana, Heteralonia katonae, Heteralonia kirgizorum, Heteralonia lateralis, Heteralonia latiuscula, Heteralonia lepidogastra, Heteralonia leucothyrida, Heteralonia loxospila, Heteralonia lugubris, Heteralonia maculifera, Heteralonia maculiventris, Heteralonia maculosa, Heteralonia megerlei, Heteralonia melanoptera, Heteralonia melanostola, Heteralonia mesomelaena, Heteralonia mira, Heteralonia mucida, Heteralonia mucorea, Heteralonia mydasiformis, Heteralonia neurospila, Heteralonia nigerrima, Heteralonia nigrovenosa, Heteralonia noctilio, Heteralonia normalis, Heteralonia nubeculosa, Heteralonia obscuripennis, Heteralonia occlusa, Heteralonia occlusoides, Heteralonia oculata, Heteralonia offuscata, Heteralonia olivierii, Heteralonia pentala, Heteralonia personata, Heteralonia phaeoptera, Heteralonia pleurosticta, Heteralonia polyphleba, Heteralonia polysticta, Heteralonia porrectella, Heteralonia punctinervis, Heteralonia pygmalion, Heteralonia recurrens, Heteralonia rivularis, Heteralonia rivulosa, Heteralonia rubella, Heteralonia sabulina, Heteralonia serpentata, Heteralonia singularis, Heteralonia sipho, Heteralonia spiloneura, Heteralonia spoliata, Heteralonia suavipennis, Heteralonia subfasciata, Heteralonia submucorea, Heteralonia suffusa, Heteralonia suffusipennis, Heteralonia sytshuana, Heteralonia tephroleuca, Heteralonia tephroptera, Heteralonia umbrosa, Heteralonia vesperugo, Heteralonia yoshimotoi, Heteralonia zonata

Notolomatia [genus]

Notolomatia albata, Notolomatia albicincta, Notolomatia albicoma, Notolomatia albizonata, Notolomatia albulata, Notolomatia apicalis, Notolomatia arenaria, Notolomatia asaphodesma, Notolomatia atrella, Notolomatia basutoensis, Notolomatia bembesiana, Notolomatia berzeliaphila, Notolomatia bevisii, Notolomatia brunnitincta, Notolomatia canescens, Notolomatia centralis, Notolomatia chraecoptera, Notolomatia cinereola, Notolomatia citraria, Notolomatia compsocoma, Notolomatia conicera, Notolomatia conocephala, Notolomatia conostoma, Notolomatia consors, Notolomatia crossodesma, Notolomatia desmophora, Notolomatia dimidiata, Notolomatia eremia, Notolomatia flavifrons, Notolomatia fucatipennis, Notolomatia fulva, Notolomatia fulvipleura, Notolomatia gigantea, Notolomatia glauciella, Notolomatia liturata, Notolomatia longitudinalis, Notolomatia marleyi, Notolomatia matabeleensis, Notolomatia melampogon, Notolomatia melanoloma, Notolomatia melanthia, Notolomatia melanura, Notolomatia mesoleuca, Notolomatia mitis, Notolomatia mollivestis, Notolomatia monticola, Notolomatia mozambica, Notolomatia namaqua, Notolomatia natalicola, Notolomatia nigrescens, Notolomatia nigricephala, Notolomatia nivosa, Notolomatia oreophila, Notolomatia ovamboensis, Notolomatia pedunculata, Notolomatia phaenostigma, Notolomatia pictipennis, Notolomatia pleuralis, Notolomatia plocamoleuca, Notolomatia pseudofasciata, Notolomatia pterosticta, Notolomatia pulchriceps, Notolomatia punctifrons, Notolomatia purpuripennis, Notolomatia septoptera, Notolomatia sericosoma, Notolomatia tenera, Notolomatia thysanomela, Notolomatia uniplaga, Notolomatia vicinalis

Petrorossia [genus]

Petrorossia albissima, Petrorossia albofulva, Petrorossia albula, Petrorossia analis, Petrorossia angustata, Petrorossia angustibasalis, Petrorossia anomala, Petrorossia appendiculata, Petrorossia autumnalis, Petrorossia brunettii, Petrorossia carmelica, Petrorossia caucasica, Petrorossia ceylonica, Petrorossia chapini, Petrorossia chraminensis, Petrorossia claripennis, Petrorossia clauseni, Petrorossia cognata, Petrorossia consobrina, Petrorossia curvipenis, Petrorossia deducta, Petrorossia degenera, Petrorossia deserticola, Petrorossia dobrogica, Petrorossia feti, Petrorossia flavicans, Petrorossia flavipennis, Petrorossia freidbergi, Petrorossia fulvipes, Petrorossia fulvula, Petrorossia fumipennis, Petrorossia funebris, Petrorossia fusca, Petrorossia fuscicosta, Petrorossia guanchorum, Petrorossia gussakovskiji, Petrorossia hespera, Petrorossia imbutata, Petrorossia intermedia, Petrorossia irakensis, Petrorossia iskanderica, Petrorossia israeliensis, Petrorossia karooana, Petrorossia latifrons, Petrorossia letho, Petrorossia liliputiana, Petrorossia limitarsis, Petrorossia loginovae, Petrorossia lucidipennis, Petrorossia margaritae, Petrorossia masieneensis, Petrorossia media, Petrorossia mesasiatica, Petrorossia modesta, Petrorossia nigrifascia, Petrorossia nigrofemorata, Petrorossia obscurior, Petrorossia oceanica, Petrorossia orientalis, Petrorossia phthinoxantha, Petrorossia plerophaia, Petrorossia royi, Petrorossia rufiventris, Petrorossia sceliphronina, Petrorossia serata, Petrorossia shibanovae, Petrorossia sokotrae, Petrorossia stackelbergi, Petrorossia stenogastra, Petrorossia talawila, Petrorossia tenuis, Petrorossia tropicalis, Petrorossia vinula, Petrorossia volkovitshi, Petrorossia williamsi

Spogostylum [genus]

Spogostylum admirable, Spogostylum aetheocoma, Spogostylum aethiops, Spogostylum afghanicola, Spogostylum alashanicum, Spogostylum albosparsus, Spogostylum antiopa, Spogostylum arenivagum, Spogostylum arugotensis, Spogostylum austeni, Spogostylum bucharense, Spogostylum candidum, Spogostylum caucasicum, Spogostylum cinereum, Spogostylum dagomba, Spogostylum decipiens, Spogostylum delila, Spogostylum deserticola, Spogostylum doctum, Spogostylum dubium, Spogostylum duvaucelii, Spogostylum efflatouni, Spogostylum falkovitshi, Spogostylum flavescens, Spogostylum flavipenne, Spogostylum fracidum, Spogostylum fraterculum, Spogostylum fulvastrum, Spogostylum fuscipenne, Spogostylum griseipennis, Spogostylum grunini, Spogostylum hamadnallahi, Spogostylum helenae, Spogostylum hippolyta, Spogostylum immaculata, Spogostylum incisurale, Spogostylum indigenum, Spogostylum inquinatum, Spogostylum isis, Spogostylum karavaievi, Spogostylum kozlovi, Spogostylum lehri, Spogostylum leucopogon, Spogostylum longipenne, Spogostylum massauensis, Spogostylum montanum, Spogostylum monticola, Spogostylum mystaceus, Spogostylum niphas, Spogostylum niphoides, Spogostylum nomas, Spogostylum obscurum, Spogostylum obuchovae, Spogostylum ochrum, Spogostylum ocyale, Spogostylum pamirense, Spogostylum parobscurum, Spogostylum perpusillum, Spogostylum persicum, Spogostylum plurinotus, Spogostylum poecilophora, Spogostylum princeps, Spogostylum punctipenne, Spogostylum punicisetosum, Spogostylum pycnopelte, Spogostylum robusculum, Spogostylum robustale, Spogostylum robustum, Spogostylum rudolfae, Spogostylum rufulum, Spogostylum saturatum, Spogostylum seriepunctatus, Spogostylum sordidum, Spogostylum stackelbergi, Spogostylum subanthrax, Spogostylum tenebrosum, Spogostylum trinotatum, Spogostylum tripunctatum, Spogostylum tsharykulievi, Spogostylum turcmenicum, Spogostylum turkmenicola, Spogostylum uralense, Spogostylum variable, Spogostylum velox, Spogostylum ventrale, Spogostylum volitans, Spogostylum vulpinum, Spogostylum zaitzevi

Bombyliidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Bombyliidae sp. (large size).

Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp. Bombyliidae sp.


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