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Tribe Phasiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Phasiinae → tribe Phasiini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (1 illustrated). Species.

Euclytia Townsend 1908 [genus]

Euclytia flava

Phasia Latreille 1804 [genus]

Phasia aenea, Phasia aeneoventris, Phasia africana, Phasia agricola, Phasia alata, Phasia albifrons, Phasia albipennis, Phasia albopunctata, Phasia aldrichi, Phasia aldrichii, Phasia apicalis, Phasia argenticeps, Phasia argentifrons, Phasia arrata, Phasia atratella, Phasia aurigera, Phasia aurulans, Phasia australiensis, Phasia barbifrons, Phasia basalis, Phasia bifurca, Phasia brachyptera, Phasia brasiliensis, Phasia bucephala, Phasia campbelli, Phasia cana, Phasia capitata, Phasia caudata, Phasia chilensis, Phasia cinerella, Phasia claripennis, Phasia clavigralla, Phasia cylindrata, Phasia dilula, Phasia dimidiata, Phasia distincta, Phasia diversa, Phasia dysderci, Phasia dysiderci, Phasia ecitonis, Phasia emdeni, Phasia faceta, Phasia femoralis, Phasia fenestrata, Phasia ferruginea, Phasia freyreisii, Phasia frontata, Phasia furcata, Phasia fuscicornis, Phasia fuscipes, Phasia girschneri, Phasia glabrata, Phasia glauca, Phasia godfreyi, Phasia grandis, Phasia gratella, Phasia grazynae, Phasia hebes, Phasia hemiptera, Phasia heynei, Phasia hippobosca, Phasia indica, Phasia integra, Phasia intersecta, Phasia japanensis, Phasia jeanneli, Phasia karcezewskii, Phasia karczewskii, Phasia kudoi, Phasia latifrons, Phasia latipennis, Phasia lauta, Phasia lepidofera, Phasia limpidipennis, Phasia lineata, Phasia luctuosa, Phasia maculosa, Phasia malaisei, Phasia malayana, Phasia mathisi, Phasia mendesi, Phasia mesnili, Phasia metallica, Phasia micans, Phasia minima, Phasia minuta, Phasia moerens, Phasia multisetosa, Phasia munda, Phasia nasalis, Phasia nasuta, Phasia nigra, Phasia nigrens, Phasia nigripalpis, Phasia nigrofimbriata, Phasia nigromaculata, Phasia normalis, Phasia noskiewiczi, Phasia nubdipennis, Phasia obesa, Phasia occidentis, Phasia ochromyoides, Phasia officialis, Phasia opacina, Phasia pallipes, Phasia pandellei, Phasia piceipes, Phasia pilosa, Phasia politana, Phasia pomeroyi, Phasia prarensis, Phasia punctata, Phasia punctigera, Phasia purpurascens, Phasia pusilla, Phasia robertsonii, Phasia robusta, Phasia rohdendorfi, Phasia rotundata, Phasia rubida, Phasia rufiventris, Phasia rustica, Phasia secutrix, Phasia sensua, Phasia serrata, Phasia siberica, Phasia sichuanensis, Phasia singuliseta, Phasia subcoleoptrata, Phasia subnitida, Phasia subopaca, Phasia sumatrana, Phasia takanoi, Phasia testacea, Phasia theodori, Phasia tibialis, Phasia transita, Phasia transvaalensis, Phasia triangulata, Phasia truncata, Phasia ushpayacua, Phasia varicolor, Phasia venturii, Phasia vestita, Phasia villosa, Phasia violaceiventris, Phasia violascens, Phasia wangi, Phasia woodi, Phasia xenos, Phasia yunnanica, Phasia zimini


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