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Tribe Siphonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Tachininae → tribe Siphonini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 6 (1 illustrated). Species.

Siphona Meigen 1803 [genus]

Aphantorhapha, Baeomyia, Ceranthia, Pseudosiphona, Siphona, Siphonopsis,
Siphona abbreviata, Siphona adbominalis, Siphona akidnomyia, Siphona albocincta, Siphona alticola, Siphona amoena, Siphona amplicornis, Siphona angusta, Siphona antennalis, Siphona atricapilla, Siphona bevisi, Siphona bilineata, Siphona boreata, Siphona brasiliensis, Siphona brunnea, Siphona brunnescens, Siphona capensis, Siphona ceres, Siphona chaetosa, Siphona clausta, Siphona collini, Siphona confusa, Siphona consimilis, Siphona cothurnata, Siphona crassulata, Siphona creberrima, Siphona cuthbertsoni, Siphona diluta, Siphona efflatouni, Siphona flavifrons, Siphona foliacea, Siphona fuliginea, Siphona fuscicornis, Siphona gedeana, Siphona gracilis, Siphona grandistylum, Siphona griseola, Siphona humeralis, Siphona hungarica, Siphona immaculata, Siphona impropria, Siphona ingerae, Siphona janssensi, Siphona japonica, Siphona jocosa, Siphona kairiensis, Siphona kuscheli, Siphona lacrymans, Siphona laticornis, Siphona lichtwardtiana, Siphona lindneri, Siphona livoricolor, Siphona longissima, Siphona ludicra, Siphona maculipennis, Siphona maderensis, Siphona malaisei, Siphona martini, Siphona melania, Siphona melanocera, Siphona melanura, Siphona mesnili, Siphona munroi, Siphona murina, Siphona ngricans, Siphona nigra, Siphona nigricans, Siphona nigroseta, Siphona nobilis, Siphona obesa, Siphona obscuripennis, Siphona pallida, Siphona paludosa, Siphona patellaipalpis, Siphona pauciseta, Siphona pellex, Siphona phantasma, Siphona picturata, Siphona pigra, Siphona pilistyla, Siphona plorans, Siphona podacina, Siphona pseudomaculata, Siphona pulla, Siphona pusilla, Siphona quadrinotata, Siphona reducta, Siphona rizaba, Siphona rossica, Siphona rubrapex, Siphona rubrica, Siphona samarensis, Siphona scutellata, Siphona selecta, Siphona setigera, Siphona setinerva, Siphona setosa, Siphona seyrigi, Siphona simulans, Siphona singularis, Siphona siphonoides, Siphona sola, Siphona spinulosa, Siphona starkei, Siphona subarctica, Siphona sulfurea, Siphona sylvatica, Siphona tenuipalpis, Siphona terrosa, Siphona testacea, Siphona trichaeta, Siphona tristella, Siphona tristis, Siphona tropica, Siphona unispina, Siphona variata, Siphona verneri, Siphona verralli, Siphona vittata, Siphona vixen, Siphona wittei


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