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Tribe Blondeliini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Exoristinae → tribe Blondeliini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 42 (0 illustrated). Species.

Enrogalia Reinhard 1964 [genus]

Enrogalia morigera

Eribella Mesnil, 1960 [genus]

Eribella exilis, Eribella polita

Erynniopsis Townsend 1926 [genus]

Erynniopsis antennata

Meigenia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Meigenia aestivalis, Meigenia agilis, Meigenia albidula, Meigenia aprica, Meigenia ardeacea, Meigenia ardua, Meigenia arvicola, Meigenia atrata, Meigenia bellina, Meigenia binotata, Meigenia borealis, Meigenia buccata, Meigenia campestris, Meigenia cinerea, Meigenia cinerella, Meigenia concolor, Meigenia connexa, Meigenia convicta, Meigenia crataegella, Meigenia cylindrica, Meigenia devicta, Meigenia dorsalis, Meigenia exilis, Meigenia falculae, Meigenia fera, Meigenia flavescens, Meigenia flaviventris, Meigenia fuscipennis, Meigenia fuscisquama, Meigenia grandigena, Meigenia grata, Meigenia gratiosa, Meigenia grisella, Meigenia grisescens, Meigenia hilaris, Meigenia hortorum, Meigenia immaculata, Meigenia impatiens, Meigenia incana, Meigenia infantilis, Meigenia infima, Meigenia innocua, Meigenia intacta, Meigenia lateralis, Meigenia luctuosa, Meigenia maesta, Meigenia majuscula, Meigenia minuta, Meigenia musca, Meigenia mutabilis, Meigenia nana, Meigenia nigra, Meigenia nitida, Meigenia nobilis, Meigenia obscurella, Meigenia obscuripes, Meigenia opaca, Meigenia pacifica, Meigenia parva, Meigenia parvula, Meigenia pauperata, Meigenia picta, Meigenia prarensis, Meigenia pruinosa, Meigenia pumila, Meigenia pygmaea, Meigenia quadrimaculata, Meigenia quadrisignata, Meigenia quiera, Meigenia sicula, Meigenia silvestris, Meigenia simplex, Meigenia submissa, Meigenia tridentata, Meigenia uncinata, Meigenia unicinata, Meigenia velutina, Meigenia vernalis, Meigenia viatica, Meigenia virgo

Myiopharus Brauer and Bergenstamm, 1889 [genus]

Myiopharus aberrans, Myiopharus albomicans, Myiopharus ambulatrix, Myiopharus americanus, Myiopharus ancilla, Myiopharus ancillus, Myiopharus angusta, Myiopharus apicalis, Myiopharus argentescens, Myiopharus assimilis, Myiopharus atra, Myiopharus australis, Myiopharus barbata, Myiopharus basilaris, Myiopharus brasiliensis, Myiopharus calyptrata, Myiopharus canadensis, Myiopharus capitata, Myiopharus carbonarius, Myiopharus claripalpis, Myiopharus commixta, Myiopharus connexus, Myiopharus dejecta, Myiopharus dorsalis, Myiopharus doryphorae, Myiopharus dubia, Myiopharus exigua, Myiopharus floridensis, Myiopharus frontalis, Myiopharus fuliginipennis, Myiopharus huascarayus, Myiopharus hyalinipennis, Myiopharus inconspicua, Myiopharus infernalis, Myiopharus levis, Myiopharus lutzi, Myiopharus luxatura, Myiopharus macella, Myiopharus macellus, Myiopharus magnicornis, Myiopharus meridionalis, Myiopharus metopia, Myiopharus modesta, Myiopharus moestus, Myiopharus murinus, Myiopharus nana, Myiopharus neilli, Myiopharus niger, Myiopharus nigra, Myiopharus nigricolor, Myiopharus nigrifacies, Myiopharus nigrisquamis, Myiopharus nitida, Myiopharus nitidiuscula, Myiopharus orbitalis, Myiopharus otiosa, Myiopharus ovata, Myiopharus palpalis, Myiopharus parva, Myiopharus parvula, Myiopharus paulista, Myiopharus pavida, Myiopharus perplexa, Myiopharus pirioni, Myiopharus prompta, Myiopharus pullula, Myiopharus punctilucis, Myiopharus securis, Myiopharus secutoris, Myiopharus sedulus, Myiopharus serotina, Myiopharus subaeneus, Myiopharus timida, Myiopharus trifurca, Myiopharus unicolor, Myiopharus vagabunda, Myiopharus volucris, Myiopharus yahuarmayana, Myiopharus yahuarmayensis

Blondeliini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Blondeliini sp. (large size).

Blondeliini sp. Blondeliini sp.


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