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Genus Nematus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Symphyta superfamily Tenthredinoidea family Tenthredinidae subfamily Nematinae → genus Nematus Panzer 1801


Daughter taxa

Nematus Panzer, 1801 [subgenus]

Nematus lucidus

Pteronidea Rohwer, 1911 [subgenus]

Nematus absconditus, Nematus angustiserra, Nematus bergmanni, Nematus bipartitus, Nematus bohemani, Nematus boreophilus, Nematus breviseta, Nematus brevivalvis, Nematus brunneus, Nematus cadderensis, Nematus carelicus, Nematus clavicercus, Nematus connectus, Nematus dispar, Nematus disparoides, Nematus dissimilis, Nematus distinguendus, Nematus dorsatus, Nematus epimeris, Nematus fagi, Nematus fahraei, Nematus ferrugineus, Nematus flavescens, Nematus frenalis, Nematus fulvescens, Nematus fulviventris, Nematus fumosus, Nematus fuscomaculatus, Nematus holmgreni, Nematus hypoxanthus, Nematus incompletus, Nematus jugicola, Nematus kangasi, Nematus latibasis, Nematus lauroi, Nematus leionotus, Nematus leptocephalus, Nematus maculifrons, Nematus majusculus, Nematus melanaspis, Nematus melanocephalus, Nematus microserratus, Nematus miliaris, Nematus monticola, Nematus myosotidis, Nematus nigricornis, Nematus nigriventris, Nematus nitidus, Nematus notabilis, Nematus nuortevai, Nematus oligospilus, Nematus pallens, Nematus pallidinervis, Nematus palliditarsis, Nematus pavidus, Nematus peltoneni, Nematus platystigma, Nematus poecilonotus, Nematus politus, Nematus pravus, Nematus pseudodispar, Nematus putoni, Nematus renei, Nematus respondens, Nematus salicis, Nematus scotonotus, Nematus semiopacus, Nematus semipunctatus, Nematus seriepunctatus, Nematus silvestris, Nematus spiraeae, Nematus stichi, Nematus stramineipes, Nematus striatipleuris, Nematus subflavus, Nematus tibialis, Nematus togatus, Nematus torneensis, Nematus truncus, Nematus umbratus, Nematus variegatus, Nematus verticalis, Nematus viridis, Nematus viridissimus, Nematus woollatti, Nematus zaddachi

Nematus flavominutissimus Haris, 2001 [species]

Nematus ventralis Say [species]

Nematus photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Nematus sp. (large size).

Nematus sp. Nematus sp. Nematus sp.


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