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Family Encyrtidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Chalcidoidea → family Encyrtidae

Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 2 (0 illustrated). Genera: 463 (0 illustrated). Species.

Encyrtinae [subfamily]

Achalcerinys, Adelencyrtus, Admirencyrtus, Agekianella, Ageniaspis, Agromyzaphagus, Allocerchysius, Amicroterys, Anicetus, Anthemus, Aphycoides, Aphyculus, Aphycus, Arrhenophagus, Aschitus, Avetianella, Baeocharis, Blastothrix, Bothriophryne, Bothriothorax, Boucekiella, Brachyencyrtus, Ceballosia, Cerapterocerus, Cerchysiella, Cerchysius, Cercobelus, Charitopsis, Cheiloneurus, Choreia, Coccidencyrtus, Coelopencyrtus, Comperia, Comperiella, Copidosoma, Copidosomopsis, Cowperia, Discodes, Diversinervus, Echthroplexiella, Echthroplexis, Ectroma, Encyrtus, Epitetracnemus, Eucoccidophagus, Eugahania, Eupoecilopoda, Eusemion, Ginsiana, Globulencyrtus, Habrolepis, Helegonatopus, Heterococcidoxenus, Homalotyloidea, Homalotylus, Hoplopsis, Ilicia, Ioessa, Isodromus, Ixodiphagus, Lakshaphagus, Lamennaisia, Leiocyrtus, Mahencyrtus, Mayrencyrtus, Mayridia, Metablastothrix, Metanotalia, Metaphycus, Metapsyllaephagus, Microterys, Negeniaspidius, Neococcidencyrtus, Neocyrtus, Oobius, Ooencyrtus, Parablastothrix, Parablatticida, Parasauleia, Paraschedius, Paratetracnemoidea, Parechthrodryinus, Pareupelmus, Pentacladocerus, Pistulina, Plagiomerus, Platencyrtus, Prionomastix, Prionomitus, Prochiloneurus, Protyndarichoides, Pseudaphycus, Pseudectroma, Pseudencyrtus, Pseudococcobius, Pseudorhopus, Psilophrys, Psyllaephagus, Quadrencyrtus, Sectiliclava, Semen, Stemmatosteres, Subprionomitus, Syrphophagus, Thomsonisca, Tineophoctonus, Trechnites, Trichomasthus, Trigonogaster, Trjapitzinellus, Tyndarichus, Zaomma, Zaommoencyrtus

Gafsa [genus]

Gafsa pappi

Saera [genus]

Saera leuce


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