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Tribe Ceratocapsini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Heteroptera infraorder Cimicomorpha superfamily Miroidea family Miridae subfamily Orthotylinae → tribe Ceratocapsini Van Duzee, 1916

Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (0 illustrated). Species.

Ceratocapsus Reuter, 1876 [genus]

Ceratocapsus advenus, Ceratocapsus apicalis, Ceratocapsus apicatus, Ceratocapsus aurantiacus, Ceratocapsus balli, Ceratocapsus barbatus, Ceratocapsus barberi, Ceratocapsus biformis, Ceratocapsus bifurcus, Ceratocapsus blatchleyi, Ceratocapsus camelus, Ceratocapsus cecilsmithi, Ceratocapsus clavicornis, Ceratocapsus complicatus, Ceratocapsus cunealis, Ceratocapsus decurvatus, Ceratocapsus denticulatus, Ceratocapsus digitulus, Ceratocapsus divaricatus, Ceratocapsus downesi, Ceratocapsus drakei, Ceratocapsus elongatus, Ceratocapsus fanseriae, Ceratocapsus fasciatus, Ceratocapsus fascipennis, Ceratocapsus fulvipennis, Ceratocapsus fuscinus, Ceratocapsus fuscosignatus, Ceratocapsus fusiformis, Ceratocapsus geminatus, Ceratocapsus hirsutus, Ceratocapsus husseyi, Ceratocapsus incisus, Ceratocapsus insperatus, Ceratocapsus juglandis, Ceratocapsus keltoni, Ceratocapsus knighti, Ceratocapsus lutescens, Ceratocapsus luteus, Ceratocapsus mcateei, Ceratocapsus minutus, Ceratocapsus modestus, Ceratocapsus neoboroides, Ceratocapsus nevadensis, Ceratocapsus nigellus, Ceratocapsus nigrocephalus, Ceratocapsus nigrocuneatus, Ceratocapsus nigropiceus, Ceratocapsus oculatus, Ceratocapsus piceatus, Ceratocapsus pilosulus, Ceratocapsus proximus, Ceratocapsus pubescens, Ceratocapsus pumilus, Ceratocapsus punctulatus, Ceratocapsus quadrispiculus, Ceratocapsus rubricornis, Ceratocapsus rufistigmus, Ceratocapsus sericus, Ceratocapsus seticornis, Ceratocapsus setosus, Ceratocapsus spinosus, Ceratocapsus taxodii, Ceratocapsus tricolor, Ceratocapsus truncatus, Ceratocapsus uniformis, Ceratocapsus vicinus, Ceratocapsus wheeleri


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