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Tribe Phylini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Heteroptera infraorder Cimicomorpha superfamily Miroidea family Miridae subfamily Phylinae → tribe Phylini Douglas & Scott 1865


Daughter taxa

Genera: 131 (6 illustrated). Subgenera: 31 (0 illustrated). Species.

Alloeotarsus Reuter, 1885 [genus]

Alloeotarsus vitellinus

Anonychiella Reuter, 1912 [genus]

Anonychiella brevicornis

Atractotomimus Kiritshenko, 1952 [genus]

Atractotomimus limonii

Badezorus Distant, 1910 [genus]

Badezorus signaticornis

Beckocoris Knight, 1968 [genus]

Beckocoris laticephalis

Brachyarthrum Fieber, 1858 [genus]

Brachyarthrum limitatum

Camptozorus Kerzhner, 1996 [genus]

Camptozorus chondrillae

Chlorillus Kerzhner, 1962 [genus]

Chlorillus pictus

Compsonannus Reuter, 1902 [genus]

Compsonannus longiceps

Cremnorrhinus Reuter, 1880 [genus]

Cremnorrhinus basalis

Dacota Uhler, 1872 [genus]

Dacota, Leguminola,
Dacota hesperia

Dasycapsus Poppius, 1912 [genus]

Dasycapsus theryi

Ectagela Schmidt, 1939 [genus]

Ectagela guttata

Ethelastia Reuter, 1876 [genus]

Ethelastia liturata

Gonoporomiris Henry & Schuh 2002 [genus]

Gonoporomiris mirificus

Hadrophyes Puton, 1874 [genus]

Hadrophyes sulphurella

Hambletoniola Carvalho, 1954 [genus]

Hambletoniola antennata

Hoplomachidea Reuter, 1909 [genus]

Hoplomachidea consors

Hyalopsallus Carvalho and Schaffner, 1974 [genus]

Hyalopsallus diaphanus

Leucopterum Reuter, 1879 [genus]

Leucopterum candidatum

Litoxenus Reuter, 1885 [genus]

Litoxenus tenellus

Liviopsallus Carapezza, 1982 [genus]

Liviopsallus tamaninii

Lopus Hahn, 1831 [genus]

Lopus decolor, Lopus longiceps

Microphylidea Knight, 1968 [genus]

Microphylidea pallens

Mineocapsus Knight, 1972 [genus]

Mineocapsus minimus

Nanopsallus Wagner, 1952 [genus]

Nanopsallus carduellus

Nicholia Knight, 1929 [genus]

Nicholia eriogoni

Opisthotaenia Reuter, 1901 [genus]

Opisthotaenia, Ribesophylus

Opuna Kirkaldy 1902 [genus]

Opuna sharpianus

Parapsallus Wagner, 1952 [genus]

Parapsallus vitellinus

Paravoruchia Wagner, 1959 [genus]

Paravoruchia dentata

Pastocoris Reuter, 1879 [genus]

Pastocoris putonii

Phaeochiton Kerzhner, 1964 [genus]

Phaeochiton ebulum

Phoenicocapsus Reuter, 1876 [genus]

Phoenicocapsus regina

Phylus Hahn, 1831 [genus]

Phylus, Teratoscopus,
Phylus coryli

Piceophylus Schwartz and Schuh, 1999 [genus]

Piceophylus keltoni

Pinomiris Stonedahl & Schwartz 1996 [genus]

Pinomiris knighti, Pinomiris monophyllae

Placochilus Fieber, 1858 [genus]

Placochilus seladonicus

Plagiognathus Fieber, 1858 [genus]

Plagiognathus, Zophocnemis,
Plagiognathus alashanensis, Plagiognathus albatus, Plagiognathus albifacies, Plagiognathus alboradialis, Plagiognathus albus, Plagiognathus alnicenatus, Plagiognathus alpinus, Plagiognathus amorphae, Plagiognathus amurensis, Plagiognathus annulatus, Plagiognathus aquilinus, Plagiognathus arbustorum, Plagiognathus astericola, Plagiognathus atricornis, Plagiognathus biobioensis, Plagiognathus bipunctatus, Plagiognathus blatchleyi, Plagiognathus brevicornis, Plagiognathus brevirostris, Plagiognathus brunneus, Plagiognathus chrysanthemi, Plagiognathus cibbetsi, Plagiognathus collaris, Plagiognathus concoloris, Plagiognathus confusus, Plagiognathus cornicola, Plagiognathus crocinus, Plagiognathus cuneatus, Plagiognathus davisi, Plagiognathus delicatus, Plagiognathus dimorphus, Plagiognathus dispar, Plagiognathus emarginatae, Plagiognathus fenderi, Plagiognathus flavicornis, Plagiognathus flavidus, Plagiognathus flavipes, Plagiognathus flavoscutellatus, Plagiognathus flavus, Plagiognathus fulvaceus, Plagiognathus fulvidus, Plagiognathus fumidus, Plagiognathus fusciloris, Plagiognathus fuscipes, Plagiognathus fuscosus, Plagiognathus grandis, Plagiognathus guttatipes, Plagiognathus guttulosus, Plagiognathus hallucinatus, Plagiognathus laricicola, Plagiognathus lattini, Plagiognathus lineatus, Plagiognathus lividellus, Plagiognathus longipennis, Plagiognathus longirostris, Plagiognathus lonicerae, Plagiognathus louisianus, Plagiognathus luteus, Plagiognathus maculipennis, Plagiognathus maculosus, Plagiognathus melliferae, Plagiognathus mexicanus, Plagiognathus mineus, Plagiognathus minuendus, Plagiognathus modestus, Plagiognathus moerens, Plagiognathus monardellae, Plagiognathus morrisoni, Plagiognathus mundus, Plagiognathus negundinis, Plagiognathus nigronitens, Plagiognathus notodysmicos, Plagiognathus obscurus, Plagiognathus occipitalis, Plagiognathus paddocki, Plagiognathus paramundus, Plagiognathus parshleyi, Plagiognathus pemptos, Plagiognathus phaceliae, Plagiognathus phorodendronae, Plagiognathus physocarpi, Plagiognathus piceicola, Plagiognathus polhemorum, Plagiognathus politus, Plagiognathus punctatipes, Plagiognathus reinhardi, Plagiognathus repetitus, Plagiognathus ribesi, Plagiognathus rideri, Plagiognathus rileyi, Plagiognathus rosicola, Plagiognathus rosicoloides, Plagiognathus rubidus, Plagiognathus salicicola, Plagiognathus salviae, Plagiognathus schaffneri, Plagiognathus shepherdiae, Plagiognathus shoshonea, Plagiognathus similis, Plagiognathus stitti, Plagiognathus subovatus, Plagiognathus suffuscipennis, Plagiognathus syrticolae, Plagiognathus tenellus, Plagiognathus texanus, Plagiognathus tinctus, Plagiognathus tsugae, Plagiognathus tumidifrons, Plagiognathus urticae, Plagiognathus verticalis, Plagiognathus vitellinus, Plagiognathus viticola

Psallodema V.G. Putshkov, 1970 [genus]

Psallodema fieberi

Roudairea Puton & Reuter, 1886 [genus]

Roudairea crassicornis

Salicarus Kerzhner, 1962 [genus]


Semium Reuter, 1876 [genus]

Semium hirtum, Semium subglabrum

Stenoparia Fieber, 1870 [genus]

Stenoparia putoni

Sthenaropsidea Henry & Schuh 2002 [genus]

Sthenaropsidea mcateei

Stirophylus Wagner, 1965 [genus]

Stirophylus plicatus

Strophopoda Van Duzee, 1916 [genus]

Strophopoda aprica

Tannerocoris Knight, 1970 [genus]

Tannerocoris sarcobati

Thermocoris Puton, 1875 [genus]

Thermocoris munieri

Tragiscocoris Fieber, 1861 [genus]

Tragiscocoris fieberi

Utopnia Reuter, 1881 [genus]

Utopnia torquata

Voruchiella Poppius, 1912 [genus]

Voruchiella pallida

Zophocnemis Kerzhner 1962 [genus]

Zophocnemis bicolor

Phylini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Phylini sp. (large size).

Phylini sp. Phylini sp.


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