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Family Phasmatidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Phasmida → family Phasmatidae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 161 (3 illustrated). Species.

Ramulus [genus]

Ramulus ablutus, Ramulus aboricus, Ramulus acutus, Ramulus alauna, Ramulus alienus, Ramulus altissimus, Ramulus amathia, Ramulus anceps, Ramulus angustior, Ramulus annuliventris, Ramulus antennatus, Ramulus anterior, Ramulus apicalis, Ramulus appropinquatus, Ramulus arrogans, Ramulus artemis, Ramulus asaphus, Ramulus augustus, Ramulus baishuijiangius, Ramulus bannaensis, Ramulus bicolor, Ramulus bidentatus, Ramulus bifarius, Ramulus bilineatus, Ramulus bituberculata, Ramulus bomiense, Ramulus brachycerus, Ramulus braggi, Ramulus brevianalus, Ramulus brevicercatus, Ramulus brongniarti, Ramulus brunneus, Ramulus caii, Ramulus capitatus, Ramulus ceylonense, Ramulus chengmaii, Ramulus chinensis, Ramulus chongxinense, Ramulus concisus, Ramulus coomani, Ramulus cylindriceps, Ramulus decolyi, Ramulus detrectans, Ramulus diversus, Ramulus dubiosus, Ramulus ecarinatus, Ramulus edentatus, Ramulus elaboratus, Ramulus emendatus, Ramulus eminens, Ramulus fasciatus, Ramulus femoratus, Ramulus filiformis, Ramulus fissicornis, Ramulus flavofasciatus, Ramulus flavovittatus, Ramulus foedatus, Ramulus formosanus, Ramulus fruhstorferi, Ramulus frustrans, Ramulus fuscolineatus, Ramulus fuscothoracicus, Ramulus gansuense, Ramulus gestri, Ramulus giganteus, Ramulus globosicaput, Ramulus grandis, Ramulus granulatus, Ramulus granulosus, Ramulus hainanense, Ramulus harrisonia, Ramulus henanensis, Ramulus huayingense, Ramulus hydrocephalus, Ramulus imperialis, Ramulus impigrus, Ramulus inermus, Ramulus ingerens, Ramulus interdentatus, Ramulus interruptus, Ramulus intersulcatus, Ramulus irregulariterdentatus, Ramulus jianfenglingense, Ramulus jigongshanense, Ramulus jinnanense, Ramulus jinxiuense, Ramulus kangxianense, Ramulus koreanus, Ramulus laevigatus, Ramulus lanceus, Ramulus lianxianense, Ramulus liboensis, Ramulus lineaticeps, Ramulus lineatus, Ramulus lobipes, Ramulus lobulatus, Ramulus longianalus, Ramulus longmenense, Ramulus luopingense, Ramulus magnus, Ramulus maoershanense, Ramulus maolanense, Ramulus mediocris, Ramulus melanocephalus, Ramulus minutidentatus, Ramulus nematodes, Ramulus neomodestus, Ramulus nigrifactus, Ramulus nigrodentatus, Ramulus nigrolineatus, Ramulus nyalamense, Ramulus oberthuri, Ramulus obliquus, Ramulus operculatus, Ramulus paulus, Ramulus penthesilea, Ramulus perfidus, Ramulus phalangodes, Ramulus philippinicus, Ramulus phyllodeus, Ramulus pingliense, Ramulus platycercatus, Ramulus productus, Ramulus pseudoarrogans, Ramulus pseudoporus, Ramulus rachaburii, Ramulus recessus, Ramulus redemptus, Ramulus reginus, Ramulus regulus, Ramulus robinius, Ramulus rotundus, Ramulus rotunginus, Ramulus russellii, Ramulus rusticus, Ramulus scalpratus, Ramulus serrulatus, Ramulus siamensis, Ramulus sparsidentatus, Ramulus sparsihirtus, Ramulus spatulatus, Ramulus spinicornus, Ramulus spinulosus, Ramulus stilpnoides, Ramulus subnematodes, Ramulus superbus, Ramulus superfluus, Ramulus thaii, Ramulus tianmushanense, Ramulus tiantaiensis, Ramulus tonkinense, Ramulus trilineatus, Ramulus ussurianus, Ramulus verecundus, Ramulus verruculosus, Ramulus versicolorus, Ramulus vicinus, Ramulus viridulus, Ramulus vitex, Ramulus warsbergi, Ramulus wenxianense, Ramulus westwoodii, Ramulus wuyishanense, Ramulus xanti, Ramulus xiaguanense, Ramulus xinganense, Ramulus xingshanense, Ramulus xixiaense, Ramulus yongrenense, Ramulus ziziphus


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