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Family Diapheromeridae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Polyneoptera order Phasmida → family Diapheromeridae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 138 (0 illustrated). Species.

Clonaria [genus]

Clonaria abdul, Clonaria adelungi, Clonaria aegyptiaca, Clonaria aestuans, Clonaria affinis, Clonaria agrostimorpha, Clonaria albida, Clonaria angolensis, Clonaria annulata, Clonaria aphrodite, Clonaria arcuata, Clonaria arida, Clonaria asystasia, Clonaria beroe, Clonaria beybienkoi, Clonaria bifurcata, Clonaria bispinosa, Clonaria breviuscula, Clonaria brunneri, Clonaria buchholzi, Clonaria bugoiensis, Clonaria canaliculata, Clonaria capelongata, Clonaria capemontana, Clonaria cederbergensis, Clonaria conformans, Clonaria congoensis, Clonaria cristata, Clonaria cryptocercata, Clonaria cylindrica, Clonaria damicornis, Clonaria deschauenseei, Clonaria dicranura, Clonaria digitalis, Clonaria eitami, Clonaria elgonensis, Clonaria ensis, Clonaria evanescens, Clonaria excisa, Clonaria fissa, Clonaria flavescens, Clonaria forcipata, Clonaria fritzschei, Clonaria furcata, Clonaria furcifer, Clonaria gigliotosi, Clonaria globosa, Clonaria gracilipes, Clonaria gracilis, Clonaria graminis, Clonaria guenzii, Clonaria guilielmi, Clonaria hamuligera, Clonaria incisa, Clonaria inclinata, Clonaria inconspicua, Clonaria indica, Clonaria insolita, Clonaria insulsa, Clonaria javanica, Clonaria jeanneli, Clonaria kibonotensis, Clonaria kivuensis, Clonaria kurda, Clonaria laminifera, Clonaria leprosa, Clonaria libanica, Clonaria lindneri, Clonaria lineaalba, Clonaria lineata, Clonaria lineolata, Clonaria longefurcata, Clonaria longithorax, Clonaria luethyi, Clonaria manderensis, Clonaria massaica, Clonaria massauensis, Clonaria minuta, Clonaria montana, Clonaria montivaga, Clonaria nairobensis, Clonaria naivashensis, Clonaria nana, Clonaria natalis, Clonaria nebulosipes, Clonaria nimbana, Clonaria nubilipes, Clonaria obocensis, Clonaria parva, Clonaria pedunculata, Clonaria planicercata, Clonaria polita, Clonaria postrostrata, Clonaria postspinosa, Clonaria predtetshenskyi, Clonaria proboscidea, Clonaria prodigiosa, Clonaria prolata, Clonaria propinqua, Clonaria pulchrepicta, Clonaria pulchripes, Clonaria quinquecarinata, Clonaria rectangulata, Clonaria reducta, Clonaria rehni, Clonaria rubrotaeniatus, Clonaria ruwenzorica, Clonaria sansibara, Clonaria schaumi, Clonaria schizura, Clonaria securigera, Clonaria sicca, Clonaria silvaepluvialis, Clonaria simplex, Clonaria sjoestedti, Clonaria sororcula, Clonaria specifica, Clonaria spinulosa, Clonaria subquadrata, Clonaria talea, Clonaria tardigrada, Clonaria tenuis, Clonaria trivittata, Clonaria uvaroviana, Clonaria viridis, Clonaria voluptaria, Clonaria werneri, Clonaria xiphidophora


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