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Family Cercopidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Paraneoptera order Hemiptera suborder Auchenorrhyncha infraorder Cicadomorpha superfamily Cercopoidea → family Cercopidae Leach, 1815


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 1 (1 illustrated). Genera: 154 (3 illustrated). Species.

Cercopinae Leach 1815 [subfamily]


Cosmoscarta [genus]

Cosmoscarta abdominalis, Cosmoscarta aerata, Cosmoscarta affinis, Cosmoscarta amabilis, Cosmoscarta amymone, Cosmoscarta andamana, Cosmoscarta angulifera, Cosmoscarta apiana, Cosmoscarta arethusa, Cosmoscarta assamensis, Cosmoscarta auratilis, Cosmoscarta balteata, Cosmoscarta basistriga, Cosmoscarta bicincta, Cosmoscarta bicolor, Cosmoscarta bimacula, Cosmoscarta bipunctata, Cosmoscarta bispecularis, Cosmoscarta boutharensis, Cosmoscarta brevis, Cosmoscarta brevistriga, Cosmoscarta bruneoscutellata, Cosmoscarta callirrhoe, Cosmoscarta callizona, Cosmoscarta carens, Cosmoscarta carpentieri, Cosmoscarta castanea, Cosmoscarta celebesensis, Cosmoscarta chrysomelaena, Cosmoscarta concisa, Cosmoscarta confinis, Cosmoscarta consociata, Cosmoscarta contigua, Cosmoscarta convexa, Cosmoscarta coronis, Cosmoscarta decisa, Cosmoscarta dimidiata, Cosmoscarta diminuta, Cosmoscarta dimota, Cosmoscarta discessa, Cosmoscarta discrepans, Cosmoscarta dorsalis, Cosmoscarta dorsimacula, Cosmoscarta dryope, Cosmoscarta ducens, Cosmoscarta egens, Cosmoscarta egentior, Cosmoscarta egeria, Cosmoscarta elegantula, Cosmoscarta exultans, Cosmoscarta fictilis, Cosmoscarta flora, Cosmoscarta florella, Cosmoscarta forcipata, Cosmoscarta fumosa, Cosmoscarta fuscoapicalis, Cosmoscarta gracilis, Cosmoscarta gravelyi, Cosmoscarta greeni, Cosmoscarta hainanensis, Cosmoscarta hecuba, Cosmoscarta heroina, Cosmoscarta herossa, Cosmoscarta himalayana, Cosmoscarta hyale, Cosmoscarta hyalinipennis, Cosmoscarta ignifera, Cosmoscarta imrayi, Cosmoscarta inconspicua, Cosmoscarta indecisa, Cosmoscarta innominata, Cosmoscarta innota, Cosmoscarta insularis, Cosmoscarta irresoluta, Cosmoscarta lacerata, Cosmoscarta lateralis, Cosmoscarta laticincta, Cosmoscarta lestachei, Cosmoscarta leucothoe, Cosmoscarta liriope, Cosmoscarta luangana, Cosmoscarta lunata, Cosmoscarta macgillivrayi, Cosmoscarta maculifascia, Cosmoscarta mandarina, Cosmoscarta mandaru, Cosmoscarta margheritae, Cosmoscarta maura, Cosmoscarta metallica, Cosmoscarta militaris, Cosmoscarta miniata, Cosmoscarta minor, Cosmoscarta mnemosyne, Cosmoscarta montana, Cosmoscarta nagasana, Cosmoscarta naiteara, Cosmoscarta nexa, Cosmoscarta nigra, Cosmoscarta nigriceps, Cosmoscarta nigriventris, Cosmoscarta nigroguttata, Cosmoscarta nitidula, Cosmoscarta nycteis, Cosmoscarta nympha, Cosmoscarta ochraceicollis, Cosmoscarta orchymonti, Cosmoscarta orithyia, Cosmoscarta pallida, Cosmoscarta palopona, Cosmoscarta peguensis, Cosmoscarta pellucida, Cosmoscarta perstrigata, Cosmoscarta pictilis, Cosmoscarta pirene, Cosmoscarta prompta, Cosmoscarta pronotalis, Cosmoscarta psecas, Cosmoscarta pulchella, Cosmoscarta putamara, Cosmoscarta raja, Cosmoscarta relata, Cosmoscarta rhanis, Cosmoscarta rubromaculata, Cosmoscarta rubroscutellata, Cosmoscarta samudra, Cosmoscarta sanguinolenta, Cosmoscarta semimaculata, Cosmoscarta septempunctata, Cosmoscarta sequens, Cosmoscarta sexmaculata, Cosmoscarta shillongana, Cosmoscarta silpha, Cosmoscarta siniphila, Cosmoscarta sulukensis, Cosmoscarta sumbawana, Cosmoscarta sundana, Cosmoscarta sylvestris, Cosmoscarta taprobanensis, Cosmoscarta thoracica, Cosmoscarta timorensis, Cosmoscarta tolina, Cosmoscarta trichodias, Cosmoscarta trifasciata, Cosmoscarta trigona, Cosmoscarta trimacula, Cosmoscarta turaja, Cosmoscarta vernalis, Cosmoscarta wallacei, Cosmoscarta whiteheadi, Cosmoscarta zonaria, Cosmoscarta zonata

Leptataspis [genus]

Leptataspis acuta, Leptataspis aglaie, Leptataspis alahana, Leptataspis amoena, Leptataspis angulosa, Leptataspis apicata, Leptataspis bansaina, Leptataspis barda, Leptataspis beatifica, Leptataspis bipars, Leptataspis borneensis, Leptataspis briseis, Leptataspis bukidnona, Leptataspis butuanensis, Leptataspis cambodjana, Leptataspis cassandra, Leptataspis chloe, Leptataspis cincta, Leptataspis clio, Leptataspis collaris, Leptataspis concinna, Leptataspis concolor, Leptataspis costalis, Leptataspis cyclopiana, Leptataspis discolor, Leptataspis diversa, Leptataspis electa, Leptataspis elegantula, Leptataspis eurydice, Leptataspis euterpe, Leptataspis flavomarginata, Leptataspis formusola, Leptataspis fornax, Leptataspis fortunata, Leptataspis fruhstorferi, Leptataspis fulviceps, Leptataspis fulvicollis, Leptataspis fuscipennis, Leptataspis guttatiformis, Leptataspis hecuba, Leptataspis helena, Leptataspis hendersoni, Leptataspis horsfieldi, Leptataspis horvathi, Leptataspis impressa, Leptataspis inclusa, Leptataspis insularis, Leptataspis intermedia, Leptataspis kiangensis, Leptataspis latipennis, Leptataspis leonina, Leptataspis leoninella, Leptataspis lieftincki, Leptataspis limonias, Leptataspis lombokensis, Leptataspis longirostris, Leptataspis lutea, Leptataspis lydia, Leptataspis maheensis, Leptataspis malaisei, Leptataspis martha, Leptataspis masoni, Leptataspis matherana, Leptataspis medanensis, Leptataspis medea, Leptataspis moorei, Leptataspis moultoni, Leptataspis murina, Leptataspis nigripennis, Leptataspis nigrolimbata, Leptataspis novaeguineae, Leptataspis ophir, Leptataspis ophirina, Leptataspis ornata, Leptataspis palawana, Leptataspis papua, Leptataspis papuensis, Leptataspis patagiata, Leptataspis peracuta, Leptataspis perakensis, Leptataspis phiale, Leptataspis phialiforme, Leptataspis philippinensis, Leptataspis philomele, Leptataspis pirollei, Leptataspis polyxena, Leptataspis polyxenia, Leptataspis postcingulata, Leptataspis progne, Leptataspis proserpinopsis, Leptataspis quadrinotata, Leptataspis quinqueguttata, Leptataspis robinsoni, Leptataspis rotundata, Leptataspis royeri, Leptataspis rubiana, Leptataspis rubrolimbata, Leptataspis rufimargo, Leptataspis rufipes, Leptataspis rugulosa, Leptataspis rutilans, Leptataspis sanguinea, Leptataspis sanguiniflua, Leptataspis scabra, Leptataspis scabrida, Leptataspis schlaginhaufeni, Leptataspis selangorensis, Leptataspis semicincta, Leptataspis semipardalis, Leptataspis sempolana, Leptataspis siamensis, Leptataspis similis, Leptataspis specialis, Leptataspis striata, Leptataspis sumatrana, Leptataspis sumbana, Leptataspis testaceicollis, Leptataspis toxopei, Leptataspis trichinopolis, Leptataspis trifasciata, Leptataspis turana, Leptataspis walkeri

Locris [genus]

Locris actuosa, Locris aenea, Locris aethiopica, Locris affinis, Locris antinorii, Locris apicalis, Locris areata, Locris arithmetica, Locris atra, Locris auripennis, Locris bakeri, Locris barrosi, Locris basilewskyi, Locris bequaerti, Locris biformis, Locris biguttula, Locris bipunctata, Locris bouchardi, Locris burgeoni, Locris carbonaria, Locris cardinalis, Locris chersonesia, Locris coccinea, Locris combinata, Locris concinna, Locris congolensis, Locris conjuncta, Locris dananensis, Locris dartevellei, Locris erythromela, Locris flexuosa, Locris godinai, Locris halurga, Locris hieroglyphica, Locris ibadana, Locris incarnata, Locris innominata, Locris johannae, Locris jugaliformis, Locris jugalis, Locris junodi, Locris kambovensis, Locris katangensis, Locris latior, Locris lembana, Locris lichtensteini, Locris livida, Locris maculata, Locris marshalli, Locris meurissei, Locris mobana, Locris mongana, Locris navasi, Locris neavei, Locris neumanni, Locris nigrorubra, Locris nigroscutellata, Locris ochracea, Locris ochroptera, Locris ornatissima, Locris passauae, Locris pullata, Locris quadrinotata, Locris rendalli, Locris rhodesiana, Locris rubida, Locris rubra, Locris sanguinipes, Locris schmidti, Locris schmitzi, Locris scopsi, Locris sericans, Locris similis, Locris spectabilis, Locris submarginata, Locris subvinacea, Locris sylvatica, Locris transversa, Locris undata, Locris vanstraeleni, Locris venosa, Locris vestigans, Locris vicina, Locris villiersi, Locris villosa, Locris vulcani

Phymatostetha [genus]

Phymatostetha albitarsis, Phymatostetha axillaris, Phymatostetha basiclava, Phymatostetha binotata, Phymatostetha birmanica, Phymatostetha borealis, Phymatostetha borneensis, Phymatostetha bukitana, Phymatostetha chapana, Phymatostetha cincta, Phymatostetha circumducta, Phymatostetha cynthia, Phymatostetha deschampsi, Phymatostetha dislocata, Phymatostetha dorsivitta, Phymatostetha dubitabilis, Phymatostetha fruhstorferi, Phymatostetha hilaris, Phymatostetha infuscata, Phymatostetha inops, Phymatostetha javanensis, Phymatostetha karenia, Phymatostetha kedahana, Phymatostetha lais, Phymatostetha laosensis, Phymatostetha lessonii, Phymatostetha limbata, Phymatostetha lineata, Phymatostetha malaisiana, Phymatostetha martyr, Phymatostetha melliflua, Phymatostetha moi, Phymatostetha moultoni, Phymatostetha mutata, Phymatostetha nangla, Phymatostetha pahangana, Phymatostetha peltasta, Phymatostetha perspicillaris, Phymatostetha pudens, Phymatostetha pudica, Phymatostetha punctata, Phymatostetha punctifascia, Phymatostetha quadriplagiata, Phymatostetha rengma, Phymatostetha rufolimbata, Phymatostetha selangorina, Phymatostetha sema, Phymatostetha semele, Phymatostetha signifera, Phymatostetha similis, Phymatostetha stalii, Phymatostetha stella, Phymatostetha stellata, Phymatostetha subcostalis, Phymatostetha subliterata, Phymatostetha taeniata, Phymatostetha testacea, Phymatostetha triseriata, Phymatostetha undulifera, Phymatostetha vicina, Phymatostetha yunnanensis

Tomaspis [genus]

Tomaspis aequinoctialis, Tomaspis aguirrei, Tomaspis apicalis, Tomaspis apicifasciata, Tomaspis basifura, Tomaspis bicolor, Tomaspis biolleyi, Tomaspis bipars, Tomaspis bobischi, Tomaspis boliviana, Tomaspis centurio, Tomaspis cingula, Tomaspis clarivenosa, Tomaspis claviformis, Tomaspis combusta, Tomaspis costalimar, Tomaspis crocea, Tomaspis cruralis, Tomaspis cruxminor, Tomaspis curvata, Tomaspis discoidea, Tomaspis dissimilis, Tomaspis distincta, Tomaspis emeritus, Tomaspis entreriana, Tomaspis erigenea, Tomaspis fasciatipennis, Tomaspis fimbriolata, Tomaspis flexuosa, Tomaspis fryi, Tomaspis funebris, Tomaspis furcata, Tomaspis galbana, Tomaspis gloriosa, Tomaspis handlirschi, Tomaspis includens, Tomaspis inclusa, Tomaspis insignita, Tomaspis intermedia, Tomaspis jamaicensis, Tomaspis kuhlgatzi, Tomaspis lanio, Tomaspis laterinotata, Tomaspis lepida, Tomaspis livida, Tomaspis melanoptera, Tomaspis miles, Tomaspis morosa, Tomaspis nigricans, Tomaspis nigritarsis, Tomaspis nigrofasciata, Tomaspis nolckeni, Tomaspis nuchalis, Tomaspis ochraceorosea, Tomaspis parambae, Tomaspis pellucens, Tomaspis perezii, Tomaspis petrificata, Tomaspis phantastica, Tomaspis picata, Tomaspis platensis, Tomaspis posticata, Tomaspis praenitidia, Tomaspis proserpina, Tomaspis pulchralis, Tomaspis quadrifera, Tomaspis raripila, Tomaspis rhodopepla, Tomaspis rubripennis, Tomaspis ruficollis, Tomaspis rufopicea, Tomaspis semiflava, Tomaspis semilutea, Tomaspis semimaculata, Tomaspis semirufa, Tomaspis simplex, Tomaspis solita, Tomaspis spectabilis, Tomaspis stygia, Tomaspis tibialis, Tomaspis trifissa, Tomaspis tripars, Tomaspis venosa, Tomaspis veteranus, Tomaspis vinula, Tomaspis walkeri, Tomaspis xanthocephala

Cercopidae photos with superspecies identification

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Cercopidae sp. Cercopidae sp.


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