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Subfamily Blacinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae → subfamily Blacinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 6 (0 illustrated). Species.

Blacus [genus]

Blacus achterbergi, Blacus albicoxis, Blacus albipalpis, Blacus albiventris, Blacus alexandri, Blacus alternipes, Blacus ambulans, Blacus andreei, Blacus angichorus, Blacus annulatus, Blacus annulicornis, Blacus antennalis, Blacus apaches, Blacus apicalis, Blacus apodastus, Blacus applicatus, Blacus armatulus, Blacus artomandibularis, Blacus asaphus, Blacus aulacis, Blacus bicolor, Blacus bovistae, Blacus brachialis, Blacus brevicarinatus, Blacus brevichorus, Blacus brevicrenulatus, Blacus bussei, Blacus caduceus, Blacus canariensis, Blacus canariensis, Blacus capeki, Blacus cerinus, Blacus chabarovi, Blacus chilensis, Blacus chillcotti, Blacus chinjuensis, Blacus cognatus, Blacus cohibilis, Blacus collaris, Blacus comatus, Blacus compressiventris, Blacus compressus, Blacus concinnus, Blacus concors, Blacus conformis, Blacus constrictus, Blacus convexus, Blacus coracinus, Blacus cracentis, Blacus crassicapitatus, Blacus crassicrus, Blacus dadianshanicus, Blacus decaryi, Blacus defectuosus, Blacus dezhnevi, Blacus dilaticornis, Blacus diversicornis, Blacus diversus, Blacus dolosus, Blacus dracomontanus, Blacus epitolus, Blacus epomidus, Blacus errans, Blacus erugatus, Blacus evilectus, Blacus exilis, Blacus exocentri, Blacus facialis, Blacus filicornis, Blacus fischeri, Blacus fissus, Blacus forticornis, Blacus fritschii, Blacus fulviceps, Blacus fulvicollis, Blacus fuscicoxis, Blacus fuscinervis, Blacus fuscipes, Blacus fuscitarsis, Blacus fuscitibialis, Blacus geijskesi, Blacus genalis, Blacus gibber, Blacus glaber, Blacus groenlandicus, Blacus hadrolophus, Blacus haeselbarthi, Blacus hastatus, Blacus hemicarinatus, Blacus hemicastaneus, Blacus hostilis, Blacus humilis, Blacus humillimus, Blacus imitator, Blacus incarinaticeps, Blacus indicus, Blacus inopinus, Blacus instabilis, Blacus insulcatus, Blacus interstitialis, Blacus javensis, Blacus kangauzi, Blacus kaszabi, Blacus koenigi, Blacus koenigsmanni, Blacus leptostigma, Blacus linearis, Blacus lithocolletidis, Blacus longicaudatus, Blacus longipennis, Blacus macrocephalus, Blacus macropterus, Blacus maculipes, Blacus madli, Blacus mallochi, Blacus mamillanus, Blacus maryi, Blacus masoni, Blacus melliceps, Blacus mellicornis, Blacus mellistigmus, Blacus mellitarsis, Blacus mischocytus, Blacus modestus, Blacus multiarticulatiformis, Blacus nanulus, Blacus nigricornis, Blacus nigrocephalus, Blacus nitidus, Blacus nivalis, Blacus nivalis, Blacus nixoni, Blacus obscuripes, Blacus paganus, Blacus pallipes, Blacus pappianus, Blacus parallelus, Blacus parastigmaticus, Blacus parastrictus, Blacus parvus, Blacus patulus, Blacus paucicrenulatus, Blacus pectinatus, Blacus pisinnus, Blacus procerus, Blacus puber, Blacus radialis, Blacus rectinervis, Blacus redactus, Blacus robustus, Blacus rufescens, Blacus ruficornis, Blacus rufipes, Blacus schimitscheki, Blacus schwenkei, Blacus semisulcatus, Blacus setosifrons, Blacus setosus, Blacus signicornis, Blacus signifer, Blacus soror, Blacus soykai, Blacus spasskensis, Blacus spinarius, Blacus stami, Blacus stelfoxi, Blacus striatus, Blacus striatus, Blacus strictus, Blacus subquadratus, Blacus sutchanicus, Blacus tenuipes, Blacus thoracicus, Blacus tobiae, Blacus topali, Blacus townesi, Blacus transversus, Blacus trapezoides, Blacus tripudians, Blacus tuberculifer, Blacus turbidus, Blacus ungularis, Blacus ussuriensis, Blacus varius, Blacus verticalis, Blacus votrus, Blacus whartoni


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