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Subfamily Orgilinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae → subfamily Orgilinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Orgilus [genus]

Orgilus abbreviator, Orgilus ablusus, Orgilus absonus, Orgilus achterbergi, Orgilus affinis, Orgilus agrestis, Orgilus alacer, Orgilus alboannulatus, Orgilus albosignatus, Orgilus amplissimus, Orgilus anthracinus, Orgilus anurus, Orgilus apostolicus, Orgilus arcticus, Orgilus ashmeadii, Orgilus asper, Orgilus asperrimus, Orgilus austroussuricus, Orgilus balcanicus, Orgilus balsameae, Orgilus bifasciatus, Orgilus boharti, Orgilus bohayicus, Orgilus brevicaudatus, Orgilus brevicaudis, Orgilus brevipalpis, Orgilus buccatus, Orgilus burksi, Orgilus caballus, Orgilus californicus, Orgilus caliginosus, Orgilus capeki, Orgilus capsicola, Orgilus caritus, Orgilus caudatus, Orgilus cerinus, Orgilus chankaicus, Orgilus cincticornis, Orgilus cinctus, Orgilus cingulatus, Orgilus citus, Orgilus claripennis, Orgilus clivicola, Orgilus cognatus, Orgilus coleophorae, Orgilus coloradensis, Orgilus columbianus, Orgilus compactus, Orgilus comptanae, Orgilus conflictanae, Orgilus consuetus, Orgilus coracinus, Orgilus coreanus, Orgilus coriaceus, Orgilus coxalis, Orgilus cretus, Orgilus cristatus, Orgilus cunctus, Orgilus cuneatus, Orgilus detectiformis, Orgilus detectus, Orgilus dilleri, Orgilus dioryctriae, Orgilus discrepans, Orgilus discretus, Orgilus disparilis, Orgilus dissidens, Orgilus distinguendus, Orgilus dolosus, Orgilus dorni, Orgilus dovnari, Orgilus dreisbachi, Orgilus dubius, Orgilus ejuncidus, Orgilus elasmopalpi, Orgilus elongatus, Orgilus eöus, Orgilus erythropus, Orgilus excellens, Orgilus exilis, Orgilus facialis, Orgilus fallax, Orgilus femoralis, Orgilus ferus, Orgilus festivus, Orgilus fictus, Orgilus fischerianus, Orgilus fisheri, Orgilus frigidus, Orgilus fulgens, Orgilus fulvus, Orgilus galbinus, Orgilus gauldi, Orgilus geijskesi, Orgilus gelechiae, Orgilus gelechiaevora, Orgilus genalis, Orgilus glabratus, Orgilus glacialis, Orgilus gossypii, Orgilus gracilis, Orgilus gramineus, Orgilus grandior, Orgilus grapholithae, Orgilus grunini, Orgilus haeselbarthi, Orgilus hofferi, Orgilus huddlestoni, Orgilus hungaricus, Orgilus hyalinus, Orgilus hybridus, Orgilus ibericus, Orgilus imitator, Orgilus immarginatus, Orgilus impiger, Orgilus improcerus, Orgilus indagator, Orgilus infrequens, Orgilus infumatus, Orgilus inopinus, Orgilus insularis, Orgilus interjectus, Orgilus intermedius, Orgilus invictus, Orgilus iphigeniae, Orgilus ischnus, Orgilus jennieae, Orgilus kaszabi, Orgilus kumatai, Orgilus kurentzovi, Orgilus laevigator, Orgilus laeviventris, Orgilus lateralis, Orgilus lautus, Orgilus leleji, Orgilus lepidus, Orgilus leptocephalus, Orgilus levis, Orgilus lini, Orgilus lissus, Orgilus longiceps, Orgilus longicornis, Orgilus lucidus, Orgilus luctuosus, Orgilus lunaris, Orgilus macrurus, Orgilus maculiventris, Orgilus magadanicus, Orgilus medicaginis, Orgilus mediterraneus, Orgilus meifengensis, Orgilus melissopi, Orgilus mellipes, Orgilus meyeri, Orgilus mimicus, Orgilus minor, Orgilus minutus, Orgilus moczari, Orgilus modicus, Orgilus moldavicus, Orgilus momphae, Orgilus mongolicus, Orgilus monticola, Orgilus morulus, Orgilus muesebecki, Orgilus mundus, Orgilus nanellae, Orgilus neotropicus, Orgilus nepalensis, Orgilus niger, Orgilus nigripennis, Orgilus nigromaculatus, Orgilus nitidiceps, Orgilus nitidior, Orgilus nitidus, Orgilus notabilis, Orgilus obesus, Orgilus obscurator, Orgilus oehlkei, Orgilus opacus, Orgilus oregonensis, Orgilus ortrudae, Orgilus pappianus, Orgilus parallelus, Orgilus parcus, Orgilus parvipennis, Orgilus patzaki, Orgilus pedalis, Orgilus perplexus, Orgilus persimilis, Orgilus pimpinellae, Orgilus planus, Orgilus podus, Orgilus politus, Orgilus ponticus, Orgilus pratensis, Orgilus priesneri, Orgilus prolixus, Orgilus proprius, Orgilus pulcher, Orgilus pumilus, Orgilus punctatus, Orgilus punctiventris, Orgilus punctulator, Orgilus pusillus, Orgilus quadricolor, Orgilus radialis, Orgilus rarus, Orgilus rasilis, Orgilus reclinatus, Orgilus resplendens, Orgilus rostratus, Orgilus rubrator, Orgilus rubriceps, Orgilus rudolphae, Orgilus rufigaster, Orgilus rugosus, Orgilus saponariellae, Orgilus setosus, Orgilus seyrigi, Orgilus sharkeyi, Orgilus similis, Orgilus simillimus, Orgilus simulator, Orgilus solidus, Orgilus spasskensis, Orgilus sticticus, Orgilus striatus, Orgilus strigosus, Orgilus sudzuchae, Orgilus sumatranus, Orgilus swezeyi, Orgilus szelenyii, Orgilus taiwanensis, Orgilus temporalis, Orgilus tenuis, Orgilus tersus, Orgilus thomsoni, Orgilus tibialis, Orgilus tobiasi, Orgilus transversus, Orgilus tristis, Orgilus turgus, Orgilus turkmenus, Orgilus utahensis, Orgilus validus, Orgilus vallis, Orgilus vasici, Orgilus viduus, Orgilus walleyi, Orgilus westermanni, Orgilus woldai, Orgilus zonalis, Orgilus zuluanus


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